Watch House Exclusive Dialogue With Senior Watchmaker – 刘兴 力

During the Baselworld 2014, in addition to a large number of new product information reports, the Watch House also interviewed many veterans in the industry, including the famous watch critic Liu Xingli. Let’s follow Mr. Liu’s in-depth analysis of this year’s Basel Watch Fair.

Watch House: After seeing so many days of watch exhibitions, what is your biggest expectation?

Liu Xingli: It is very urgent to save money quickly and then buy a new watch.

Watch House: So what is your biggest feeling about this watch exhibition?

Liu Xingli: My personal feeling is that there are still many new products this year compared to previous years. I remember last year that brands like Omega and Rolex didn’t have many new launches. However, this year the situation has changed a lot. Not only the emergence of new products, but also the emergence of brand-new series, as well as the chronograph movement of TAG Heuer 1999, we can also find that the number of new products is still very large .

Watch House: What do you think of the many new products this year?

Liu Xingli: These new products still impressed me very much, including Rolex’s Cellini and Omega’s retro Speedmaster and seahorse’s diving watch, especially the classic butterfly flying watch launched by Omega this year. Because in the history of Zenith, in order to make a thinner watch, it took off the automatic top of the El Primero 400 movement, but in this way the movement seemed incomplete and unsightly. After the Omega 8500 coaxial movement is removed, the entire movement splint is still very complete, so I think Omega is still very interesting.

Watch House: We found that the main color of this year’s watch exhibition is smoke gray. What do you think?

Liu Xingli: Smoke gray belongs to advanced gray in graphic design, and the visual experience will be more elegant. The use of such main colors should keep up with the design trend in the watch industry.

Watch House: Which brand do you think is most impressive today?

Liu Xingli: I am most impressed by the Bell & Ross brand. This year, it collaborated with Harley-Davidson to produce a watch. In addition, the brand also launched a new watch of the BX series this year. This one still impressed me most. I have the urge to have it. As Bell & Ross’s classic series, it should not be too low in price. The oversized square case is made of titanium alloy. Not only that, it also adds a lot of design sense to make it look like a professional instrument. It is very worthwhile. Playing watch.

Watch House: Can you summarize the next watch exhibition in three simple words?

Liu Xingli: In fact, in general, it is the innovation of return, reality and art. From a design perspective, major brands have a tendency to return, and mainstream brands such as Rolex and Omega are also returning in the direction of formal watches. After all, if a person can only buy one watch, most of them will choose a suitable formal watch. Of course, in order to explain such a return to the brand, I have made articles on new products, the most representative of which is the Rolex brand. Everyone knows that there has been no new trend in this series of Cellini for a long time. This year has really made a lot of progress. This has also made many people in the industry have a bad attitude towards it. Of course, it is still the market’s reflection to explain everything.

In addition, from a very practical point of view, if many brands really call the new product a new material or color, this is understandable, but just from a professional point of view, we will feel a little lacking. Well, we are just calling from the heart for more watch brands to return to the watch technology itself, to return to this reality.

Finally, in terms of art, brands such as Hermès have gradually matured in this aspect of watches and clocks. Whether it is material or design, everyone can feel its gorgeous transformation.

 The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it.

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