The Rolex Price Crash Twelve Years Ago

The masses have never longed for truth, and they have turned a blind eye to evidence that is not tasteful. If fallacy is tempting to them, they are more willing to worship it. Whoever provides them with illusions can easily become their master. ——Gustav Le Pen recently, the rise of the ‘Inter Milan’ has been quite fierce, and the price has been catching up with the ‘Green Water Ghost’. It is very scary to think carefully that the price surge of the ‘Inter Milan ring’ took only a few months. This year’s Basel show, Rolex launched the ‘Inter Milan’ 126710BLNR, a commemorative strap, equipped with a 3285 caliber, which is priced at 72200 yuan. This makes a lot of relief for many cousins ​​who are in love with the ‘Inter Milan’. I then learned about the current market prices of several popular Rolex professional models (new watches): Green Water Ghost (116610LV): about 100,000 Pepsi (126710BLRO): about 115,000 Inter Milan (116710BLNR): about 100,000 Panda Di (116500 white plate): around 16.5 Heidi (116500 black plate): around 140,000 It can be found that in addition to the significant increase in the Inter Milan circle and the steady growth of green ghosts, Panda Di’s transaction price seems to have reached the margins, and the growth is weak And the prices of Pepsi Circle and Heidi have even dropped compared to previous months. You can hardly see these popular professional models in Rolex stores. You can see the professional models in stock at the counter, which is often the ‘front-hot model’-‘green glass’ (Milgauss116400GV). ‘Limited Production’ Green Glass At Basel 2007, Rolex launched three Milgauss watches with a 40mm diameter-ordinary crystal glass versions (116400) with white and black dials, and green crystal glass with black dials Version (116400GV). Prior to this, Milgauss had been discontinued for 19 years. The ordinary crystal glass version (116400) was then priced at $ 6200 in the United States, and the green crystal glass version (116400GV) was $ 6,575. In the days when the Daytona steel model (116520) was generally increased in price, people seemed to see another Rolex watch that could be lived in. There was a rumor at the time that green crystal glass was limited by the manufacturing process and output would be small. There are even claims that ‘green glass’ is a limited edition of Rolex, which will only be produced for three years. In the first half of the year, the transaction price of ‘green glass’ was as high as 18,000 US dollars, which was almost three times the public price. The ordinary 116,400 transaction price is also nearly 8,000 US dollars, a premium of nearly 30%. In May and June of 2008, the normal version of 116400 began to become more and more easily available. Someone posted on the Rolex forum saying that it has become common in stores in San Francisco, and the price of 116400 on eBay has begun to fall below the public price $ 5,800. The transaction price of ‘Green Glass’ also dropped to about $ 13,000, but when the subprime crisis broke out, it was still twice the public price. By September 2008, the price of ‘green glass’ had fallen to more than $ 8,000, but it started to stabilize. Many people have begun to believe that the output of ‘green glass’ is extremely limited, and the value is not comparable to the ordinary goods such as ‘green water ghost’: ‘The GV is and will remain a hard to get Rolex.’ </ ‘Green glass is now, and Rolex will be the hardest to get in the future. ‘I think the guys that are saying the Milgauss GV will become common (like the Sub LV) are just plain wrong. ‘ ‘ I think it’s nonsense to say that green glass will become more and more common in the future like green water ghosts. ‘ Recently, as in the middle of August for about 2weeks it seemed like there was a flood of GV’s. It was really just a trickle which seemed like a flood, because some is better than none. Notice the & quot; I got the GV call & quot; has completely dried up, and once agian they are not showing up in any great number on the sales boards. ‘ ‘ Recently, two weeks in mid-August In the market, the volume of green glass on the market seems to be more abundant than ever. It looks now It’s flooding like a flood, but it’s just a trickle, it’s just better than nothing. The voice of “I bought green glass” on the market will soon disappear again, and the sales of green glass are so big. It’s just a flash in the pan. However, after the so-called’ limited volume production for three years ‘, green glass has not been discontinued. It returned to normal levels. To this day, 116400GV may also be one of the most easily available Rolex professional models. Maroon circles and D-Blue I will give two more examples. One is 116506, the Daytona of platinum maroon circle. This 116506, which was introduced in platinum at Basel 2013, is the 50th anniversary of Daytona. The maroon tachymeter ring and the small dial of the maroon outer ring are paired with the ice blue surface unique to the Rolex platinum watch, showing noble luxury. The Rolex store I was in at the time-we were one of the top TOP stores in mainland China, and we couldn’t order it at all. As a result, we can only hold a magazine to compare with the customers who intend to purchase, and inform customers that due to the complex processing and polishing of platinum, the production is limited, and we advise customers to buy other precious metal models. Now, I flip through the circle of friends casually, this year I will probably see no less than 50 116506 sale information, which also includes 116506_B11 with diamond scale and Middle East. It can be seen that ‘the problem of complicated technology’ is gone forever. Another example is D-Blue from Deepsea. On March 26, 2012, the famous director James Cameron successfully dived to the deepest point of the Mariana Trench in the ‘Deep Sea Challenger’ submarine. There were also two DeepseaChallenge experimental watches, one on Cameron’s wrist and the other on a hydraulic robotic arm worn outside the boat. To commemorate this initiative, Rolex launched the Deepsea D-Blue watch (116660D-Blue) in 2013. The gradual dial that turns from blue to black, and the word ‘DEEPSEA’ in green, this unique appearance of the commemorative model is not difficult to find, but completely out of stock. At the time, there was only one DeepseaD-Blue in mainland China, which was only used for display purposes. Only four years later, Rolex introduced the new 126660D-Blue. The new model was replaced with the 3235 movement, and the strap and dial were fine-tuned, but overall, there was no significant difference in appearance. After the launch of 126660D-Blue, the scarcity of D-Blue on the market has significantly improved. Supply and demand In the past year, I did find that some of my friends who had not touched the watch also started to pay attention to ‘Green Water Ghost’ and ‘Coke Circle’. These friends’knowledge of watches belongs to Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. The logo is still unclear, and Lange and Blancpain may not have heard of it yet. The original intention of buying a watch was 99% because they felt that these popular watches were ‘loading artifacts’-this is likely to be a false demand! Will long-term high premiums benefit Rolex? The answer is obviously not. When Water Ghost and Dayton take high premium for a long time, the market share of the original price segment will surely give way to rivals with more competitive products. Haven’t you seen that Omega’s hippocampus and Supermaster have become more and more popular this year? … As far as I know, Rolex is not reducing the production of sports models, but is expanding. Price is determined by the relationship between supply and demand, which is a very basic economics common sense. Of course, I have also prepared myself for being scolded by many people now, but I believe that there will always be friends who are willing to hear different voices. There is only one piece of advice for me-friends who follow the trend to buy Rolex’s new popular watches, should you calm down? -END- author: @ Alex Submariner timepiece media ‘wrist gravitation’, founder of the watch retail industry practitioners for many years the public number: wrist gravitational