Precise Travel Time Comment On Beijing Traveling Fn Ⅳ Watch

The invention of the tourbillon is a milestone in the history of watches and clocks. In order to be able to get rid of the errors caused by gravity when the clocks travel, Mr. Boucher invented the tourbillon device. ‘Pocket watch’, and later applied to the watch with the maturity of technology and the popularity of the watch, tourbillon as one of the most complicated manufacturing process of the watch can only be seen in high-end watches. China’s most mature tourbillon watchmaking technology is Beijing Watch Factory.

 The watch series of Beijing Watch Factory has been loved by the majority of watch fans since its launch with its exquisite design and high-quality movement polishing process. Today we bring you the latest product of the series ‘Transfer FN’ ‘IV’ watch, a brief review of first-hand information.

 The appearance of the Cross-FN Ⅳ watch is different from that of the Cross-FN III watch in that the Cross-FN Ⅳ adopts a black-plated ceramic case which is more fashionable and dynamic. The dial design is the same as that of the FN III, with a power reserve display, a Chinese Lingyan tourbillon device, and a quite complex flyback calendar.

 Let’s look at the crown of this watch first. The gear-type crown is engraved with the ‘Beijing’ logo. The thickness of this watch is relatively ‘thin’, and it is still controlled at 12 with the tourbillon device. Within millimeters, it can be said that it is quite difficult, unlike other brands, which are often outside of 14 millimeters.

 The FN IV watch case, bracelet and buckle are all made of more wear-resistant stainless steel, which is more comfortable and convenient when worn.

 The bottom of the watch is designed with sapphire crystal back. The TB01-2FN movement is beautifully decorated with blue steel screws and ruby ​​red and blue. The watch is waterproof to 30 meters.

 The FN IV watch case, bracelet and buckle are all made of more wear-resistant stainless steel, which is more comfortable and convenient when worn.

The durable and wear-resistant stainless steel bracelet will be more convenient in daily wear. Due to its strong characteristics, it will not be as easy to be scratched as other materials.

 At six o’clock on the dial is the tourbillon device. The pendulum of the tourbillon mechanism resembles a Chinese Lingyan flying with wings. The carving process is vivid.

 Below the twelve o’clock position is a small dial with power reserve display. The FN IV watch uses the Beijing TB01-2FN movement, which can provide no less than 63 hours of travel time when fully wound.

 At 9 o’clock is the date display small dial. It is worth noting that this date display small dial uses a more complex ‘flyback’ design, which shows the technical strength of Beijing Watch Factory.

 The Transit FN IV watch uses the Beijing TB01-2FN movement. The TB01 series movement is the first batch of tourbillon movements successfully developed by Beijing Watch Factory. After continuous improvement, the movement becomes more stable and durable. The first batch of tourbillons in Beijing Watch Factory was successfully developed by watchmaker Xu Yaonan in 1996. After continuous improvement and optimization, the movement became thinner and more stable, and the flyback calendar function was successfully added in 2005. The pendulum splint on its tourbillon assembly resembles a flying wing that has been flying. It has a cute name called ‘Chinese Lingyan’ and it is officially called ‘Chinese tourbillon’.

Summary: At the end, we put a comparison chart of two watches. The two designs of the same movement that pass through FN IV (black-plated ceramic case) and FN III (steel case) can give you more choice. The addition of the tourbillon guarantees accurate timekeeping. The stainless steel case and bracelet material have greatly reduced the manufacturing cost. Currently, the domestic price of FN III across China is 48,000 yuan, which is a relatively high value, which can make the Many watch friends enjoy top-level production technology at great value.
For more watch details, see: bjwaf / 28124 /

Three Magnificent Large Dial Watches Recommended

Due to personal preference, some people like exciting large dial watches. Like the design style and color of the watch, the size is also an important point to represent the personality of the watch. Some watches are as large as 52mm or even larger. It does not depend on how big the diameter is, as long as it is worn to fit on the wrist, it is fashionable and does not have a sense of weight. The watch editor below recommends three large size watches with a diameter of 45mm or more. Let’s take a look.
Cartier Santos W20073X8

Domestic public price: RMB 51000
Watch Series: Santos
Watch diameter: 51.1 x 41.3 mm
Case thickness: 10.34 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 1950 series PAM 00305 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 64100
Watch series: LUMINOR 1950
Watch diameter: 47 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: titanium
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: The 1950 series watch has a diameter of 47 mm, which is enough to attract watch lovers who like large diameters. The large case material is cast from matte titanium. On the black dial with the luminous hour indicator, the date display is set at 3 o’clock and the small seconds dial is set at 9 o’clock. The design distribution has a sense of balance. The watch is equipped with Cal.P.9000 movement, with two barrels, which ensures a 72-hour power reserve. The balance wheel equipped with adjustment screws vibrates 28,800 times per hour, which is accurate and reliable.

IWC Portofino IW510103 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 72000
Watch Series: Portofino
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 12 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: iwc / 6198 /
Watch comments: This IWC Portofino series watch has a diameter of 45 mm. The small seconds and date display windows on the round silver-plated dial are set at 6 and 3 o’clock, respectively. The layout is decent. The stainless steel case and dark brown alligator strap are elegant and elegant. In addition to its large diameter, this watch also has a very important feature: the fully-wound movement runs for eight days, and it is equipped with Cal.59210 movement. The balance frequency of the balance wheel without trimmer is up to one hour. 28,800 times, coupled with the Breguet hairspring bent and shaped according to the ancient watchmaking tradition, ensure that the time of the watch is accurate. The double-sided anti-reflective arched edge sapphire glass can clearly read even under strong light.

Summary: What is it like to wear a large watch? The first word that comes to mind is aggressive. A different kind of style, the wind of the large-diameter watch is not unique this year, but now it is getting worse. In fact, for those who like big watch, it’s just a word of ‘cool’, and there is no need to say a word, just like it.

Jeanrichard Shangweisha Launches Aquascope Marine

Jeanrichard launched the fashionable Aquascope Marine series this summer, paying tribute to the historic model of diving watches developed in the 1960s: blue dial with pure white strap It makes people fascinated with the maritime world, especially the seashore. This exquisite watch not only presents a stylish sporty style, but also shows the adventurous spirit of the brand concept.

The Aquascope Marine watch, with its ‘barrel’ circular appearance, perfectly embodies the strong aesthetics of the 1960s. The non-traditional geometric appearance is both elegant and stylish. Inspired by the historical model’s size ratio and perfect design, Jeanrichard has injected fresh vitality and stylish touch into its new products, especially in the streamlined case.

The brand retains the original overall case design, protects the two crowns from damage by its edges, and designs distinctive cutouts on both sides of the watch to make it more ergonomic. The zigzag patterned calfskin leather strap brings us back to the design elements of classic watches.
Original source: Jeanrichard
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Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Almanac

Since its birth, Cartier has created classic and unique watches by virtue of functional and practical mechanical technology, perfect for watch lovers. The new Rotonde de Cartier calendar watch expresses this desire. Efficient and decent, it reflects the balance between tradition and modernity that only large watchmakers can find. Rotonde de Cartier Calendar-Rose Gold
    The annual calendar is a new star in the watchmaking industry. It has been successfully commissioned for less than 15 years. However, the annual calendar has quickly become an indispensable date display function for daily watches. In fact, the annual calendar is easy to operate and does not require precise adjustment, but the Cartier watch had no annual calendar function before. Cartier Watch Factory’s movement development team integrates it into Rotonde de Cartier watches, providing accurate and complete calendar information throughout the year to meet the expectations of fans.
The origin of the calendar function
    Simple calendar, that is, the mechanism of indicating the date through the window or hands, must be manually adjusted at the end of the 30 days (bimonthly) to ensure that the watch is synchronized with the ephemeris. However, this simple corrective action is often overlooked, and it may cause small errors every month and need to be corrected manually.
     Manual operation of the winding crown, skipping the 31st, and directly displaying the 1st, this is a heavy task imposed on the machine, and it is also extremely boring. Because of this, during the Enlightenment, after the birth of the perpetual calendar watch, as long as the watch remained in operation, the dial directly displayed the calendar information, and no further adjustment was needed. Although this watch with superb digital memory ability is fascinating, if the watch is stopped for a long time, the watch owner may still be in trouble. For such highly precise works, if you want to readjust the calendar display, there are always many operating steps. Sometimes, the watch owner can only ask professionals to help.
Rotonde de Cartier Year 9908 MC automatic winding movement
     In order to avoid the restrictions when starting the watch, the Cartier movement design team developed a reliable, efficient and tough mechanism for the Rotonde de Cartier calendar watch, which can automatically adjust the date at the end of each month (30-day and 31-day month management) , And display the day, month, and year at the same time, except that February 28 or February 29 to March 1 requires manual intervention, and no adjustment is required. Cartier’s new 9908 MC calibre has a special mechanism. With the winding crown, all the calendar information (day, date and month) can be adjusted. This adjustment is simple and there is no adjuster on the case, creating an ideal and comfortable daily application mode.
Innovative and practical movement
    Cartier chose the 1904MC movement for the Rotonde de Cartier calendar watch, and integrated the calendar device directly into the main splint. After repeated research, the watch has a large date window that can independently display two digits at 12 o’clock. Turning the winding crown can quickly adjust the different indicators of the calendar. These designs are all favored by exquisite watch lovers. This in-house developed movement is unique and concise, with many important features, including an independent two-digit large date display half-instant jump mechanism (one-hour jump), which ensures the ideal timing stability of high-end watches. In this structure, the needle wheel on the large single-digit display panel drives the ten-digit four-pointed star wheel to rotate. The single digit display is the true core component of the calendar system, and has another secret—a simple and clever device combined with a month memory cam installed on the single digit date thin outer wheel, which can be accurate once the month is adjusted Display 30 or 31 days without error. The device has unparalleled high efficiency and is specially designed for calculating the lengths of odd and even months (except for February, which changes from 28 days to 29 days every four years), even if it is subject to large vibrations, it will never affect accuracy. Cartier designers associate the date display with the day of the week and month hand indicators to rationalize this automatic almanac function and undergo rigorous testing to enable it to cope with daily vibrations.
Rotonde de Cartier Calendar-White Gold
Harmonious, modern watch
    Elegance is a balanced art, as the golden ratio is said by those who love beauty. The harmonious size with the modern 45mm diameter, 18K white gold or 18K rose gold Rotonde de Cartier calendar watch, through every detail, show true harmony and balance.
Rotonde de Cartier Calendar-White Gold
    The ultra-thin bezel has a soft curve to make the structured dial more exquisite. The top of the dial is decorated with a ‘sun pattern’ silver-plated grille, matched with black transfer Roman numerals, and the flame blue steel sword-shaped hands rotate around it. This arrangement allows different levels of time to be displayed in front of the eyes, and simultaneously divides two radial concentric silver areas, with the week of the week in the center and the name of the month on the four weeks. At the bottom of the fine grooves, on the two ‘hammer-shaped’ hands, only the ends are visible in red. When correctly set, the calendar information can be indicated, making the large double-window large date display at 12 o’clock more abundant. In this configuration, the size of the winding crown is carefully designed for easy gripping. It can be used to wind the 9908MC annual calendar movement. At the same time, the calendar can also be adjusted by adjusting the different groove positions of the crown. This low-key, subtle, yet fascinating complication watch has a transparent case back, giving people a glimpse into the subtleties of fine watchmaking craftsmanship.
    Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Annual Calendar Watch, 18K White Gold Case, 45mm Diameter, Hours, Minutes, Date, Analog Day, Month, 9908 MC Automatic Winding Movement, 48-Hour Power Reserve, Alligator Leather Strap with Folding buckle.

Dynamic Posture On The Watch Tasting Piaget Possession Series Diamond-set Steel Watch

In 1874, Georges-EdouardPiaget, who was only 19 years old, set up his first personal workshop at his home farm, and since then he has created the brand’s creative history. After 140 years of rich history, Earl Piaget has never given up the pursuit of fun and change, walking on the road of continuous innovation. The brand takes design inspiration from Possession’s iconic rotating ring, selects gold, diamonds, stainless steel and various decorative gems, and invites modern ladies to enjoy a splendid life together. This year, Piaget has launched a new steel Possession watch. The versatile characteristics of stainless steel highlight the simple and pure side of the watch, exuding a charming luster. Next, let’s enjoy the Piaget Possession series diamond-set steel watch. (Watch model: G0A43090)

Simple and pure charm

   At the end of the 20th century, Piaget launched the creative Possession jewelry series, which has since become one of the brand’s signatures. This new Possession series diamond-inspired watch also draws inspiration from here, inheriting this subversive design, the bezel can complete 360 ​​degrees of rotation under the fingertips, and the circular motion of the circle signifies never stop searching The spirit of the world shows its elegant and dynamic charm in the rotation. This Possession diamond-set steel watch boldly mixes and mixes diamond and stainless steel. The exquisite diamond spins a beautiful waltz on the stainless steel case.

Watch real shot

   The stainless steel case is polished and refinished to give it a refined, full-bodied luster. Due to the use of a rotating ring, the case looks full of layers, adding to the fun of rotation.

   The bezel can be rotated with the fingertips. This bold and innovative design makes the watch stand out among many models, creating a sensory experience that is born and pleasant.

   The rotating bezel is inlaid with a half-moon-shaped diamond, which can draw a beautiful arc along with the rotation of the bezel, just like a spinning dancer.

   The silver-white dial is inlaid with 11 beautiful diamonds, echoing the diamonds on the bezel, accurately expressing women’s love for diamonds, and expressing it on the dial. The central hour and minute hands are very intuitive, so that the time is clearly visible. At 3 o’clock, Piaget’s English logo is provided, which gives the dial brand exclusive aesthetic characteristics.

   To protect the watch’s signature circular design, the crown is set at the center of the watch’s back. Touch the crown in the middle with a special tool. When it stays still, the hour and minute hands of the dial move clockwise. When you release it, the hour and minute hands stop moving. At this time, you can adjust the time.

   There is a replaceable system at the place where the strap and the case are connected, and the strap can be changed according to personal style or the dress style of the day.

Summary: The Earl Possession series interprets the spirit of continuous pursuit of the self-world, allowing modern women to show their unique personality characteristics. Just like this ever-changing world, rotating the watch at your fingertips completes a subversive and perfect transformation. If you like a cousin, you can pay more attention. Reference price: ¥ 30,200 (Wu Fengqi, the home of the picture / text watch)