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    Reproduction Of History Panerai Luminor 1950 Series Pam00603 Watch

    2015 SIHH presented us with a perfect visual feast. Panerai is synonymous with an Italian military watch. At this exhibition, a replica version of the 1943 ‘Mare Nostrum’ chronograph was launched. This watch takes us back to history and looks to the future. A total of 150 pieces are limited to sale. .

    Case made of matte titanium
       The watch is based on the original ‘Mare Nostrum’ watch produced in 1943. Through Panerai’s excellent technology and similar aesthetics, it shows us the historical classic again. The watch has a diameter of 52 millimeters. The oversized case is more tough and domineering. The case is made of matte titanium. Even if the size of the case is large, the weight is still light.

    52 mm diameter
       According to official information: In 1943, the Panerai family created a chronograph watch for the civilian officers of the Royal Italian Navy and named it ‘Mare Nostrum’, in order to pay tribute to the Mediterranean ‘Mare Nostrum’ (‘Our Sea’), Because during the Second World War, the Royal Italian Navy fleet successfully completed the combat mission. In 1924, Guido Panerai used this name to name what may be the first chronograph in the history of Panerai, but all clues about this first model have long been lost. However, there are still a few trials of chronograph watches made in 1943, so the brand was able to build this new watch again and gave it excellent technical precision and similar aesthetic characteristics. This is Mare Nostrum Titanio Titanium watch.

    Water-resistant to 30 meters

    With a brown calfskin strap

    Equipped with a unique Panerai OP XXV manual winding mechanical movement

    Brown dial with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers, retro and beautiful

    There are timing buttons and crown on the right side of the case

    Polished precision texture around the bezel, very beautiful

    Key design is quite retro

    Titanium pin buckle is strong and lightweight

    The case is finely polished and finely engraved
       The watch is equipped with a Panerai OP XXV manual-winding mechanical movement. The movement is designed with 12¾ method, 22 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel and Incabloc® anti-vibration device, which vibrates 18,000 times per hour. With a gooseneck trimmer, the bridge is decorated with Geneva ripples, and the movement provides a 55-hour power reserve for the watch.

    Summary: The 2015 SIHH presented us with a unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

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    Glashütte Chronograph Art Exhibition

    Glashütte and Hong Kong Sambo Watch & Jewellery Co., Ltd. organized a chronograph art exhibition, presenting the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship from the German traditional chronograph in the 19th century. The exhibition features a series of chronographs from different periods: an antique pocket watch made by Julius Assmann, one of the pioneers of Glashütte watchmaking, around 1890, and between 1955 and 1961 A chronograph manufactured; there is even PanoRetroGraph, the world’s first mechanical chronograph with a countdown function and minute repeater function, which was named the 2001 annual model.

    This time, Glashütte also launched for the first time two new chronographs in Hong Kong-SenatorChronographPanoramaDate and SeveniesChronographPanoramaDate. Both watches are equipped with the new calibre 37 column-wheel chronograph movement, which is the first chronograph movement developed and manufactured by Glashütte.

    The chronograph technology exhibition will be held at the Sambo Watch & Jewellery Co., Ltd. store in the International Finance Centre Shopping Centre, Central, Hong Kong. As of September 30, visitors can explore the perfect German watchmaking process. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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    Xiangyun Red That Cannot Be Separated From Chinese Year

    In the Year of China, pay attention to the prosperity and joy of red. Naturally, red has become the main color of the eternal classic of the New Year. It seems that only this unique Chinese red can match this unique China. Years, so the ‘red suit’ has naturally become an indispensable equipment for the New Year, which means that luck is full. Red in the Chinese tradition represents festiveness, enthusiasm, charm and self-confidence, and it has already become a striking fashion classic color. The editor of this article will recommend several red-themed watches suitable for New Year to bring you a lot of happiness Shipped.
    Bvlgari LVCEA Series 102329 LUP33C6GDLD / 11

    Domestic public price: RMB 198,000
    Watch diameter: 33 mm
    Movement type: automatic winding
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Watch details: DE CARTIER series WJCL0047 watch

    Domestic public price: RMB 187,000
    Watch diameter: 31 mm
    Watch thickness: 11.04 mm
    Movement type: automatic winding
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Details of the watch: Since the birth of the DE CARTIER series, its attention has surpassed the classic blue balloon series of the brand. Due to the unique design of the crown, the name of this series of watches has been derived. The distinctive crown gives the public an extraordinary feeling. The watch is made of 18K rose gold, the bezel is set with brilliant diamonds, and the crimson crocodile leather strap adds festive joy.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre flip series Q3352420 watch

    Domestic public price: RMB 168,000
    Watch diameter: 40.1 * 20 mm
    Watch thickness: 10 mm
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Details of the model: The red dial and strap combination of the One Duetto Moon reversible watch not only makes people feel a strong New Year atmosphere, but also shows the fashionable atmosphere of women, which is full of vitality. This watch is equipped with a slender case made of 18K rose gold, a simple white and festive red double-sided flip dial, and a fascinating moon phase display complex function. The ring and linear decoration are intertwined on the dial. Beautiful and elegant.
    Summary: Red always gives people strength, vitality and passion. The above several red-themed watches have different styles and are full of the festive charm of the new year. Put on a red watch and make a good fortune for the new year.

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    Don’t Be So Low Do You Think Partying Is Just Eating And Drinking?

    With the continuous changes in the quality of life and social occasions of modern people, cocktail parties and banquets have gradually become one of the important means for people to exchange feelings and maintain a circle of friends. In the chat, will you really be completely absorbed in the temptation of wine and food? Will it really stay in the field of vision that only looks at beauties and handsome guys? If you really just have fun and enjoy, you are wrong. The party seems to be a relatively easy and free cocktail party. In the potential, it is a place where you need to make observations and make friends. People can make different friends at the party. Usually these friends have different professional backgrounds, family backgrounds, and tastes. Making friends who are good for your own development is an essential skill. (The party mentioned here is a more formal party, not a casual family gathering.)

      At the party, fashion, decoration, matching, and even the smell of perfume on your body will become one of the ways to identify the identity and status of strangers. Maybe you sometimes feel that the circle of this upper society is too hypocritical and powerful, but it cannot be denied This is indeed the most intuitive way to identify strangers. So, when attending a party, what equipment should men and women choose to display a high force?

      cocktail party

      Take the most common cocktail party, both in Western countries and now China is a more traditional social program. Wine, beverages, and snacks are usually used to entertain guests. As a communication medium, wine often has the function of welcoming guests, gathering friends, and communicating with each other. Guests who are invited to a cocktail party are generally groomed. For example, men should wear suits or evening dresses, and women should choose a cocktail dress with a decent watch or stylish jewelry.

      Wild fashion women:

      Bulgari’s watch series are becoming more and more abundant now, the classic BVLGARI · BVLGARI series, the LVCEA series of the incarnation of light, the unique B.ZERO1 series, but the most classic in my mind is the Serpenti of Bulgari series. The serpentine and serpentine figure not only foreshadows the charming appearance of women, but also reveals a trace of wildness, domineering and mystery, revealing the beauty of an unruly temptation.

      This Serpenti series watch, numbered 101923SP35C6GDG.2T, is cleverly crafted in 18K yellow gold with a serpentine link and case, with a continuous streamlined sense, which subtly interprets the creative spirit of the Bvlgari snake watch. The 35mm silver opal dial is decorated with a Newsor sun pattern, hand-applied hour markers, and the Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock make the time clearly visible. The case is set against a diamond, and the 18K yellow gold crown is inlaid with a convex round pink tourmaline. The double spiral wrap link is like a stylish bracelet on a female wrist, exuding an aesthetic and noble fashion.

      A gorgeous necklace can always add glory to the overall temperament of women, especially for women with long necks, which is very suitable for wearing necklaces to beautify the neck and soften the lines of the face. This BVLGARIBVLGARI necklace is made of 18K rose gold. The pendant is inlaid with a jadeite, which is noble and elegant, which makes women’s heart fascinating. It must be very decent with the ladies’ small dress.

      Urban modern women:

      Dior’s position in women’s hearts has always been irreplaceable, tempting and irresistible. High-end selection of materials and gorgeous and noble design have always symbolized elegant aesthetic taste and symbolized the cutting-edge representatives of French fashion. Dior not only pays attention to the female modeling lines in the clothing, but also the design of the watch is very cleverly added to the inspiration of clothing design. The watch is a necessity that combines practical functions and aesthetics in the decoration. Who would image that the flowing feathers would be embedded in the watch, so as to add gorgeous colors, The free rotation on the dial is like feminine pleated evening dress swaying under the light, charming and charming.

      If it’s a party or a reception, ladies will definitely fall in love with Dior’s DIORVIII series watch, which is exquisitely and smartly decorated to make the elegant dance skirts that make people think of strange dances, dressing women as dreamy beauty. The diameter of 38 mm is very suitable for women’s wrists. The black ceramic case is inlaid with brilliant diamonds. Black itself is a stylish and mysterious color. When paired with diamonds, it is more noble and inviolable. The decoration on the black dial is the representative of this series of models. Its patented functional rotor is located on the dial, with diamonds to outline the lace edges or covered with natural feathers of different colors, to reproduce the rotating charm of the prom dress. This also makes DiorVIIIGrandBal different from other jewelry watches in terms of its structure and aesthetics.

      Compared to watches, jewelry and masonry can better embody women’s elegant and luxurious femininity. MyDior series jewelry has many styles. When you wear a black watch, I think the silver MyDior bracelet is more suitable for you. This bracelet is made of white gold. It looks like a gold grid and a straw. It has a three-dimensional geometric line. Each node is also inlaid with gorgeous diamonds. Dazzling light. The most classic logo element of the MyDior series is the checkered rattan pattern, which symbolizes the interweaving of friendship and love. Between banquets, brands such as Bulgari and Dior are not uncommon, showing the charm of women in your choice.

      Senior banquet

      If you are going to a very formal dinner and dance party, the level is higher, and the attendees need their own clothing, matching and behavior. If you want to be the focus of attention at a banquet, then some of the top jewellery watches will surely put you on the list of choices, such as Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff and more. These jewellery are very expensive, and friends who like it should think twice before buying it.

      Van Cleef & Arpels Charms watches, each watch conveys a beautiful vision. Charms lucky charm is transformed into a delicate pattern, guarding luck and love, conveying blessings and wishes. The Charms watch is playful and elegant. The circular rotating Alhambra clover pattern surrounds the dial. This watch has a diameter of 32 mm, which makes the dial very compact. The silver white gold case is surrounded by three different diamonds. , Manual selection and setting ensure that each diamond emits the most dazzling gloss. The display of the time scale is very simple. The white Alhambra radial dial has a bar-shaped time display, and the Roman numerals at twelve o’clock make the time clear. It is worth mentioning that the watch is equipped with a detachable woven satin strap, which is ready for women to change at any time.

      If a single pendant makes you feel unable to highlight the curve of the neck, then this MagicAlhambra dream series necklace can definitely highlight all the advantages of a woman’s neck. The MagicAlhambra dream series has 16 patterns to meet the different needs of elegant women. The design of this necklace breaks the traditional Chinese concept of symmetry. The classic four-leaf clover image is adorned with diamonds. It is of different sizes and is irregularly connected to the necklace. The natural lines surround the eye-catching.

      Piaget’s first richly-designed and luxurious family of jewellery collections is a strong proof of the city’s style-fun and avant-garde. Many women admire the earl, and the earl’s shadow is common in many ceremonies and banquets. First of all, I recommend a Piaget ladies watch. Even though Piaget has many different styles of jewellery watches, but the diamonds are too dazzling. Only this Possession makes people feel noble and has a low-key atmosphere. , The rotating diamond will become the most dazzling decoration on the wrist.

      The rotating bezel is the most eye-catching style of this watch. The case of 18K rose gold is lined with 37 round diamonds (about 0.7 carats), and the gorgeous rotation is accompanied by the movement of the wrist. From the outer ring to the dial, the changes from round to ellipse are layered and layered, giving the beauty of transitional lines. The 29mm silver-plated dial with Roman numeral time scales is simple and beautiful. The driving force for this watch comes from Piaget’s 157P quartz movement, while maintaining the watch’s light and compact appearance. Finally, there is a design intimate, this watch allows you to change the style of the watch according to different occasions and moods.

      These rose-shaped earrings are made of 18K white gold. The silhouette of rose in the compact shape is vividly displayed in the feminine decoration, making it difficult for people to pay attention to it.

    Summary: At the party, communication is the first principle. Don’t completely indulge in the shaking wine glasses, intoxicating atmosphere, bright lights, gorgeous dance skirts. If you have not successfully entered the circle, then you must make yourself exquisite. stand up. Women’s most beautiful moments are not praised by others, but show the most confident side of being a woman. Gorgeous accessories are not the masters of women, but they can definitely bring you the icing on the cake. In any case, there should always be a few decent and fashionable pieces of equipment in your equipment library, so that you can be at ease when attending various cocktail parties / banquets, so as to achieve your desired purpose. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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    Gucci Watch 2012 New G-chrono Series White Ceramic Watch

    Gucci watches are 2012 new! In the field of ceramic watches, major brands want to get a share, so Gucci also launched a ceramic watch series. This Gucci watch 2012 new G-CHRONO series white ceramic watch, the watch is pleased to introduce a new member of this G-Chrono series, it is a white ceramic quartz chronograph. Gucci’s new watch is designed by creative director Frida Giannini and is available in two styles: a stainless steel and ceramic bracelet, or a white rubber strap.

        Gucci watch 2012 new G-CHRONO series, Gucci white ceramic watch details:
        The 44mm caliber of the Gucci watch allows you to see at a glance the characteristics of the watch’s white lacquered surface, including the Gucci logo clearly visible at 12 o’clock, the small silver surface, and a green chronograph hand. Gucci watches correspond to the minimalist hour markers and are slender hands with a Super Luminova coating. The Gucci watch has two large buttons and a crown on the side of the watch, adding to the sporty and eye-catching style of the watch.
        Gucci’s G-Chrono ceramic watch is decorated with the Gucci logo ‘G’ on its white ceramic bezel; the Gucci logo is also visible on the rubber model, and its white strap is decorated with an interlocking ‘GG’ print.

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    Breguet Marine Équation Marchante 5887

    Abraham-Louis, founder of Breguet Breguet. Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet is one of the most outstanding figures in the history of watch development. His immortal experience is a very important part of the history of watch development. Breguet came to Paris to learn art at the age of 15, and eventually opened his own company, Quaide Phorloge, in Paris in 1775.

    On October 27, 1815, France promulgated Breguet officially as the Royal Navy’s designated timer, participating in various military uses, the picture shows the brand’s nautical clock

    After the French Revolution broke out, Breguet fled to Britain. Departed for London watch master John Arnold, who had taught one of Breguet’s watch skills in Paris. By this time, John Arnold was the first of the UK’s most important suppliers of marine astronomical clocks. In the company of London John Arnold, the two watchmakers exchanged maritime astronomical clocks with each other. It can be said that Breguet’s understanding of astronomical clocks, as well as its mastery of the essentials and structure, came from the British watchmaker John Arnold. In 1795, the Longitude Committee was established in Paris, France, with the aim of expanding its applications in geography, navigation, physics and other fields based on astronomy, and publishing professional books. There are 20 to 30 members, including mathematicians, astronomers, navigation experts, and artisans in related industries. However, the watch industry won a seat because it was directly related to physics and navigation. By the hand of Emperor Louis XVIII, Breguet was elected to the Longitude Committee at the end of 1814 and became the sole representative of the watch industry.

    Breguet celebrates its 200th anniversary with the launch of this Marine chronograph, limited to 200 pieces worldwide

    After being elected for one year, in 1815, Breguet won the title of Royal Navy Watchmaker. This is a life-long title, indicating that Breguet has reached the standard of marine astronomical chronometers in terms of technology and precision . After winning the title of Royal Navy Watchmaker, Breguet sold 78 marine clocks in the eight years from 1815 to 1823, of which 22 were ordered by the French Navy and 29 were sold to Breguet.玑 Carefully selected professional agents, the last 27 units were sold to private customers, including the powers around the world, including the Longitude Commission in London. In 1817, Breguet published a small book entitled ‘Guidelines for the Use of Marine Watches Made by Breguet’. This is the first manual in history to bring together the knowledge of nautical astronomical ship clocks and guide people on how to use such clocks for navigation and how to make clocks operate normally during navigation.

    Breguet Marine’s recent annual masterpiece 5887, just looking at the complicated carving process on the back knows that it is valuable

    Until the death of Baodi, marine astronomical ship clocks, navigation watches, precision timing and measuring instruments were still the main products of Baodi, and production continued until the 1940s. In 1990, Breguet’s contemporary watchmakers created the Breguet marine watch under the name Marine. The original watch design showed an association with navigation through an anchor-shaped chain, a large ring engraved with the brand name, and a rough bezel. Continuing the characteristics of Breguet, such as the silver-plated machine engraved faceplate and Breguet hands. Flip to the case back and you will see the curved inscription ‘Naval Watchmaker’.
    Reproduce the art of ancient sailing
    Under the Breguet brand, the Marine and Type XX series belong to the more sporty areas such as navigation and aviation. Therefore, the styles of these two series are less than those of other series. The emphasis is mainly on functionality; The Marine series is not just to emphasize the marine-related waterproof performance is so simple. In its relatively limited work lineup, there are still some functions that appear only in formal watches, such as alarms, tourbillons, etc. It is not difficult to find out The functional development of this series, the brand embraces an open attitude.

    The time equation cam developed by Breguet is extremely thin, placed on a transparent sapphire disc, and the time difference of the monthly time correction equation

    In 2017, Breguet injected new blood for the Marine series. It is a little unexpected that this new work Marine Équation Marchante 5887 not only combines multiple complex functions to set a new height in the series, it is rare to match the leather strap. The formal look of the watch is growing stronger. The platinum (also rose gold) material used in the 5887 case has been separated from ordinary sports watches, and the faceplate design is beyond the established frame of the Marine series in the past, and is full of new ideas, such as outside the faceplate The edge has a geometric three-dimensional blue and black stripe, and the inner circle of the face plate has wavy machine-engraved lines. The overall tone of dark blue and silver makes people know the marine style of the series at a glance.

    Unique circular auto plate design, perfectly showing the delicate hand-engraved pattern on the back of the face plate

    The three major complications of 5887-the tourbillon is located at 5 o’clock on the faceplate, the perpetual calendar is composed of an anchor-shaped retrograde date pointer, and the day of the week and month windows. As for the last complication-the equation of time and Uncommon, Breguet puts the hands that indicate the true solar time on the same axis as the minute hand, and the wearer can estimate the difference between the average solar time represented by the hour hand and the average solar time represented by the hour hand. It is worth mentioning that the brand installed a kidney cam that simulates the true solar time trajectory in the tourbillon device, allowing people to better see the dynamics of its rotation one week a year.

    Marine Équation Marchante 5887

    950 platinum material / 581DPE self-winding movement / hour, minute, retrograde date, day of the week, month display / tourbillon device / perpetual calendar function / time equation function / power reserve display / sapphire crystal mirror surface, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 Meter / Table diameter 43.9mm / Reference price: 1,600,000 RMB

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    Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Wish Conceives A Wonderful Poem Wish

    In 2007, Van Cleef & Arpels launched the Poetic Time series, which combines poetic and complexity, which made the watch fans astonishing. The Lady Arpels Pont Des Amoureux model released in 2010 won the GPHG Women’s Watch Award that year. In 2012, Van Cleef & Arpels continued its story five years ago, launching two poetic romantic watches, Arpels Poetic Wish and Midnight Poetic Wish.

     This watch is a collection of high-quality gemstones (set with diamonds D, E and F, with very slight flaws), extraordinary craft series (engraved in gold, painted enamel, mother-of-pearl, gem-set) and Fine watchmaking company (constant force mechanism, a five minute repeater and three automatic devices). With the popularity of ‘Shinabashi Lovers’ last year, the main development goal of the high-end watch production base Agenhor under the leadership of Jean-Marc Weiderrecht is this watch.

     As with all Van Cleef Arpels poetic complication watches, the two new Poetic Wish watches are certainly more than just an ornament. Their movements indicate the minutes and hours respectively in the form of poetic romantic animations, and they use a five-minute two-question mechanism, that is, the time is reported first, and then the minutes are reported in units of five minutes. The clearer and more pleasant sound, the design is ingenious.

     These two poetic romantic watches use metal engraving, micro-painted enamel, mother-of-pearl engraving and diamond setting technology to create beautiful dials. After turning the crown at 2 o’clock to wind the two-question function, the girl under the tower in the Arpels Poetic Wish watch will slowly approach the center of the dial, and the mother-of-pearl clouds will gradually approach her. When the two meet, the watch will report a small clock sound, and then the paper kite above the Notre Dame will slowly fly, echoing the five-minute clock sound.

     Similarly, in Midnight Poetic Wish, a young male on the left side of the watch dial stands on a balcony in the Bastion of Notre Dame Cathedral slowly moving towards the center of the watch, indicating the precise hours, and the mother-of-pearl cloud opposite him Will move towards him with the level. When the two met, the bell of the church called the bell, and a diamond shooting star on the dial appeared behind the clouds and flew to the sky to indicate the minutes with the bell’s music rhythm. In addition, every Poetic Wish watch is equipped with a precious watch box, which is inlaid with rare wood and mother-of-pearl. The creative ideas in the box come from the production of stringed instruments, which complement the moving music with poetic complexity.
     Such a poetic and elegant watch is very suitable for the majority of lovers of watches as a holiday gift, quickly put him in his pocket. More details are at the Watch House.

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    How About A Hublot Watch? How About Hublot?

    About Hublot
       Hublot (also known as Hublot) in the 1980s, Italian Carlo Crocco in Lac, Switzerland
    HUBLOT watch brand was founded in the small town of Nyon by Léman Lake. At that time, the brand seemed to be incompatible with the watch industry.
       The 80s was a turbulent time for watches. Because of the invention of quartz watches, all the major traditional watch factories in Switzerland were in a state of imminent closure. This undoubtedly provided Hublot with a good opportunity. It relied on its unique design. Feeling easy to break into the market. It is said that the first person to collect this watch was a big man-the Greek king. He bought two watches and kept one for himself, and the other was given to the Spanish royal family.
       Most of the HUBLOT watches we see now use polymetallic aggregates to create a heavy case. The heavy metal feel is very strong, which is extremely rare in the design of Swiss watches. The rubber strap is another major contribution of Hublot. In order to alleviate the uncomfortable feeling that the wristband brings to the wrist skin, after many years of research and development, a large number of rubbers have been used. This technology has broken the usual style of Swiss watches and has driven a strange fashion trend. Even the most advanced and traditional watches have begun to introduce rubber technology. Even though many French classic watch shops are very dissatisfied with this, the final decision is consumers, and the market has accepted Hublot faster than the watch industry.
       Hublot became the founder of this style for the first time by combining a precious cast gold watch body with a natural rubber strap.
       Hublot is one of the few watch brands that adheres to the ‘single product’ concept, that is, a watch that is divided into three classic, elegant and active series, each series is equipped with its famous black rubber strap.
       Hublot was born in 1980. It is the first Swiss top watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Its birth, whether in terms of watchmaking materials or the unique aesthetic concepts interpreted by watches, is in the watch industry. All have set off a revolution. In 2004, one of the few legends who could engrave the name in the history of Swiss watchmaking, Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver took over Hublot and subverted the Big
    The Bang series allowed Hublot to sing along all the way, and also announced the arrival of the revival of Hublot.
       In October 2007, the watchmaking company also released its first self-developed watch: Hublot is responsible for designing and developing a new and lightweight alloy, mainly made of aluminum and magnesium metal-Hublonium-used for manufacturing MagBang movement and case! This represents a major innovation, a big step towards a certain degree of autonomy. In October 2007, Hublot was further affirmed by the watchmaking industry and the public. The 1Million $ BigBang watch, which spent nearly one million US dollars, successfully won the jewellery watch sector in the 2007 Geneva Annual Watch Grand Prix , Highly praised for its ingenious diamond setting technology and excellent design. MagBang also won the ‘Best Technology R & D Award’ in the Bahrain ‘2007 Middle East Watch, Jewellery and Pen Grand Prix’ in the same year. The brand infused extraordinary power, modern watch design features and credibility into its watchmaking technology, making BigBang one of the hottest products in the market.
       Today, the Hublot factory building on the shore of Lake Geneva and Hi-tech have witnessed the impressive achievements of Hublot, and Mr. Beaver continues to advance on the way of Hublot’s integration. He blends groundbreaking materials: ceramics, carbon fiber, tantalum, tungsten, titanium, natural rubber with time-tested gold, platinum, stainless steel, diamonds and rare gems-while remaining true to the Swiss watchmaking tradition, He belongs to the creativity and foresight of the 21st century.
    How about a Hublot watch
       Netizen’s evaluation 1: In 1980, CarloCrocco successfully kneaded alloy and natural rubber bands to make a Hublot timepiece, marking an important new page in the history of watchmaking. So far, it has become a source of inspiration for successful pioneering in the watchmaking industry. The case shaped like a porthole combined with polished metal, the finest black dial, and the characteristic black natural rubber band are all symbols of Hublot watches. Members of the royal family immediately rushed to Hublot, and this trend immediately swept many celebrities around the world. CarloCrocco did desperately at the time, but Hublot watches could be among the elite brands driving the watch industry in just a few years.
       It takes three years of research to create such a unique strap and cite the excellent properties of natural rubber. Once the rubber and friendly skin contact, it is like regeneration. The two parts of the strap can be specially adjusted to fit the purchase, and can be comfortably and instantly adapted to the wrist of the customer, bringing an unparalleled experience to the wearer.
       Netizen’s evaluation 2: Whether it is craftsmanship or designer … are of high-end standards … This watch is a luxury product, and Hublot does not have a that is higher in price than similar products.
       Netizen evaluation three: At Hublot, Beaver pinpointed the direction of sports marketing. Sports are full of passion, excellence, expressiveness, precision, and ultimate success … and these characteristics are easily recognized by young entrepreneurs.
       Hublot now participates in about 60 events each year. The scope of Utsuki’s coverage includes yachts, golf, polo, football, basketball, skiing, track and field, etc. In 2010, it became the exclusive official watch for F1 cars.
       But what attracted the most attention was the performance of Hublot on the football field. In this cooperation with FIFA, Hublot won the contracts of this year and the 2014 World Cup. In addition to appearing on the field as an official timer, it also cooperated with FIFA to launch the ‘Classic Fusion Golden 2010 World Cup. ‘Limited Edition Watch’, limited to 100 pieces.
       Netizen evaluation four: Hublot watches are a bit expensive, and they are very temperamental to wear.
       Netizen evaluation five: Hublot, running watch, not suitable for commercial occasions. In addition, Hublot watches are relatively unique and novel, and it is estimated that those who are quite satisfactory are not suitable.
       Netizen evaluation 6: Hublot and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak series are very similar, which also destined that Hublot could not go up to another level. Moreover, I personally think that Hublot’s success lies in its unique and novel concept, and he lacks a truly solid watchmaking skills. After all, Hublot was born in 1980. Whether it will be short-lived or not remains to be tested.
    Recommended Hublot watches
    Hublot Classic Fusion 38mm 561.CM.1110.RX

       Number: 561.CM.1110.RX
       Series: Classic Fusion
       Style: Quartz, 38 mm, neutral
       Material: Ceramic
       RMB: ¥ 30,000
       Case material: Ceramic
       Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
       Strap Material: Rubber
       Water resistance: 100 meters

    Hublot King Series 715.CI.1110.RX

       Number: 715.CI.1110.RX
       Series: King of the Supreme Series
       Style: Automatic, 48 mm, men
       Material: Ceramic
       Movement model: HUB 44 RTF
       Power reserve: 42 hours
       Case material: Ceramic
       Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
       Strap Material: Rubber
       Back penetration: back penetration
       Water resistance: 100 meters
       Function: timing
    Further reading: More Hublot watch information query
    Hublot price
    BANG zebra watch
    Five Hublot Big Bang watches recommended


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    Chopard Chopard And Porsche Show Passion And Perfection

    Chopard is proud to be the official timing partner of Porsche Racing. Chopard has long been committed to motorsport, especially classic motorsport. This cooperation is a continuation of this tradition and perfectly matches the spirit of Chopard’s latest classic racing watch, the Superfast watch. Chopard will support the return of the Porsche team to the long-awaited LMP1 endurance championship, especially the 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 14th and 15th. Chopard is proud to support the return of Porsche Racing to the international race with the new Porsche 919 Hybrid. The Porsche team has won 16 championships, and the glory return to the ‘Le Mans 24 Hours’ endurance race that has been separated for 16 years will definitely become the focus of everyone’s attention.

    Chopard joins hands with Cate Blanchett at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony. The red carpet turns into a green carpet. The legendary Porsche racing team is partnering with Chopard of Switzerland to send the Porsche 919 Hybrid to the LMP1 endurance championship

    Porsche Racing shares the same values ​​as Chopard, and they are dedicated to perfect performance and superior quality. The partnership between the two is based on a shared passion for racing. Porsche Racing and Chopard have outstanding mechanical technology, and both aim at reliability and innovation, which have set extremely high standards in the racing and watchmaking worlds, respectively.

    Porsche Team said: ‘We created from scratch and finally completed a model that is more complicated than any car we have ever seen.’ The Porsche 919 Hybrid will compete in eight races in the 2014 season. The first race will be held in April 2014. Held at the Silverstone Circuit on the 10th. In addition to the Porsche LMP1 car, Chopard is also a partner of the Porsche Manthey team and it will also compete in the GTE category of the World Endurance Championship.

    The history of the Porsche team is inseparable from a racing legend, Jacky Ickx. As the spokesman for Chopard’s long-term cooperation, Jack Exx, known as ‘Mr. Le Mans’, has won the ‘Le Mans 24 Hours’ six times, including four times for the Porsche team.

    Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is an avid collector of racing hobby and antique racing cars, and he is also fascinated by Porsche and its legendary history. He also personally drove the Porsche 550 Spyder in the famous ‘Mille Miglia’ rally with Jack Acres several times.

    Karl-Friedrich Schafer once said: ‘Porsche is synonymous with passion and perfect performance, and these values ​​are cherished by Chopard. We are honored to participate in the return of the Porsche team at Le Mans.’

    The collaboration between Chopard and Porsche Racing has also brought new attention to the brand’s sophisticated and sophisticated classic racing series, the Superfast watch. Superfast timepieces are rich in personality and feature iconic designs that represent motorsport. Like Porsche racing cars, this series of watches represents the challenge to the limit and the use of new technology.

    On March 4, the Porsche 919 Hybrid debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show

    Finally, Chopard’s partnership with Porsche Racing highlights the brand’s longstanding relationship with motorsport. As the first watchmaking brand to establish a cooperative relationship with the racing industry, as early as 1988, Chopard participated in the ‘Mille Miglia’ antique racing rally known as ‘the most beautiful race in the world’. Since 2002, Chopard has also been the official timing partner of the prestigious event, the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.

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    Jacques Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin Watch

    Jaeger le Coultre Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin
    AeJaeger le Coultre Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin
    Rose gold or stainless steel case, 39 & times; 24 mm, thickness only 7.2 mm, bezel set with diamonds, dial decorated with grid pattern and inlaid with Arabic numerals and time markers, Jaeger-LeCoultre 846 hand-wound movement, power reserve 40 hours
    Keywords: entry-level version 2.0, complex ideas, Chinese market models, ultra-thin and comfortable
    Music effect: birthday song
    Product style: flip
    Main series: Reverso
    New products: less than 10 models
    Editor’s Choice: Grande Reverso Lady
    Commentary: This year is the 80th anniversary of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series. The launch event is also completely revolving around the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series. Master Grande Tradition’s Deep Sea diving watches have become supporting roles. In the pavilion, there are also technicians performing case carving, enamel painting and assembly of the movement. Seeing that the Reverso series, which was exclusive to the European royal family in the past, has become one of the best-selling watches in the Chinese market, and the Chinese people’s aesthetics and purchasing power have embarked on a solid step. In addition to winning countless sweet praises for women’s clothing and ultra-thin watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre also launched a ‘Reverso Three Questions’ watch from the Reverso series this year, which will be detailed in the top ten most worthy collections.