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    All Legends Only For One Watch-rolex Cosmograph Daytona

    Daytona is a passionate interpretation of motorsports, whether it is the birthplace of speed racing in Florida, the track of the same name and the endurance races held today; or for racers And the famous Rolex chronograph watch, Daytona are Rolex’s passionate interpretation of motorsport. This is the legend that many speed pioneers and successors have worked hard for many years. These historical celebrities are numerous and difficult to record, but everyone has witnessed the long and unique connection between Rolex and motorsport.

    Speed ​​King Sir Malcolm Campbell

       Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the world land speed record nine times between 1924 and 1935, five of which were set at Daytona Beach, and he also set four world water speed records. In 1935, Sir Malcolm Campbell drove the famous ‘Bluebird’ chariot on the flats of the Bonneville Salt Belt, breaking the record of 300 miles per hour (482 kilometers per hour) for the first time. Lord V. Campbell has been wearing Rolex Oysters since 1930. At the time of this record, Rolex Oysters were also on his wrist, making him the first brand spokesperson for Rolex in motorsports.
    First Daytona Endurance Champion Dan Gurney
       In 1962, Dan Gurney won the first Continental Daytona race (which was later renamed the ‘Rolex Daytona 24 Hours’), but the time to complete this wonderful victory was in history slowest. Dan Gurney maintained the lead throughout the race, but unexpectedly the engine failed 1 minute 40 seconds when the end point was close to him. He stopped the car, looked at his watch, determined the time remaining, released his hand, and rushed. Cross the finish line and win the crown.

       Five years later, in 1967, the legendary driver also won awards in Formula 1, sports cars, NASCAR and IndyCars, bringing a great tradition to the racing world. He won the ‘Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance’ After the race, the drunk driver took the champagne in his hand and sprayed it on all the people in the stands. Record this wonderful moment forever in the photos, you can see that Gurney is wearing a Rolex Datejust watch. Dan Gurney returned to Daytona in 2008 as Chief Commander of the Rolex Daytona 24 Hours and issued a commander to indicate the start of the event.
    All-around champion Vic Erfurt

       Vic Elford from the United Kingdom entered the car scene from the 1960s to the 1970s, becoming one of the fastest and most accomplished all-round legendary drivers. In 1968, he won the Rolex Daytona 24 Hours and was awarded a cosmograph Daytona watch, which was presented to the champion. For him, it was a fruitful year: he won the MonteCarlo Rally a few weeks ago, and one month after the Daytona event, he was in Sebring Won the runner-up. In May, she won the Targa Florio endurance race in Sicily. Two weeks later, he won the Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres in Germany. He won his first prize in the French Formula 1 Grand Prix. In the 1972 “24-hour Le Mans Endurance Race”, he parked to help a driver who had a serious accident and was awarded the Chevalier de l’ Ordre National Mérite by the French President. This distinguished driver was nicknamed ‘Quick Vic’ by other drivers and was the chief conductor of the 2010 Rolex Daytona 24 Hours.
    Racing ace Sir Jack Stewart

       Born in Scotland in 1939, Sir Jackie Stewart is definitely a prime example of modern motorsport. With brilliant achievements, he has become one of the most praised Formula One drivers in nearly 40 years. He is committed to promoting safe driving, revolutionizing the face of motorsport, and has earned a high reputation in the media as a sportsman. Sir Jack Stewart has participated in the 99 Formula One Grand Prix, winning 27 of them, winning three World Championship titles (1969, 1971 and 1973) and 43 times on the podium. He has been the face of the Rolex brand since 1968. In commendation for his extraordinary career, he was appointed the commander of the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Daytona 24 Hours in 2012.
    Hurley Haywood, winner of the most Daytona races

       Hurley Haywood has won five ‘Rolex Daytona 24 Hours’, three ‘Le Mans 24 Hours’ and two ’12 Hours of Sebring’ ), Is considered one of the most outstanding endurance racers. Hurley Haywood won the Daytona Championship for the first time in 1973, and is also the champion driver who won the most Daytona events. His famous saying is: ‘If you have a little energy left, it means that you are not fully (If you have one ounce of energy left, then youhaven’t done your job properly.) In 1977, he achieved amazing results in Daytona, and when two teammates refused to play at night, he was sleepless Drive for eight hours without a break, and finally win. A few months later, he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, becoming the first legendary driver to win a double championship.
       For Haywood, Daytona is the most difficult event of the three famous endurance races, mainly due to the long night of January and the relatively short track where three distinct race levels are held simultaneously. Vehicles Numerous. In 2012, the 64-year-old Hurley Haywood made the perfect end to his racing career-participating in the 50th anniversary of the ‘Rolex Daytona 24 Hours’, and this is his 40th time. In 2013, when he was the chief conductor of the Daytona event, he wore a cosmograph Daytona watch on his wrist.
       The ‘Rolex Daytona 24 Hours’ is hailed as one of the world’s most prestigious endurance races. The race is held at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida. Nearly twelve hours are night. This is the only event of its kind in North America, attracting tens of thousands of enthusiastic spectators. The world’s top drivers gather here to strive for victory and compete for the legendary trophy of the “Rolex Daytona 24 Hours Endurance Race”-Cosmograph Daytona. Rolex has worked with the Daytona International Circuit since 1959 and has been the title sponsor of the event since 1992.
    Rigorous test of endurance Le Mans 24-hour endurance race


      Founded in 1923, the Le Mans 24 Hours is one of the oldest and most prestigious car races. This event not only rigorously tests the ruggedness and reliability of the machinery, but also challenges the physical and mental performance of the drivers, and often attracts the stars of the racing world. On a 13.6 km track, each team of three drivers drove about 60 cars to compete in two groups of prototype cars and two sets of GT cars. The team with the longest distance (approximately 5,300 kilometers) of Mercedes within 24 hours can win. Rolex has been the designated timepiece for the event since 2001.

    Wymeen’s past glory days

       Goodwood Revival is a three-day racing festival held in September every year. It is also the world’s most popular racing event. It is also the only event in Britain that celebrates the golden years of racing in the 1950s to 1960s. Years of antique cars, legendary riders, music and clothing reappear. Before retiring, Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit joined Silverstone as one of Britain’s top racing circuits. The tightly-packed race started at this racing festival, regaining the glory days of the track. Since 2004, Rolex has partnered with the Goodwood Vintage Racing Club.
    Endurance record holder Tom Christensen

       The Danish driver won the Le Mans 24 Hours nine times between 1997 and 2013, including six consecutive championships from 2000 to 2005, and is the world’s oldest and most prestigious One of the most championships in car endurance races. Known as ‘Mr. Le Mans’, Tom Kristensen is an outstanding figure in sports. He has also won the Sebring 12-Hour Endurance Race six times. This race is held annually in Florida. He has been a Rolex brand ambassador since 2010 and is also the world champion of the 2013 endurance race and the general conductor of the 2016 Rolex Daytona 24 Hours.
       Tom Kristensen said: ‘Motorsports is the ultimate in mechanical performance through improvements and technology. Anyone who loves it should also love mechanical watches. If anyone in the racing world wants a watch, they must Choose Rolex Cosmograph Daytona … Every driver who strives for upstream respects and understands the long history and lofty status of Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, and hopes to win his own Rolex Daytona watch . ‘
    Formula One


       Rolex’s global partner and designated timepieces for Rolex Formula One Rolex has become a major partner of Formula 1® and designated timepieces since 2013, further demonstrating the brand’s commitment to supporting top motorsport. This partnership takes this opportunity to allow two industry giants to work together, both of which strive for outstanding performance, precision, excellence and continuous innovation. Rolex hopes to use this cooperation to demonstrate the brand’s attention and support for sponsored activities, which have unique symbolic values ​​and can evoke a global response.
    New Daytona champion Scott Prut

       Scott Pruett equaled Hurley Haywood for the fifth time in the 2013 “Rolex Daytona 24 Hours”, maintaining a record of more than 20 years and a history of racing Open a new page. Each time he wins, he wins a cosmograph Daytona watch with the date, race logo and fascinating words: ‘Winner’ on the case back. When it comes to this legendary prize that all drivers dream of, he says, ‘Everything is all about this watch.’
       For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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    Journey Companion Tasting Radar Haoxing Series New Watch

    2013 Baselworld, radar introduced a number of new watch, watch high-tech ceramic materials naturally attracted the attention of many people, in addition to traditional ceramic materials as a selling point to watch In the new watch launched this time, it also focuses on practical functions. For example, this Hao Xing series UTC two time watches can display the time in two different time zones at the same time, making it the best celebrity. travel companion. Official model: 642.0165.3.010

       Only a few items are indispensable to all travelers, and a precision watch is one of them. Time to keep abreast of your destination and home to know when convenient to call friends, family and business contacts, which is not disturbing their sleep. With the new radar Haoting series UTC two time watches, you will no longer have to worry about it.

       The new radar HyperChrome Opteron series UTC Dual Time watch model that can display time of two time zones, would have been the best travel companion, allowing you to keep track of two hours, with some pleasant travel experience.

       The elongated silver hour and hour markers have a sense of strength in the slenderness, which is particularly clear against the black dial. The scale and pointer tips are covered with a luminous coating (Super-LumiNova®), which can also look like at night It is easy to read the time during the day.

       The sapphire second time zone hand is very eye-catching, ensuring that the time can be easily read even with a quick glance at the dial.

       The case is made of high-tech ceramics, ensuring the lightness, wear resistance and comfort of the watch, all of which can bring a pleasant travel experience. The case is treated with a special plasma and does not contain any metal components but displays a metallic color.

       The strap of the watch is a three-row plasma-treated high-tech ceramic section, and the middle row section displays the charming metal color.

       Three titanium folding clasp, with Ceramos ™ switch, to ensure that the watch wearing comfort and convenience.

       Internal watch equipped with 11 ½ ETA 2893-2 self-winding movement, with 42 hours power reserve. Through the sapphire crystal on the case back, the internal movement and the black automatic hammer with the radar logo can be clearly seen.

    Summary: This new radar HyperChrome series UTC dual time watch has the advantages of a radar watch that is always lightweight and not easy to wear, and is equipped with practical functions of the two places. Both are good choices. The watch was recently launched this year. The official model is 642.0165.3.010, the reference price is 27,400 yuan, and other dial colors and strap material styles are available. (Watch House Photo / Text VIVIAN)
    More watch details: rado / 30715 /

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    Casio Launches New Solar Watch Oceanus Ocw-p500

    Key functions:

    ‧ & quot; Sperm Whale & quot; The concept of the Cachalot series solar radio wave watch OCW-P500, equipped with five rounds of reception, and the waterproof performance is improved to 20 atmospheric pressure.
    ‧ Automatically or manually receive the world’s five radio stations (including five standard signals from Japan, North America, and Europe), perform decoding time synchronization, and automatically correct the time difference. According to Asia, North America, and Europe, 27 cities (29 time zones) The time is automatically set, and it is also equipped with the summer time setting function, which can be integrated into the local time anytime, anywhere.
    ‧ OCW-P500 is also equipped with a large-capacity solar charging system
    ‧ The waterproof case of OCEANUS Cachalot OCW-P500 has been skid polished
    ‧ The double-layered structure of the dial and the outer ring of the dial, which prevents the double-rotation of the reverse rotation, and the easily recognizable large hour and minute hands
    ‧ A total of two black and gray surface designs are available. OCW-P500TDJ-1A1 is a subtle and restrained black; OCW-P500TDJ-1A2 is a layer of gray that highlights the noble taste of elegant monarch

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    This Moment Creates The Next Moment. The Tissot Speeding Nba Team Watch Lights Up The Beijing Summer Night

    [August 12, Beijing News] On August 12, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand and the official designated timer partner of the NBA (American Professional Basketball League) Tissot watch grandly released the speeding series NBA in Beijing. The team’s special watch, using logos, color matching and other team elements to create a unique trend of sports items, at the moment of raising a shot to declare the basketball beliefs and sports style on the wrist. Mr. Zhang Mingen, the brand’s best friend, also witnessed this wonderful moment, lighting up the summer night in Beijing with trendy sports timepieces. On the same day, the NBA 5V5 series started in Beijing, and the NBA Hornets star Kemba Walker appeared at the Dongdan Sunset Stadium in surprise, helping the Tissot ‘Match Time’ challenge. Taking this as an opportunity, Tissot started a grand trend party and continued the passion of the stadium.

    Figure 1: Tissot releases a special edition of the Speedometer NBA team watch
    At this moment

     At this grand launch party, the Tissot watch will make the most of the current trend culture, building a basketball court in the street-style workhouse Playhouse. The retro-styled street scene is restored with the industrial-style steel iron sheet. Tissot watches organically fuses the two major genes of movement and fashion in its brand DNA in every corner.

    Figure 2-3: Event venues with unique trends
     The video highlights of Tissot watches and various sports ignited the opening moment, and then the close friend of the Tissot watch brand and the new-generation actor Mr. Zhang Mingen appeared in surprise, and the guests present witnessed the release time of the special watch of the Tissot speed running NBA team. , And participated in the fun basketball interactive and lottery links, which once again warmed up the venue. With his outstanding acting skills in ‘Sand Sea’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Old Nine Gates’, Zhang Mingen quickly attracted a lot of attention. He is also a loyal fan of basketball. He also showed his ball skills on the scene and guests. We played together. The passionate collision between basketball and Tissot watch, this summer night splattered with extremely hot sparks.

    Picture 4: Zhang Mingen wears a Tissot Speeder Lakers special watch

    Figure 5: Zhang Mingen participated in live basketball interaction

    Figure 6: Street basketball performance ignites the release site

     The brilliance is projected on the tough black frosted dial of the Tissot Su Chi watch through the sapphire glass, creating a new interpretation of Tissot’s sports trend with dazzling visual effects. At this moment, in the gathering place of Beijing’s trend, against the background of the party’s sound and light, Tissot watch officially released the new Speedway series NBA team special models.

    Figure 7-10: A new interpretation of sports trends-Tissot Speed
     This is not only a precise and reliable sports chronograph, but also not only a trendy item popular in the street stadiums and pedestrian streets, but also a Tissot watch for NBA fans. If you like the legend of the Los Angeles Lakers that continues to this day, you will see the pure purple color in the background of the strap and the line; if you like the crazyness of the Golden State Warriors at the moment of lore, the 45mm large watch diameter is as wide as water The basket in the eyes of brothers; if you like the unity of the Holy City Spurs as always, the black and white classic color of the hands is tailored for you; if you still like the Cleveland Cavaliers, the C-line logo on the dial is a timeless memorial . All the details and design elements of the Tissot Speeding NBA team watch are based on the team and sport you love. On this watch, Tissot upholds the sincere ingenuity of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’, and paints the purity of faith with modern trend brushes.

    Figure 11: Tissot-specific NBA team watch
    At this moment, the lore wins.

     Before the night came, Dongdan Sunset Stadium also staged a series of wonderful basketball matchups. Urban style NBA
    The 5V5 game is coming again this summer. As an official NBA timer partner, Tissot watches has launched the “Tissot Lore Moment” challenge, recruiting many friends who love basketball from online platforms. A series of rich, interesting and competitive activities such as high- and fingertip basketball will bring NBA games to the fans. The folk masters on the sunset court have appeared one after another. In the 24-second shooting game, the compact and highlight-like precise shots have been made again and again, making the challenge as fierce as the professional basketball league.


     Figure 12-14: Tissot Basketball World at Dongdan Sunset Stadium

     NBA Hornets star Kemba Walker appeared in Dongdan, becoming the biggest surprise in the ‘Tissot Moment’ challenge. He brought to Beijing the full dominance demonstrated in the NBA game, inspiring all the friends who loved basketball. At the moment when the championship player hit the ball and the basketball entered the net, the passion on the court erupted in an instant. After the game, Walker took a group photo with the participating players, and personally presented the Tissot PR100 series watch as a prize for the championship lore, representing Tissot’s tribute to basketball and a firm commitment to precise timing.

    Figure 15: ‘Tissot Lore Moment’ Challenge Staged with Passion

    Figure 16: NBA star Kemba Walker presents ‘Tissot Moment’ player awards

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    Panerai Diving Watches, A Must For Professional Diving Enthusiasts

    According to half a century ago, Panerai developed a professional diving watch for the Egyptian navy general. It is unknown that this metal, bronze, has been inseparable from diving since ancient times.
    Panerai’s completely self-produced automatic movement P9000
    Panerai’s completely self-produced automatic movement P9000
    Diameter: 133/4 legal minutes
    Thickness: 7.9 mm
    Number of gems: 28 stones
    Swing frequency: 28,800 times / hour
    Power reserve: 3 days
    Balance: Glucydur® balance
    Suspension: Incabloc® anti-vibration
    Double barrel
    Number of parts: 197
    Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, dive time calculation
    Case: diameter 47 mm, matte bronze case
    Bezel: Frosted bronze bezel with polished edges, one-way rotation counterclockwise, with calculated diving time scale and fixed pawl in minutes
    Case back: Clear sapphire crystal with matte titanium outer ring
    Crown Guard: Frosted Bronze (Paner Patent)
    Dial: green dial, luminous hours, date display at 3 o’clock, small seconds dial at 9 o’clock
    Mirror: Sapphire crystal made of emery, 4 mm thick with anti-reflective coating
    Water resistance: 30 bar (~ 300 meters)
    Strap: Leather strap with PANERAI logo, large frosted titanium buckle, stainless steel screwdriver and spare strap
    Model: PAM00382

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    It’s A Rare Treasure. Those High-end Custom Watches Unique In History

    A few centuries ago, under the technological conditions at that time, mass production of watches and clocks can be said to be an impossible task, so most watches and clocks can be considered unique and very strong. Private. Today’s Watch House introduces you to several historically unique haute couture watches.
    Blancpain Ladies Watch

       In the 1950s, the new women’s watch series launched by Blancpain Customi once again sparked women’s pursuit of customized services. At that time, small watches were popular all over the world, and Blancpain’s watchmaking artisans exerted their skill level, and in 1956 produced the world’s lightest and most compact round watch at that time-Lady Bird series
    Bird), as soon as this bird came out, its crisp sounds attracted the attention of a lot of spotlights. Since 1957, we can find this in Blancpain’s customized products for ladies from all over the world. The trail of the watch.

       Also in 1957, after a specially designed ladybird watch, it also flew on a generation of legendary films-GretaGarbo
    On the wrist, although the workmanship of these watches is exquisite, the case decorated with a lot of gemstones also reflects the superb production standards. But the watch’s temperament did not give people a little sense of kitsch. It fits into Garbo’s ethereal and thin mind, and even today, although the ladybird series has slowly been sealed in the historical archives However, it is still good for Blancpain to provide customers with customized services of various watches: as big as the well-known Spring Palace Minute Repeater Watch, as small as the engraving or signature on the movement frame, the complicated design is enough to make every Blancpain Customers can become the source of creativity for designers.
    Breguet Queen Naples mechanical watch

       This is a story that has been around for a long time: as early as the end of the 18th century, the legendary giant of the watchmaking industry, Mr. Breguet, received an order from the Guardian of Queen Marie Antoinette of France: Customize all the details Wherever possible, it was made of gold, a pocket watch with all the complexities of the time. Because there was no requirement for the production time of this watch, and the technology of the watch was too strict, this watch was not completed until 1827. At this time, both Queen Mary and Master Breguet have already told others It must be said that it is a bit of regret left in history.

       In addition to this legendary work, the birth of the world’s first watch was also born of custom demand: in 1810, Mr. Breguet should be Napoleon’s sister, Queen Caroline Mula
    According to her request, she designed a female clock with a bracelet as the basic shape, which combines the decorative effect of the bracelet and the timekeeping function of the clock. It is such a very individual creative idea, which has made a broader path for the development of the watch industry, and has brought tremendous influence. To commemorate this event, Breguet named its most famous women’s watch series-Reinede with ‘Queen of Naples’.
    Naples. Until now, this series of watches is still leading Breguet’s women’s watches, occupying a large share of Breguet’s product sales.
       Today, Breguet watches are also known for their simplicity and elegance. In addition to Queen Mary, there are other world history celebrities such as King Louis XVI, Queen Victoria, British Prime Minister Churchill, William I of Prussia, and even US Secretary of State Dulles. Although they are not in the same period, they all have one Contact, that is, the love of Breguet watches.

       Since 1931
    From the moment the iconic reversible case of the Reverso series was designed, the advantage of this watch in customized services seemed to have been laid. Why do ordinary watches have such advantages, the pattern text on the case back can be easily displayed in front of others. The thoughts that everyone wants to convey, the relationships they desire to express, and even their own perception of aesthetics, can be vividly expressed through the patterns engraved on the back of the Reverso series. Regardless of whether the customized service required by the customer is cumbersome or concise; portrait or text, Jaeger-LeCoultre can translate these requirements into reality and make this individualistic pattern full of artistic sense.

       Generally speaking, the grain patterns of watches designed for individuals are usually simply carved on the back of the watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre, who is determined to expand custom services, is now more innovative. The colored patterns and even the enamel patterns can show the back of Reverso. More eye-catching charm. In addition, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s inlaying workshop is more able to satisfy women’s passion for jewelry. The enviable patterns made by dazzling jewellery, whether it is the first letter of the last name, the symbol, or the lucky number Imprints can make your Reverso watch a precious souvenir.
       Today, the advanced customization functions of watches are often fresh items that most watch fans have never heard of. In the customization service, customers need to participate in a series of previous selections of customized watches: from color to material, from function to Every additional choice in style signifies the increasing unusualness of this custom watch.

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    Hermes Carré H Watch Tasting

    Hermes has launched the CarréH watch since 2010, a square watch designed by Marc Berthier. It has a very modern style and has been carefully designed to achieve clear reading characteristics at a glance.

    Watch body real shot

    Dial details
       The designer has increased the square case by a few millimeters, and polished and fine-grained sandblasted the stainless steel case. The guilloché dial has a right-angled pattern, plus personalized hands and a bright white scale for easy time reading. . The light and shadow effect is perfect, showing the smooth lines of the watch in harmony, the four rounded squares, the concave contour of the case, and the cylindrical mirror. Unique digital scale with ‘0’ in front of the number adds a new aesthetic balance to the watch.

    Lug connection details

    Stainless steel case
       Polished fine-grain sandblasted 36L stainless steel case with 38mm diameter case and 21mm inner lug spacing. The metal material is delicate and tough, rich in quality, and the connection at the lugs is also very natural and natural.

    Watch case back display

    Table details display

       Hermès H1912 movement, self-winding movement, Swiss-made, made from 193 parts and 28 rubies, swings 28,800 times per hour, and has a 50-hour power reserve. The bottom plate is decorated with pearl pattern and vortex sanding, and the splint and oscillating weight are satin-finished and decorated with Hermes-specific H-shaped texture.

    Leather strap

    Stainless steel pin buckle
       The black Barénia calf leather strap is soft and comfortable to wear. The classic black complements the black background of the dial. It is fashionable and versatile. The particle-blasted 316L stainless steel pin buckle is delicate and delicate.

    For more information on the latest Geneva watchmaking salons in 2018, please follow the watch house live feature:

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    Sport Lines Tudor Extreme Series 2015 All-steel Watch

    The lines of movement are the most beautiful lines, such as the beautiful vest lines, both men and women are fascinated, and the watch also has the fascinating beauty of lines. At the Baselworld 2015, Tudor launched its brand-new watch series, matte case with matte finish, sandblasted details perfectly show the watch’s sports style, elegant line design The watch is beautified to the extreme. Today I will introduce this Tudor Extreme Series watch, the official model of the watch is: 91210N.

     The design of the Tudor Signature Series watch was inspired by the adventurous spirit of the expedition members of Greenland in northern Britain. From 1952 to 1954, they experienced the hardest living environment on the planet and broke the world’s lowest temperature record. At that time, they were wearing the Tudor watch. , The new unique watch inherits the challenge to the limit, maintains the excellent performance of the watch, and guarantees the watch to move accurately under extreme circumstances.

    Elegant line beauty

    Frosted case

     The first big impression of the watch is the aesthetics of the design. The matte case and bracelet, the stainless steel case and the solid frosted steel chain strap, are perfectly combined. The middle case of the watch is sharp and sharp, and fully polished. , Another aspect of the design is the top of the watch, the curved design does not seem too tough.

    Self-produced movement

    MT5621 automatic winding movement

     This watch is equipped with Tudor’s self-developed MT5621 self-winding movement. Through Tudor’s rare transparent bottom design, the precise movement inside the movement is clearly visible. This movement provides 70 hours of power reserve when fully wound. It uses a silicon balance spring to stabilize the balance wheel. Both sides of the balance wheel are fixed by horizontal plates. In addition, the shock absorber is shockproof and anti-collision. This movement has obtained the Swiss Precision Hour Hand Test Center. (COSC) certification.

    40 mm diameter
     The watch uses a 40 mm diameter design, stainless steel case and bracelet. The pure black dial is also matte. The white luminous hour and minute hands and the yellow second hand are matched with large luminous hour markers. The black dial is clear and clear, even on dark nights. Can also read time accurately.

    Stainless steel bracelet
       The watch is paired with a stainless steel bracelet, and through brushing, even small scratches appear in the future. The integrated bracelet design conforms to the results of ergonomics and smooth line design. It is equipped with Tudor discounts and safety buckles, and the TUDOR logo is engraved on the buckle.

    Power reserve display

     The watch has a jump date display window at 3 o’clock. It should be noted that the edges of the date display window are also frosted. This detailed design can better reflect the spirit of a brand. There is a power reserve display function, which is undoubtedly one of the practical functions of the watch.

    Glamorous motion line beauty

    Summary: As a full-fledged sports watch, it is undoubtedly qualified. The elegant sports lines and frosted case and bracelet match together, and the overall illusion of a tough and soft beauty is presented. The watch is equipped with the self-produced MT5621 movement produced by Tudor, which is also a highlight of this watch. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 25,000 yuan, which is very worthwhile for this Tudor watch.

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    Zenith El Primero Series Reappearance Masterpiece

    ZENITH’s latest 410 model watch will surely inspire the majority of watch collectors. This prestigious movement was born in 1969 and is another masterpiece of the legendary El primero series. It not only has the most accurate automatic timing function in the world, but also deliberately adds a three-calendar display and moon phase display. Time goes by, the classics last. This new watch combines tradition with modernity. It is equipped with a dial display that is loyal to historical models, and has a unique modern case design.

     In 1969, when humans landed on the moon for the first time, a small step of one person symbolized a big step for all human beings. In the same year, ZENITH also took an unprecedented step in the field of watches. After seven years of intensive research, ZENITH Watch Factory officially launched the first integrated automatic chronograph in the history with both a date display and scale marks. In addition to this breathtaking and innovative design, this watch also has outstanding precision performance. Its movement has a high vibration frequency of 36,000 beats per hour, which is equivalent to an accuracy of one tenth of a second. Since its founding in 1865, the Zenith watch factory has relied on the bold and innovative spirit to pioneer and move forward. Today, the brand has more than 300 patented designs. However, the ZENITH watch factory did not stop there. It tried to challenge the limits of the art of the watch, embed the three calendar display and moon phase display function into the movement, and turned it into a well-known masterpiece.

     Was the name of this movement also born in 1969? ZENITH’s famous El primero chronograph movement was born in 1969 and was then called El primero 3019 PHF. It was later renamed 410. Because it is too classic, the legend will not leave the stage of history. After decades of evolution, its identity is no longer as simple as a movement. It has become a watch and has its own name, El primero. 410. The dial layout of this watch is exactly the same as the chronograph movement of the year, but there are also new features in it, such as full calendar display and moon phase. The date is still at 4:30, the two new date and month windows appear very low-key at 10:00 and 2:00, and the moon phase is in the 12-hour cumulative disk below the face plate. The practicability has improved and the display has increased, but the appearance of traditional chronographs remains the same, which is quite rare. This movement is equipped with a column wheel and has a 50-hour power reserve. Like other El primero movements of the Zenith watch, it is a brand’s iconic work. Until 2000, the 410 movement has withstood the test of time, with its precise and reliable performance, it has confirmed its outstanding quality. In 2013, ZENITH remade this movement into a limited edition of 500 watches, and equipped it with a bright charcoal gray dial.

                ZENITH El primero 410 Full Calendar Moon Phase Chronograph (Limited 500)

    From the 1970s to the 21st century

     Half a century after its introduction, the El primero410 movement has undergone several evolutions, leading to a brand new model named after it. Today, this new masterpiece will also be a member of the legendary El primero collection. This silver dial watch launched this year references the functional layout design of the original model, each detail is filled with a strong 70s style. The day of the week and month displays are at 10 and 2 o’clock, while the date display is always at 4:30. The moon phase function is located at 6 o’clock. The uniquely shaped display window clearly shows the evolution of the celestial body, and two circular slices cleverly reproduce the dark side of the moon. It will be very easy to show the changes of the moon’s various phases (first quarter moon, full moon, second quarter moon, new moon) through the display window. The wheel with two lunar surfaces is connected to a 59-tooth gear, which is exactly the same as the two lunar periods (2×29.5 days). This watch is a reinterpretation of the moon’s gloom and weakness through this sophisticated and poetic way.

     El primero 410 movement, while recreating the classic style, is also equipped with rare complications. ZENITH uses a clever technique that not only retains the original quality of the iconic works of the last century, but also injects modernity into it, making this watch a truly unique treasure. The 42-mm stainless steel case has a smooth arc-shaped circle. The perfect combination of polished and frosted details design complements each other and highlights modern features. The round stopwatch buttons add a novel finishing touch to the look, while the snail-shaped chronograph dial contrasts with the silver sun dial. The cream-colored flange surrounds the scale marks, and the rhodium-plated hands rotate low-key on the dial to make the reading more clear. The tail of the pure blue chronograph seconds hand is also embellished with a small star ZENITH, which is a symbol of the brand’s distinguished quality and precision chronograph technology. The El primero 410 watch consists of a total of 390 fine parts. The transparent sapphire crystal case back provides a glimpse of this fascinating mechanical combination. This one-of-a-kind treasure is truly the best expression of ZENITH’s bold innovation spirit. There is nothing more fun than wearing the symbol of time on your wrist?

                  ZENITH El primero 410 Full Calendar Moon Phase Chronograph Watch

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    Casio Radio Watch Ocw-s1250tc Elegant Taste

    As the top work of solar radio watch-OCEANUS series, created a brand image of perfect fusion of elegance and technology. The OCW-S1250TC, which debuted at the Basel Watch Fair in March this year as a theme model, not only contains the three core technologies of CASIO, but also is equipped with an ultra-miniature, low-power 5-motor independent drive system. The elegant design without losing the three-dimensional, showing the outstanding taste.

    Porcelain bezel technology
    This time, the new Casio applies the porcelain bezel technology for the first time. It not only has the smooth mirror beauty of porcelain itself, but also uses the physical characteristics of porcelain material to enhance the hardness and make it difficult to scratch. CASIO watches continue to pursue the consistent philosophy of aesthetics and performance.
    6 stations radio wave reception
    As one of the three core technologies unique to Casio watches, it has the function of receiving 6 waves. It can receive standard time from many parts of the world, can receive different frequency radio signals of all 6 base stations around the world with high sensitivity, and automatically correct the time.
    Solar drive system
    The and powerful solar drive system can absorb sunlight through the built-in solar panel, even a small fluorescent light source can absorb it. The electric board converts the absorbed light source into electrical energy and stores it in a solar battery in the watch to ensure the operation of various functions of the watch. And you do n’t need to worry about the battery life, it can run for two years on a full charge, and there is no need to replace the battery. The environmental protection concept that Casio has always advocated is evident.
    Tough movement
    In addition, the tough movement of the OCW-S1250TC has an impact resistance structure that can effectively prevent ‘gear damage’, ‘deformation of the movement’, and ‘hand misalignment’ of the watch movement due to external impact such as dropping. Etc., to improve the strength and ensure the correct display of the pointer models.
    Ultra-miniature, low-energy 5 motor drive system
    In addition to the three core technologies of the Casio watch, the OCW-S1250TC also has an ultra-miniature, low-energy, independent 5-motor drive system. Each of the five motors performs its role, independently drives and operates, ensuring the precise operation of the various functions of the watch. . Low energy consumption reduces power consumption, and energy saving and environmental protection are evident.
    CASIO OCEANUS has never revealed its handsome style, increasingly challenging the extreme thinness and difficult to cover the sharp precision workmanship, has been favored by more and more successful men. At the same time, Casio watches are also actively participating in the cooperation of different sports events around the world. This time OCEANUS will fully support the world’s largest and oldest TranspaccificYachtRace sailing competition, becoming the official designated time for this event.