Jeanrichard Shangweisha Launches Aquascope Marine

Jeanrichard launched the fashionable Aquascope Marine series this summer, paying tribute to the historic model of diving watches developed in the 1960s: blue dial with pure white strap It makes people fascinated with the maritime world, especially the seashore. This exquisite watch not only presents a stylish sporty style, but also shows the adventurous spirit of the brand concept.

The Aquascope Marine watch, with its ‘barrel’ circular appearance, perfectly embodies the strong aesthetics of the 1960s. The non-traditional geometric appearance is both elegant and stylish. Inspired by the historical model’s size ratio and perfect design, Jeanrichard has injected fresh vitality and stylish touch into its new products, especially in the streamlined case.

The brand retains the original overall case design, protects the two crowns from damage by its edges, and designs distinctive cutouts on both sides of the watch to make it more ergonomic. The zigzag patterned calfskin leather strap brings us back to the design elements of classic watches.
Original source: Jeanrichard
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