Jacques Dro Presents Hour And Minute Dial Mosaic Elephant Watch

Jacques Dro brings the traditional Asian eggshell inlay art to the Swiss world of fine watchmaking and presents the Petite Heure Minute Mosaic Elephant watch. The small hour-dial surface is the perfect stage for Jacques de Loire’s interpretation of innovation and artistic expression. Between the elephants’ paced rice fields that symbolize wisdom and strength, miniature mosaics are picturesque. This new masterpiece of the Ateliers d’ Art series represents an artistic challenge. Acura is purely poetic and invites us to swim freely.

   Jacques Dro found this art when he was traveling to Vietnam. The locals used duck eggshells to mosaic unique patterns with amazing craftsmanship. This technology has never been used in watchmaking before. For the brand’s artisans, the real challenge is to miniaturize the pattern and decorate it on the small hour dial. Jacques Dross craftsmen use quail eggshells to focus on creating themed motifs. The egg shells are tiny and fragile. They are sorted according to color, shape and purity, and total more than 2,000 pieces. Before being embedded on the red and gold plate, the curve and color of each egg shell must be carefully considered separately.

   The eggshell pattern is also coated with a transparent lacquer layer and polished to give perfect consistency and amazing visual depth. The entire process took nearly 200 hours. Against the backdrop of the black onyx minute dial and red gold bezel, the beauty of the elephant’s rice paddy pattern is more vivid. Jacques Dro hour and minute dial Mosaic Elephant watch is 43 mm in diameter, equipped with a double barrel automatic winding movement, equipped with 22K red gold rotor, limited to 8 pieces worldwide. This masterpiece of art is a perfect portrayal of Jacques Dro’s extraordinary creative and free spirit.