Glashütte Original Eccentric Movement Inverted Watch Limited Edition Hand-engraved Appreciation Concluding Reward

On August 3, 2019, Glashütte Original German Glashütte Original ‘Spiritual Self-Inner Beauty’ Eccentric Movement Inverted Watch Limited Edition Hand-Engraved Appreciation Appreciation Ceremony officially opened, and it was launched in the middle of the month A happy ending. Glashütte Original invites industry professionals and watch enthusiasts to experience unique handmade engraving at brand boutiques in Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, taste new watches, and enjoy superb watchmaking skills and excellence An extraordinary timepiece, exploring a beautiful and powerful inner world.

Excellent craftsmanship, detail first

 Whether it is a harmonious overall design, finely polished movement components, or superb hand-carved, the beauty is always the original and eternal pursuit of Glashütte, and it is fully reflected in every detail.

Glashütte Original Carving Master Gisela Verbeek

 At the event, Gisela Verbeek, an original sculptor from Glashütte, Germany, showed the guests a stunning and sophisticated sculpting technique. At the same time, they worked hard to ensure that the function of the components was not affected, and only carved and decorated the movement splint by hand. At the same time, everyone was invited to experience it. It is extremely difficult to carry out fine engraving on the square dial. Adhering to the tradition of Glashütte, the perfect fusion of art and craftsmanship has resulted in the creation of a truly handmade masterpiece, which is unique.

Glashütte’s original sculptors show live carving skills

Glashütte Original Carving Works

Ingenuity, inspiration

 Glashütte’s original watchmakers are particularly good at combining traditional craftsmanship with unique inspiration, and have accumulated very rich and valuable experience in this area. The advent of the eccentric movement inverted watch is the inspiration for the brand watchmaker to embrace challenges and outstanding creativity-allowing watch wearers to easily grasp the time while enjoying the unparalleled beauty of the movement.

Glashütte Original PanoInverse Eccentric Movement Inverted Watch

 The new limited edition of the PanoInverseLimitedEdition calibre inverted watch shows this eclecticism again, showing the inner beauty of the timepiece in a new way, and presenting the carefully crafted ‘Butterfly Bridge’ and its core position again. Regularly oscillating screw balance. The Calibre66-08 manual winding movement independently manufactured by the brand uses a novel and original upside-down installation method, and the bottom splint is skillfully carved to make the balance splint ‘float’ in the movement.

Glashütte Original PanoInverseLimitedEdition Eccentric Movement Inverted Watch Limited Edition

 The distinctive three-quarter splint, usually found on the back of the movement and visible only through the sapphire case back, is also displayed on this limited edition model. Gold sleeves, ruby ​​bearings, blue steel screws, and gold-plated engraving all make the look even more distinctive. On the surface treated with rhodium plating, the cornflower pattern symbolizing ‘happiness, tenaciousness and vitality’ spreads vividly-not only on the upper balance plate, but also on the back of the movement. This highly pure and exquisite workmanship explains Glashütte’s original tradition. The inconsistent handwriting of the sculptor also makes each of the 25 watches limited to a unique work of art.

Glashütte Original PanoInverseLimitedEdition Eccentric Movement Inverted Watch Limited Edition

 Glashütte’s original combination of craftsmanship, function and inspiration has given each watch a new life, making it an incarnation of the aesthetics of German Haute Horlogerie, creating watch pieces from classics, constant innovation and timeless value.