Gao Mingjun Comes To Endorsement Of Emmy’s Watch, Showing Mature Man Charm

Amy is a young Swiss watch brand. Amy’s goal is to continue Switzerland’s long tradition of watchmaking and precision manual watchmaking! And since 2001, he has won many honors in the world’s famous watch magazines. Today, what is most appreciated in the evolution process is that Le Meridien still produces its own case in Saignelégier. Independent Swiss watch makers are currently rare. Le Meridien is one of them. Le Meridien has its own more than Forty years of assembly and case factory, and in 2006 began to set up its own complex movement factory to improve the quality monitoring and development of watches. It can be said to be unique in Swiss watch factories, and it is also one of the only brands in Swiss watch manufacturers with their own case production factories and movement assembly factories.

The name of the Swiss ‘Amy’ watch embodies decades of experience in making high-quality watches. Its glorious history began in 1961 when Zurich-based Desco Von Schulthess AG acquired a watch parts factory in the town of Saignelégier, Jurass, to produce exclusive brands for the domestic and overseas markets. In 1975, the first Le Méridien watch named ‘Maurice Lacroix’ was launched in Austria, and it laid the foundation for future success. The following year Le Méridien praised the Spanish market. Four years later, a Le Méridien sales center was also established in Germany. Twenty years after the first product was launched, in 1995, Le Méridien successfully opened the US market and established a global distribution network. In the autumn of 2001, Maurice Lacroix S.A., formerly a division of Desco Von Schulthess AG, was officially registered as an independent company. In 2002, Le Méridien opened a subsidiary in the UK to find an ideal base for the development of international business.
In 2006, Le Méridien introduced a highly anticipated special model-the Ingenious Series Asia Limited Alarm Clock, which inherits Le Méridien’s consistent simple and elegant case design, with a sun-like radiation pattern on the sterling silver panel. Unique and classic elegance, the AS1931 movement uses a lotus balance wheel, and the movement of the movement is to add a sound post on the back cover and hit the hammer to produce a crisp and pleasant sound. Remind the wearer that the set time is up. Watch collectors from all over Asia can also enjoy the beauty of Amy’s carefully polished and restructured sapphire crystal through the back cover made of sapphire crystal, and the beauty of the hammer when the hammer is struck. This conference is the debut of this watch in Asia.

At the same time, connoisseurs who like design and timepieces will be conquered by the new Bento series large calendar two-time timepieces: a round case with a diameter of 40 mm, a large window date display at 12 o’clock, and Second time zone at 6 o’clock. The movement is a manually modified automatic movement and is equipped with a transparent back cover. Just like the tradition of the Bentao series, the designers of Le Méridien watch factory emphasize their practical functions very much. All faceplates have been scaled and carefully designed in order to better fit their special case shapes. The entire watch exudes an innovative style, and presents a three-dimensional feeling: from the numbers, hands to the face plate, all show the right design sense. The new Bentao series of large windows and time wrists in two places once again show that Le Méridien has no restrictions on the development of new models, with unlimited possibilities.
Today, Le Meridien, with 220 employees worldwide, sells its products in approximately 3,700 designated high-end watch stores in more than 60 countries. It is one of the most successful Swiss watch brands in its country and internationally. Not only does she hold a leading position in the German mid-to-high-end watch market, but she is also extremely popular in the United States.
末 At the end of 1998, Amy officially opened up the Chinese market and set up its first retail store in Harbin. By 2000, its sales outlets had covered major cities in China, and its sales performance had increased by more than 50% per year. In 2001, Le Méridien signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Beijing Hengdeli Watch Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Shanghai Xinyu Watch & Clock Group) through its fraternal company Hong Kong Dachang Ocean Bank to develop in major cities in China. After 5 years of cooperation with Xinyu Group, Amy has successfully established 90 sales outlets in 30 major cities in China while maintaining a sales growth rate of 70% per year.
Shenyang, as the vanguard of the Northeast market, has four stores in Shenyang: Zhongxing Shenyang Commercial Building, Xinyu Watches Shenyang Qiulin Store, Xinyu Watches Shenyang Xinmart Store, Oriental Watch Co., Ltd. Shenyang Hengdeli Middle Street Store, the sales performance is very gratifying!