Fluoro Party

What do you think of urban hipsters? Is the modern lady’s office wearing fashionable patent leather high heels and spraying niche perfumes? Or a gentleman in a suit and leather at the negotiating table? In fact, the real hipsters don’t appear on the surface. The moment of self-release is their charm. In the daytime, they are the elites of vertical and horizontal games in high-rise buildings; at night, they become the dynamic elves of fluorescent parties, and they still shine!

Psychedelic electric sound storm, sweeping colorful carnival

   When the magical fluorescent color is strong and the sound waves are strong, a sudden storm of electric sound will lead you to the wanton carnival of the party night. With the strongest dynamic rhythm on the ground, the daytime urban elite transformed into a night elf, shaking with a fluorescent strap around his wrist. The notes seemed to take away all the annoyances, just want to feel the freedom of being completely released every second now.

Fluorescent night run check-in, give the city a bit of color

   Put on dynamic running shoes and The Swatch Vibe series fluorescent watch, and start the fluorescent night running punching journey of urban hipsters. In the dark night, the fluorescent wave spots on the wrist shine even more under the illumination of the modern urban blur lights. The colorful fluorescence beats with breathing, touching every nerve in the hair tip. Every corner of the city has left us footsteps and a cool attitude to life. Young, is to give this city a little look!
Hip hop graffiti, coloring the night


   For urban hipsters, the rules are used to break. Put on a large jacket, wear a black choker and bright fluorescent Swatch, and use creative colors in front of the abandoned factory wall. Express individuality and rebellion with capital letters and spray paint graffiti. Even if you are familiar with the worldly and smooth of the adult world, you will leave a sloppy and pure spiritual space on this wall, and meet the most true self.