Fiyta And Gao Yuanyuan Airborne Changchun Release The Heartstring Watch

In 2014, Gao Yuanyuan wore Fiyta to attend New York Fashion Week, and the dazzling light gained countless attention. On September 20, Fiyta came to Changchun with Gao Yuanyuan, the first stop of returning home, and held a heart-string series new product launch conference in Changchun Department Store with the theme of ‘Confident Woman, Touching Heart’.

  ‘Heartstring’ New York Heart Changchun
  During New York Fashion Week, Fiyta’s spokesperson Gao Yuanyuan wore a heart-string series watch and walked through the major brand shows, showing a confident and elegant image of a light mature woman, which became the focus of many media at home and abroad. Different styles of heart-string watches, accompanied by Gao Yuanyuan on the streets of New York, become ‘New Yorker’ and feel the spirit of free and warm, fashionable and romantic New York city. Gao Yuanyuan also personally visited the street landmarks of New York in the images and memories, and recorded the moving moments in New York with Fiyta watches.
  Since Gao Yuanyuan has been the spokesperson for the Fiyta brand, she has always shown herself with a confident and elegant image. This time, Gao Yuanyuan displayed the Xinxian watch in person at the Changchun New Product Launch Conference and interacted closely with the guests.

  Time is infinite and love is speechless
  At this press conference, Gao Yuanyuan participated in the design of the Charity Series Charity Special Watch, which attracted much attention. This watch, with a delicate and elegant mother-of-pearl dial, has a unique texture like human fingerprints; it has a noble texture and has been carefully selected and polished by the craftsman to achieve this cloud-like flow on the wrist. Yicai. In addition, the beautiful dial is silk-screened with a satin-like staff notation, which shows the feminine beauty from far to near. This staff is derived from Phoenix Light Feather, inspired by Chopin’s ‘Nocturne’ sheet music; the piano poet’s romantic temperament is given to the watch, and the wearer’s unique charm is given to the wearer.
  This charity special model, the bracelet is embedded in stainless steel with rose gold bands, and is set with 24 gorgeous zircons in six sections. The global limit is 999 pieces, and the sales proceeds will be donated to the ‘China Teacher Development Foundation’ to help poor teachers to work and live better and express their love without words.
  In addition to this charity special section, there are also unlimited styles of mellow ceramic chains, which are also the elegant choice of elegant women.
  Confident woman touching
  As early as 2011, Gao Yuanyuan signed Fiyta’s ‘Watch Discovery Tour’, and the idea of ​​putting his inspiration into watch design came into being. In 2012, Gao Yuanyuan drew a picture on her notebook—a pattern of phoenix feathers flying on the dial—on a journey, recording her mood and story at that time. It is the feelings in the journey that have made the inspiration at first glance.
  Fiyta applies the ‘Phoenix Light Feather’ to the design of the heartstring watch series, which shows the noble, strong, confident and elegant character of women. It is also a true portrayal of Gao Yuanyuan’s years of career in the entertainment industry. Fiyta abstracted this hand-drawn picture into an artistic element and transformed it into a delicate pattern on the dial.

  For confident women, those stories flowing in the seconds will become better with time. Fiyta’s ‘Heartstring’ series of ladies’ watches combine intelligence and elegance. They add the finishing touch to the wrist and are always touching.

  Women are not confident because they are beautiful, but beautiful because they are confident. Because of self-confidence, don’t care. Broad minded, regardless of gains and losses, your time is therefore relaxed and happy. For women in the new era, it is most important to know how to be their own master rather than a vassal of others. Do not rely on gorgeous, sparkling accessories to attract the attention of others, with a decent, connotative dress to show taste. Face every day with confidence and enjoy every moment of life. With its superb quality, Fiyta watches create time masterpieces for those confident and elegant women.
Fiyta Heart String Series
Model: LA8616.MWMH
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel
Dial: Natural Zircon Inlay
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Strap: stainless steel, rose gold-plated, white ceramic medium grain, zircon inlay
Diameter: 32mm
Waterproof: 5ATM

Fiyta Heart String Series
Model: LA8628.WBCH
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel
Dial: black, mother-of-pearl, calendar display
Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare sapphire glass
Strap: stainless steel, medium grain black ceramic, zircon inlay
Diameter: 32mm
Waterproof: 5ATM

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