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Roger Federer is one of the most outstanding tennis players in history. Not only has he won 18 Grand Slams, but he has also won the most championship titles in Wimbledon. hand. For Swiss-born Federer, tennis is not about breaking records. In the summer of 2009, his first twins were born, just as Federer successfully broke the 14 Grand Slam records originally held by Pete Sampras in Wimbledon, achieving his aspirations. The Rolex watch he wore that day reminded him of that meaningful summer.

Roger Federer is a well-known Swiss tennis player. He has set a total of 18 Grand Slam singles titles and ranked first in the world for 237 consecutive singles. He has been regarded as one of the greatest players in tennis before he retired.

‘What I care about most is not the record-breaking. The goals I have always set are very pragmatic, such as hoping to be ranked in the top 100 in the world, or even to be in the top 10, etc. Anyway, I will make every effort to pursue my dreams . ‘Federer said.
The turning point in Federer’s life was when he left his hometown at the age of fourteen to train at the Tennis Centre of the Swiss Tennis Association. The three years there were the most important moments in his life, witnessing his adulthood, and also trying to grasp the mental state he should have when facing stress. It takes six years for Federer to really play on the tennis court. During that period, he was defeated many times because of his failure to control his emotions. He took it for granted that he was very disappointed and understood that he must improve his psychological quality. It wasn’t until Federer really realized how to adjust his mental state that he finally reached a real state of relief-and therefore made his season even better.
After going through many battles, Federer slowly realized that he had the opportunity to become the first Swiss tennis player in the world. With this consciousness, he successfully armed his mentality to move forward bravely, inspired and inspired by his opponents, his own record of opportunity to break, and his love of participating in the competition.

After Federer’s emergence in the tennis world, 2009 was regarded as an important key to establishing his great position. At the Wimbledon final, he won the championship with Roddick from the United States in five sets, officially rewriting the personal grand slam maintained by Sampras recording

2009 was the year Federer became famous. That year, he won the French Open for the first time. He went to Wimbledon to try to break the Grand Slam record of Shanpras. That year, Federer advanced all the way to the championship and fought five sets with Roddick, the American giant. In the end, he won the victory and successfully broke the personal 15th Grand Slam Gold Cup. When Federer lifted the trophy, he was wearing a Rolex watch.
The Oyster Perpetual Datejust II is far-reaching for Federer. Whenever he looks at his watch, the picture on the record day of 2009 is vividly remembered: Sampras personally came to watch the final, Swedish iceman Bjorn Bo Björn Borg also went to the field to watch the game. John McEnroe served as the judge of this high-profile decisive match. At the time, Australian tennis legend Rod Laver also appeared on the scene. Legends are gathered here. Federer remembers stepping out of the court, and these tennis stars came to the sidelines to congratulate him on writing his own record.

Federer, who owns many Rolex watches, believes that the Oyster Perpetual Datejust II worn at the time of the 2009 record-breaking period has profound meaning for him, as if all the tension, excitement and passion are condensed in this watch, even though the years have passed, but The rich touch of the watch itself will not fade away as a result

Federer mentioned that every time he wears a Rolex Rolex watch, fond memories come to mind. At the same time, it reminds this professional Swiss tennis legend who must be perfect in his career that he must always be hardworking and competitive. Only with unswerving will and determination can he be more brave, and the spirit of fair play must be implemented on the court. Shape your personal style. The 35-year-old Swiss tennis player now proud of the fourth place in the world is still proud of his ardent ambitions. He continues to struggle on the court and erect a higher ‘Federer obstacle’ for the late players as the ultimate goal to motivate himself.

Oyster Perpetual Datejust II

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