Every Moment Of Love Accompanied By The Famous New Hampton Series

Since 1830, every step of Baume & Mercier reflects the motto of the brand’s constant pursuit of excellence: ‘Master everything, only manufacture watches of the highest quality.’ Beginning a few years ago, Baume & Mercier’s watches have become more and more characteristic of seaside life, and they have also shown the true values ​​of intimacy and harmony, sharing and eternity, ‘Life is about moments (Life is about many unforgettable moments .) ‘.
  The fast pace of workdays slows down with the advent of the weekend. People living in New York finally have time to leave the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and set off to the coast side-Humberton, to meet friends, exercise, and party.
   Every movement of every day, every moment is accompanied by the new Humberton series. These chic and dynamic models combine the traditional essence of classic watchmaking with a modern design. Even if you return to the city, the wrist watch is still It will make you always remember the pleasant leisure time, the leisurely weekend spent on the beach.
   Baume & Mercier’s star watch series Hampton series was born in 1994. Its design subverted the trend of watchmaking at that time. With a rectangular stainless steel case, it became a hot-selling model as soon as it was launched. On the basis of gold watches, the Hampton series has added many innovative designs. Whether curved or square, the Hampton series has always succeeded in following its characteristics, perfectly combining the essence of traditional watchmaking with modern design.

  The new Hampton collection has three collections: Hampton Classic, Hampton Manchette and Hampton magnum. The Hampton Classic design continues the timeless elegance of the first Hampton watch, reshaping the rectangular case with smooth and stylish lines. This series of watches has a variety of men’s and women’s watches, and there are more new size options.
  The Hampton Manchette is a jewellery watch that interprets the essence of the Hampton series, perfectly displaying the gentleness and charm of women. The Hampton magnum series, which is exquisitely dynamic and full of change, is reproduced with large-size models and white women’s watches.