Enjoy The Joy Of The Seashore Enjoy The Chopard Happy Ocean Stainless Steel Watch

The rising temperature in the past few days has brought a bit of hot air. Equipment such as short sleeves and skirts has gradually become more visible. From the sense of sight, these cutting bodies will tell you in your ears that the enthusiastic summer is coming. Summer is approaching. In addition to blowing air conditioning at home, calling friends and friends to the beach has become a perfect way to avoid the summer heat. The azure blue water and soft sandy beaches are just a little cool when you think about it, which makes you yearn for the warm and comfortable seaside summer. In 2017, the famous Swiss watch brand Chopard brought a summer beachfront gift to the watch altar. At the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, they were shocked. With the brand’s proud diamond theme, they launched the new Happy Ocean. The series of stainless steel watches, with the green fluorescence of the turquoise material, brings endless seaside joy, showing the graceful and natural style in a vivid and interesting way. (Watch model: 278587-3001)

Interpreting the joy of the waterfront with smart diamonds

   As another masterpiece of the Happy Sport series, the Happy Ocean series brings a touch of coolness to this summer sport. The watch continues the unique craftsmanship of the Happy series once again, so that every diamond that should be set on the watch has a sense of agility. Allows diamonds to ‘freely’ slide freely on the dial. The secret of this setting lies in the brand’s special double mirror, which makes a secret space above the dial, using visual overlap to bring a full sense of freshness to each viewer. At the same time, the free and easy-to-use diamonds are transformed into small, full and enticing small ice beads, giving each wearer a sense of happiness.
The distinctive blue sea surface

Chopard Happy Ocean stainless steel watch
   The Happy Ocean series is an upgraded version of the brand’s classic Happy Sport mid-to-high waterproof watch. The blue ocean color is integrated into the dial. Such a distinctive marine-style design brings unprecedented freshness and makes people shine Demonstrate the joy of Chopard’s seafront.

Stainless steel case with anodized aluminum inserts and dots, white SLN material
   The 40mm stainless steel case is carefully polished and polished by the brand to reveal the beautiful sensory enjoyment of the material. The Happy series’ iconic shell shape, lugs and flanged trunnions are used. In addition, the new watch bezel incorporates a wave groove design to deepen the seaside theme in the details. The texture is soft and very beautiful.

Stainless steel crown
   The polished stainless steel crown and case are integrated into one, showing the overall charm of the watch. The upper part of the crown is engraved with the Chopard ‘LOGO’, which refills the charm of the brand.

Dial display
   On the navy blue matte dial, the central hour, minute and second hands are made in different styles. This design not only beautifies the surface of the dial, but also clearly and intuitively shows the time at the moment to the wearer, which facilitates time reading.

Dazzling and ‘happy’ diamonds
   As the wearer’s arm swings, the free-standing diamonds will improvise on the azure ‘stage’ to dance a gorgeous round dance, vivid and highly ornamental.

Yingying luminous show another seaside style
   It is worth mentioning that the watch’s luminous function is also more distinctive: the hour, second and three-dimensional hour markers emit light blue light, while the longer minute hand is filled with white SLN material, which emits a completely different green light. In a dark environment, the time at this time can be determined based on the color and shape of the pointer. Not only for night reading, but also for diving reading underwater.

Sky blue rubber strap
   The watch is equipped with a sky blue rubber strap, which is more casual and sunny than the dark blue fabric strap.

Chopard Happy Ocean stainless steel watch
Summary: There are also red bezel models that show the enthusiasm of summer, while blue presents the fun of the beach. I believe that no matter what style of Chopard Happy Ocean series stainless steel watch can provide you with an unforgettable wearing experience, with the agility of diamonds, the breath of the seaside and traditional timepieces, a unique surprise on your wrist . Favorite cousin, may wish to look forward to its arrival.