Dynamic Posture On The Watch Tasting Piaget Possession Series Diamond-set Steel Watch

In 1874, Georges-EdouardPiaget, who was only 19 years old, set up his first personal workshop at his home farm, and since then he has created the brand’s creative history. After 140 years of rich history, Earl Piaget has never given up the pursuit of fun and change, walking on the road of continuous innovation. The brand takes design inspiration from Possession’s iconic rotating ring, selects gold, diamonds, stainless steel and various decorative gems, and invites modern ladies to enjoy a splendid life together. This year, Piaget has launched a new steel Possession watch. The versatile characteristics of stainless steel highlight the simple and pure side of the watch, exuding a charming luster. Next, let’s enjoy the Piaget Possession series diamond-set steel watch. (Watch model: G0A43090)

Simple and pure charm

   At the end of the 20th century, Piaget launched the creative Possession jewelry series, which has since become one of the brand’s signatures. This new Possession series diamond-inspired watch also draws inspiration from here, inheriting this subversive design, the bezel can complete 360 ​​degrees of rotation under the fingertips, and the circular motion of the circle signifies never stop searching The spirit of the world shows its elegant and dynamic charm in the rotation. This Possession diamond-set steel watch boldly mixes and mixes diamond and stainless steel. The exquisite diamond spins a beautiful waltz on the stainless steel case.

Watch real shot

   The stainless steel case is polished and refinished to give it a refined, full-bodied luster. Due to the use of a rotating ring, the case looks full of layers, adding to the fun of rotation.

   The bezel can be rotated with the fingertips. This bold and innovative design makes the watch stand out among many models, creating a sensory experience that is born and pleasant.

   The rotating bezel is inlaid with a half-moon-shaped diamond, which can draw a beautiful arc along with the rotation of the bezel, just like a spinning dancer.

   The silver-white dial is inlaid with 11 beautiful diamonds, echoing the diamonds on the bezel, accurately expressing women’s love for diamonds, and expressing it on the dial. The central hour and minute hands are very intuitive, so that the time is clearly visible. At 3 o’clock, Piaget’s English logo is provided, which gives the dial brand exclusive aesthetic characteristics.

   To protect the watch’s signature circular design, the crown is set at the center of the watch’s back. Touch the crown in the middle with a special tool. When it stays still, the hour and minute hands of the dial move clockwise. When you release it, the hour and minute hands stop moving. At this time, you can adjust the time.

   There is a replaceable system at the place where the strap and the case are connected, and the strap can be changed according to personal style or the dress style of the day.

Summary: The Earl Possession series interprets the spirit of continuous pursuit of the self-world, allowing modern women to show their unique personality characteristics. Just like this ever-changing world, rotating the watch at your fingertips completes a subversive and perfect transformation. If you like a cousin, you can pay more attention. Reference price: ¥ 30,200 (Wu Fengqi, the home of the picture / text watch)