Breguet Marine Équation Marchante 5887

Abraham-Louis, founder of Breguet Breguet. Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet is one of the most outstanding figures in the history of watch development. His immortal experience is a very important part of the history of watch development. Breguet came to Paris to learn art at the age of 15, and eventually opened his own company, Quaide Phorloge, in Paris in 1775.

On October 27, 1815, France promulgated Breguet officially as the Royal Navy’s designated timer, participating in various military uses, the picture shows the brand’s nautical clock

After the French Revolution broke out, Breguet fled to Britain. Departed for London watch master John Arnold, who had taught one of Breguet’s watch skills in Paris. By this time, John Arnold was the first of the UK’s most important suppliers of marine astronomical clocks. In the company of London John Arnold, the two watchmakers exchanged maritime astronomical clocks with each other. It can be said that Breguet’s understanding of astronomical clocks, as well as its mastery of the essentials and structure, came from the British watchmaker John Arnold. In 1795, the Longitude Committee was established in Paris, France, with the aim of expanding its applications in geography, navigation, physics and other fields based on astronomy, and publishing professional books. There are 20 to 30 members, including mathematicians, astronomers, navigation experts, and artisans in related industries. However, the watch industry won a seat because it was directly related to physics and navigation. By the hand of Emperor Louis XVIII, Breguet was elected to the Longitude Committee at the end of 1814 and became the sole representative of the watch industry.

Breguet celebrates its 200th anniversary with the launch of this Marine chronograph, limited to 200 pieces worldwide

After being elected for one year, in 1815, Breguet won the title of Royal Navy Watchmaker. This is a life-long title, indicating that Breguet has reached the standard of marine astronomical chronometers in terms of technology and precision . After winning the title of Royal Navy Watchmaker, Breguet sold 78 marine clocks in the eight years from 1815 to 1823, of which 22 were ordered by the French Navy and 29 were sold to Breguet.玑 Carefully selected professional agents, the last 27 units were sold to private customers, including the powers around the world, including the Longitude Commission in London. In 1817, Breguet published a small book entitled ‘Guidelines for the Use of Marine Watches Made by Breguet’. This is the first manual in history to bring together the knowledge of nautical astronomical ship clocks and guide people on how to use such clocks for navigation and how to make clocks operate normally during navigation.

Breguet Marine’s recent annual masterpiece 5887, just looking at the complicated carving process on the back knows that it is valuable

Until the death of Baodi, marine astronomical ship clocks, navigation watches, precision timing and measuring instruments were still the main products of Baodi, and production continued until the 1940s. In 1990, Breguet’s contemporary watchmakers created the Breguet marine watch under the name Marine. The original watch design showed an association with navigation through an anchor-shaped chain, a large ring engraved with the brand name, and a rough bezel. Continuing the characteristics of Breguet, such as the silver-plated machine engraved faceplate and Breguet hands. Flip to the case back and you will see the curved inscription ‘Naval Watchmaker’.
Reproduce the art of ancient sailing
Under the Breguet brand, the Marine and Type XX series belong to the more sporty areas such as navigation and aviation. Therefore, the styles of these two series are less than those of other series. The emphasis is mainly on functionality; The Marine series is not just to emphasize the marine-related waterproof performance is so simple. In its relatively limited work lineup, there are still some functions that appear only in formal watches, such as alarms, tourbillons, etc. It is not difficult to find out The functional development of this series, the brand embraces an open attitude.

The time equation cam developed by Breguet is extremely thin, placed on a transparent sapphire disc, and the time difference of the monthly time correction equation

In 2017, Breguet injected new blood for the Marine series. It is a little unexpected that this new work Marine Équation Marchante 5887 not only combines multiple complex functions to set a new height in the series, it is rare to match the leather strap. The formal look of the watch is growing stronger. The platinum (also rose gold) material used in the 5887 case has been separated from ordinary sports watches, and the faceplate design is beyond the established frame of the Marine series in the past, and is full of new ideas, such as outside the faceplate The edge has a geometric three-dimensional blue and black stripe, and the inner circle of the face plate has wavy machine-engraved lines. The overall tone of dark blue and silver makes people know the marine style of the series at a glance.

Unique circular auto plate design, perfectly showing the delicate hand-engraved pattern on the back of the face plate

The three major complications of 5887-the tourbillon is located at 5 o’clock on the faceplate, the perpetual calendar is composed of an anchor-shaped retrograde date pointer, and the day of the week and month windows. As for the last complication-the equation of time and Uncommon, Breguet puts the hands that indicate the true solar time on the same axis as the minute hand, and the wearer can estimate the difference between the average solar time represented by the hour hand and the average solar time represented by the hour hand. It is worth mentioning that the brand installed a kidney cam that simulates the true solar time trajectory in the tourbillon device, allowing people to better see the dynamics of its rotation one week a year.

Marine Équation Marchante 5887

950 platinum material / 581DPE self-winding movement / hour, minute, retrograde date, day of the week, month display / tourbillon device / perpetual calendar function / time equation function / power reserve display / sapphire crystal mirror surface, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 Meter / Table diameter 43.9mm / Reference price: 1,600,000 RMB