Breguet ‘inventor Of Tourbillon’ Theme Exhibition Respecting Jinling

(Nanjing, May 9, 2014) The Breguet brand opened the first ‘Breguet, the pioneer of timepiece invention. The inventor of tourbillon.’ The theme China tour exhibition, landing in the Six Dynasties The ancient capital of Nanjing has begun a ten-day journey of timepiece art and history. Today, the Breguet boutiques located in Nanjing Deji Plaza Shopping Center are constantly welcoming high-end watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs of Jinling City, learning about one of the greatest inventions in the history of watchmaking in the world-the innovative technology of tourbillon Development history, and nearly 20 precious tourbillon timepieces that Breguet brought to this exhibition. It deserves particular attention that the Breguet CLASSIQUE TOURBILLON EXTRA-PLAT AUTOMATIQUE 5377PT ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon platinum, which debuted at the Basel International Fine Watch and Jewellery Show 2014 and has the world’s thinnest self-winding tourbillon movement. The models were also exhibited on the first day, attracting the attention of watch fans, and opened the eyes of connoisseurs.
 To commemorate the founder of the brand, Mr. Breguet, who invented and demonstrated the development and innovation of tourbillon technology more than 200 years ago, Breguet launched the “Breguet, the pioneer of timepiece invention.” The inventor of the flywheel. ‘(Breguet, the innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon). As a booming high-end watch market in recent years, China has become an important part of this global tour. As the nation’s political, cultural, economic and financial center, Beijing has gathered many enthusiasts and connoisseurs who have deep friendships for palace watches. This Beijing Station theme exhibition is particularly important. The exhibition will tour a number of cities, presenting the beauty of top timepieces to the majority of high-end watch lovers in China.
Breguet, the inventor of the tourbillon
In 1801, the French Minister of the Interior granted a patent for the invention of a tourbillon aligner to Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet. The new adjustment device successfully solved a long-standing problem faced by the watch design industry, that is, the gravity caused a certain influence on the movement of the balance wheel, resulting in the so-called ‘daily deterioration’. In order to reduce such errors, Mr. Bao Yi fixed the entire escapement in a moving frame, making it rotate once every minute, four minutes, or six minutes. By timing the rotation, the movement was evened out during the travel time. Deviation, thereby improving accuracy. The total weight of the tourbillon does not exceed 1 gram, and at the same time has a strong power to ensure that it can accurately offset the time error of the watch. In addition, more than 70 tiny parts need to be accurately installed to make it a perfectly harmonious whole.

Partially exploded view of the Breguet Tourbillon movement

Breguet, pioneer of timepiece invention
 Among the more than 20 tourbillon timepieces on display this time, the Breguet “Tradition” 18K rose gold model is particularly attractive. The ‘Tradition’ series is the representative of the Breguet brand. This watch is not only the first 18K rose gold model, equipped with sesame chain tourbillon and silicon Breguet high-level complex timepiece. A new 18K gold dial with black rhodium plating is also hand-engraved. Taking inspiration from the legendary pocket watch designed by Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet, this artistic masterpiece embodies Breguet’s heritage and innovative brand spirit. Its simple and modern appearance highlights the tourbillon and sesame chain device on the board. A structured timepiece vividly displays contrast and layering, giving each component life. These exquisite craftsmanship has obtained four patents, namely the titanium alloy balance wheel, the novel power reserve display on the barrel, the silicon Breguet hairspring, and the tourbillon movement equipped with anti-shock protection mechanism. Watch fans are enthusiastic.

玑 Breguet Tourbillon with Sesame Chain TRADITION TOURBILLON 7047

 With the Breguet Tradition Tourbillon 7047 rose gold model, the Breguet brand continues to design and launch new tourbillon watches. Today, Breguet’s newly launched Classique Grande Complication series 5377 ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch is at the forefront of watchmaking with its ultra-thin trend.
 In this 42mm-diameter platinum watch, the brand incorporates a variety of classic logos: hand-engraved dial, Breguet blue-steel hands, welded lugs, coin-shaped case outer edge, independent numbering, and concealed signature. Highlighting the Breguet brand’s interpretation of elegance and performance again, this authentic Breguet watch has been developed. However, what sets this complex watch apart is the design of the eccentric tourbillon. The implementation of the design process includes a number of patented technologies. The tourbillon frame and balance are made of titanium, using a silicon hairspring, and the escapement is made of silicon and antimagnetic steel. The watch is equipped with a new 581DR movement with a frequency of up to 4 Hz without affecting the power reserve. Thanks to the patented high-energy barrel technology, the new watch has a power reserve of up to 90 hours. In order to place a complex movement with a thickness of 3 mm into a case with a thickness of 7 mm, the Breguet watchmaker set the platinum automatic tourbillon on the edge of the movement and made two-way rotation. The movement with two patented technologies is like a miniature work of art, delicate and exquisitely retouched by hand, and can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back.
 From the perspective of design, asymmetrical elements are interwoven in the symmetrical lines of the dial. 4 different hand-engraved decorative patterns, showing a beautiful harmony: Paris-studded hour and minute dial, the outer edge is engraved with wheat grain decoration, the power reserve at 8:30 shows the carved herringbone pattern, and the lace pattern is outlined Out of different functional areas. A sapphire appears in the center of the tourbillon bridge, attracting attention and intoxicating in a mesmerizing mechanical dance.

Breguet ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch in platinum

 The ‘Bao Di, the pioneer of timepiece invention. The inventor of tourbillon.’ The tourbillon theme exhibition has a close contact with the top watch enthusiasts in Nanjing. Watch fans, while understanding these contemporary masterpieces, Learn about the little-known mysteries and development of tourbillon technology.