315 What Is A Fake Watch In Action?

3.15 every year is not so much a day of consumer rights as not a holiday. On this day, whether it is CCTV or the general public, they will hold up false flags and spit out the fakes they bought. The problem of fake watches is particularly prominent. On the occasion of 3.15, as a watch professional media, we will discuss the issue of fake watches with you.

Fake and imitation

   The so-called: ‘If you want to take it, you must first do it. Since we are going to discuss fake watches today, we must first know what fake watches are. From the current fake watch market, there are mainly two types of fake watches. One is counterfeit miscellaneous cards. Watches, the other is fake brand-name watches, the former is a standard San Wu products, is a genuine fake and shoddy products, they are not allowed to travel, can be called a timepiece or watch model, the price should mostly be more than a dozen or Dozens of yuan up and down, should not exceed 200 yuan at most, more than deceiving people, rather than buying it is better to buy a cheap regular brand watch.

   The latter is the main body of the current fake watch market. They can be called fake watches or cottage watches. According to the degree of simulation, they are divided into low imitation, high imitation, and super imitation. The prices also range from several hundred to several thousand yuan. Most people who buy this kind of watch know how to buy fake watches, and after they buy, they still need to discuss where they are fake and where they are fake. If you buy fake watches for research and study together, it’s anti-fake. It’s also a good thing, but if you have to bring it after you buy it, and you have to brag in front of everyone, saying that you are bringing a real watch, it is too boring, I believe that this kind of unruly behavior , Not just the watch home, the majority of netizens who love watches are also extremely despised.

Why fake watches are prevalent

   Fake watches are just like fake bags, fake clothing, and other counterfeit luxury goods. The reason why they are so prevalent is because of the excessive vanity and death of the Chinese people. It is the so-called market with demand. Judging from the current feedback situation of the fake watch market, there are really many such people. In order to verify this fact, I specifically visited a few famous Beijing watch markets in the past two days. Without exaggerating, It can really be described by enthusiasm and enthusiasm. There are more than a dozen booths lined up. Each booth is overcrowded. The booth owner enthusiastically explained a variety of new products to customers. This is just a new version of Baselworld last year. This is just the one worn by Maradona. This is just a special watch of the Italian Navy at that time … and some fake watches are more interesting. Rolex 116710 made a blue and black circle last year. The fake watch not only had a black basket. In the circle, even the black and green circles were released in advance. I was curious to ask the stall owner what was happening? He confidently told me that we generally go faster than brands, because with forward-looking, we can guarantee a new version in Switzerland, and our customers can wear it immediately. If the real watch is on the market, at least two Three months. I asked for it, and his speech surprised me, and I thought that in the future, the global watch media would not need Basel, just go directly to your factory.

   After listening to the impassioned flickers of the stall owners, customers began to choose their favorite fake watches. After the selection, the most exciting bargaining link began. There are also many foreign friends in the bargaining team. You will find foreigners The same is true of bargaining. Before bargaining, they will use standard western-style Mandarin to say, ‘Don’t lie to me. I have been in China for many years, and then 200, 350, 230, 280, and up to 260 will not sell me.’ Gone, the deal! From the above example, it is not difficult to see that, in fact, it is not just our vanity. People all over the world are vain, and vanity is shameless. To a certain extent, the people are advancing and struggling. It is the so-called gentleman who loves money and has a proper way We not only do not oppose, but also encourage the behavior of satisfying our vanity by purchasing wealthy watches through our own efforts to obtain wealth, but this act of buying fake watches to deceive our vanity in a deceptive way is really a shame. Of course, in addition to people’s vanity, another reason for the prevalence of fake watches is that China’s anti-counterfeiting efforts are not enough. As for this government action watch home, it is inconvenient to say more.
Making a fake watch

   The watch industry is the same as other industries. It is a large industrial chain. There are case factories, movement factories, hairspring factories, etc. The same is true for fake watches. Most of these watch factories come from a place that everyone is familiar with-Dongguan. Since these factories are relatively close to Hong Kong, they can obtain a lot of latest information about watch trends, the latest and hottest models, and then obtain specific model data by following the pictures or buying the real watch directly. This data is given to the case factory, so that a case similar to the real watch is produced. Because the external design cannot be patented, and there is no logo on the case, the case factory produces this kind of copycat case. Is legal.

   As for the movement, most fake watch manufacturers will use domestically produced movements, and some high-end fake watches will also use Swiss ETA movements. You can rest assured that the best movements for fake watches are also ETA. Those big Swiss watches The factory’s self-produced movement will never flow into the hands of fake watch manufacturers. However, with the continuous progress of our domestic watch movements, the functions and styles of the fake watch movements are gradually becoming more and more colorful, so the more complex functions such as tourbillons and timekeeping will also appear in fake watches. The circuit design is similar to the Swiss-made movement. Of course, this must not be blamed for those movement manufacturers. As a movement manufacturer, the buyer orders the movement from you. Don’t you sell it? It will not tell you that when I buy a movement to make a fake watch, even if you know it to make a fake watch, as a movement manufacturer, it has no right to interfere with the purchase of the buyer.

   With the watch case, movement and related accessories, fake watch factories assembled them and put on those big-name logos. One fake watch was born in this way, but due to the cost, labor, technology, equipment and other aspects Restriction, it is destined that fake watches can never become true watches, so I also want to say to those friends who have secretly ecstatically bought super A goods, when you put true and fake watches together, you immediately want to put Throw away the fake watch.
   Someone asked me before, why can’t this abnormal product of fake watches completely die out? In my answer, fake watches will die, but not now, the so-called existence is reasonable, when will it die? Let us leave it to history to solve this extremely complicated problem! (Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)