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    Jacques Dro Presents Hour And Minute Dial Mosaic Elephant Watch

    Jacques Dro brings the traditional Asian eggshell inlay art to the Swiss world of fine watchmaking and presents the Petite Heure Minute Mosaic Elephant watch. The small hour-dial surface is the perfect stage for Jacques de Loire’s interpretation of innovation and artistic expression. Between the elephants’ paced rice fields that symbolize wisdom and strength, miniature mosaics are picturesque. This new masterpiece of the Ateliers d’ Art series represents an artistic challenge. Acura is purely poetic and invites us to swim freely.

       Jacques Dro found this art when he was traveling to Vietnam. The locals used duck eggshells to mosaic unique patterns with amazing craftsmanship. This technology has never been used in watchmaking before. For the brand’s artisans, the real challenge is to miniaturize the pattern and decorate it on the small hour dial. Jacques Dross craftsmen use quail eggshells to focus on creating themed motifs. The egg shells are tiny and fragile. They are sorted according to color, shape and purity, and total more than 2,000 pieces. Before being embedded on the red and gold plate, the curve and color of each egg shell must be carefully considered separately.

       The eggshell pattern is also coated with a transparent lacquer layer and polished to give perfect consistency and amazing visual depth. The entire process took nearly 200 hours. Against the backdrop of the black onyx minute dial and red gold bezel, the beauty of the elephant’s rice paddy pattern is more vivid. Jacques Dro hour and minute dial Mosaic Elephant watch is 43 mm in diameter, equipped with a double barrel automatic winding movement, equipped with 22K red gold rotor, limited to 8 pieces worldwide. This masterpiece of art is a perfect portrayal of Jacques Dro’s extraordinary creative and free spirit.

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    Watches And Miracles-the Grand Opening Of The First Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

    ‘Clocks and Miracles-The First Asian High-end Watch and Clock Fair’ was staged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 25th to 28th, 2013. This is a watch exhibition created by thirteen authoritative brands representing fine watchmaking. It presents a wonderful feast for people who are passionate about complex mechanical movements and superb manufacturing techniques.
    Fabienne Lupo, Chairman and Executive Director of the FHH, speaks on watches and miracles

     In order to better cope with the booming and optimistic development trend of the Asian market, ‘Clocks and Miracles’ brings together 13 high-end watchmaking brands and for the first time held such a high-profile event in the watch industry in Asia. This unveiling exhibition has been carefully designed and prepared by tens of thousands of watch collectors and enthusiasts in Asia, showing off a variety of new high-end watches from participating brands, and sharing brand history and unique ideas with the public. At the same time, participating brands and high-end customers will have the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges and talk about their understanding and feelings about the wonderful craftsmanship of fine watchmaking.

    Hong Kong Tourism Board Chairman Dr. Lin Jianyue Addresses Watches and Miracles

     As one of the organizers of the show, Ms. Fabienne Lupo, Chairman and Executive Director of the FHH (Geneva), said: ”Watches and Miracles’ will provide visitors with a rare and precious timepiece adventure. Communicate face-to-face with the designers and artisans who made these exquisite timepieces, and experience first-hand the fine watchmaking history that has been dating from centuries in Europe and has exquisite craftsmanship. ‘

    Watches and Miracles-Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the First Asian Haute Horlogerie

     The advent of a high-end watch encompasses more than 40 complex production processes. ‘Watches and Miracles’ is a special exhibition area for professionals and artists who are active in the fine watchmaking industry and have rich skills and talents. Professional watchmakers from the participating brand watch factories: watchmakers, engravers, enamel painters and gem inlayers will fully perform their superb skills and knowledge here, leading visitors to glimpse the world of fine watchmaking Expertise.

    Watches and Miracles-Grand Opening of the First Asian High-end Watch & Clock Fair

     As another highlight of this exhibition, ‘Clocks and Miracles’ has more carefully planned an original exhibition that traces timepieces from their original birth to contemporary development-‘Conquering Time’. This exhibition will show more than a hundred arts and crafts and timepieces and clocks of great historical value, fully embodying the outstanding talents of mankind for controlling the space-time environment for centuries.

    Watches and Miracles-Lion Dance Ceremony
     Today, the Asian region has become the primary export market for Swiss watches. In 2012, the total value of Swiss watches and clocks exported to mainland China reached 1.6 billion Swiss francs, 4.1 billion Swiss francs in Hong Kong and 2.4 billion Swiss francs in Southeast Asia. The purchasing power of Asian tourists traveling abroad is also increasing, and it cannot be underestimated. The glorious history of haute horlogeries, which has lasted for centuries, will finally converge on ‘clocks and miracles’, perfectly presenting the unique traditions and innovations of the fine watchmaking industry for the Asian market.

    Chairman and Executive Director of FHH, Fabienne Lupo, and Dr. Lin Jianyue, Chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board, preview watches and miracles

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    Reinterpreting Luxury Time Jacques Dro’s New Gmt Real Shooting

    [Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. In front of you, we will bring the exhibition report in the first time, and send the new watch pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here are some of Basel’s new products, and Jacques Dro’s new products are in real shot. Friends who like Jacques Dro can see them first.
     Simple and pure, timeless and precious, the two places pay tribute to the creators of their journey in 24 hours (Grande Heure GMT). This new and chic watch perfectly meets the requirements of today’s global travelers and aestheticians, and the wearer can easily read the time between the two places.

     The “Grand Feu” dial of the Great Fire Enamel is set with 24 Arabic numerals, so that the time flow between the two places can be seen at any time.

     For the first time, the time display between the two places is presented on a watch in such a simple and clear manner. Two compass-shaped hands add to this new time reading design: red gold hands indicate the local time, blue steel hands indicate the destination time. When the two hands coincide in the same time zone, they are superimposed into a two-color hands, pulling the accurate measurement of time.

     By boldly adopting a single crown adjustment mechanism, Jacques de Roux has created a 24-hour (Grande Heure GMT) watch that combines the beauty of simplicity with the ease of use. Its simple and pure design further enhances the ivory dial and richness The dense red-gold case is meticulously combined and perfectly natural.
    The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
    Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

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    Cartier Snake-shaped Decorative Watch Goes Straight To The 2013 Geneva Watch Fair

    Cartier’s fun-filled design and exquisite jewellery craftsmanship have given time the flexibility and flexibility to shape the multiple roles of the watch, which can be used as brooches, pendants and watches, respectively. Three functions can be combined into one. In the magnificent ‘Fables and Stories of Watches and Clocks’, the humorous, fantasy animal shapes also have dual functions. Snakes, frogs, and elephants are among the characters that can be enjoyed and profound, indulging in the story, the track of time Suddenly transformed into the jewels of Feng Fenghua.

     This is not only a watch, but also a brooch, a diamond snake inlaid on a black enamel dial, in which flowers and dances are garnished with garnet butterflies. The exquisite craftsmanship combines animal-shaped watches, dial background patterns and snake-shaped brooches, highlighting the beauty and poetry of the work.

    Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013: