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    Hublot Lights Ferrari Carnival

    Switzerland’s top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot joins forces with Ferrari, the most famous manufacturer of racing and sports cars, to present the annual racing event at the Shanghai International Circuit. Sun Carnival! This year marks the 70th anniversary of Ferrari. Hublot, as a five-year partner with Ferrari, celebrates the entire process. On the day of the carnival, Glory released the Techframe Ferrari 70th anniversary tourbillon chronograph watch, which was jointly designed by both parties, running on the wrist The mechanical exquisiteness is superb, echoing the super sports car on the track, unlimited creativity ignites the passion of tens of thousands of fans on the scene, allowing them to enjoy the unique track culture of Ferrari, while feeling the perfection of sports car design and watchmaking technology. Integration.

    ‘Ferrari focuses on design, Hublot is committed to precision manufacturing’-this is the basic principle of the birth of the Techframe Ferrari 70th anniversary tourbillon chronograph. Today’s Techframe Ferrari 70th Anniversary Tourbillon Chronograph in China can be described as a new model of car watch cooperation. It is groundbreakingly designed by Ferrari’s professional team in Maranello and superb by Hublot watchmakers. After the craftsmanship was created, it finally became a classic with the spirit of Hublot and the soul of Ferrari. His creative ideas have brought Hublot’s concept of ‘art of fusion’ to the extreme. The overall design structure cleverly uses three basic building elements unique to sports cars-the Container, the Skeleton Middle, and the back cover (Back Cover), which corresponds to the frame of the sports car used to protect the box to build the body, the chassis used to carry the engine and personnel, and the rear cover parts covering the engine. As a tourbillon complex chronograph sports watch, Techframe Ferrari has an awesome lightweight body and stable structure. It is equipped with Hublot’s self-winding tourbillon one-button chronograph movement produced by Hublot HUB6311, which will be extraordinary strength, excellent performance and fast Sensitivity and other qualities blend into the square inch.

    Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70th Anniversary Tourbillon Chronograph_Titanium

    Techframe Ferrari also upholds the consistent style of Ferrari supercar parts. The side of the watch is specially designed with Ferrari red buttons, just like the pedals of a sports car, which can be adjusted to control the timing function, which greatly enhances the operability of the buttons. The red horizontal buttons are also presented in the famous P485 Ferrari Red, making it easier and more convenient to replace the strap, while greatly improving safety. The case back is coded in black with a limited number of engravings, while the sapphire case back highlights the words ‘Ferrari 70 Years’. The extraordinary temperament from the inside out pushes the cooperation height of car brand to the peak again.

    Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70th Anniversary Tourbillon Chronograph_PEEK Carbon Fiber

    As the latest achievement of the close collaboration between sports car designers and fine watchmaking brands, the birth of the Techframe Ferrari watch marks the deepening of the cooperation between Ferrari and Hublot. Challenge the limits of performance, explore the charm of precision, and design as a functional service. The common concept closely connects the top brands in these two fields and moves forward together. Since Hublot became Ferrari’s global strategic partner in 2011, the two parties have not only jointly created a number of unparalleled masterpieces of limited edition watches, but also become the industry’s bestseller in the alliance of a comprehensive brand image and commercial promotion. Since the beginning of 2013, Hublot has appeared on the body of the Ferrari team and racer clothing on the F1 circuit. From the management team of the Skuderia Ferrari team to the mechanics, the entire team is fully integrated into the HUBLOT family, igniting the passion of Ferrari fans around the world with unprecedented magic!
    ‘Become the first, unique, different’, everything is just the beginning, hand in hand into the future.

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    Breguet Type Xxi 3817 Chronograph Rose Gold Won The Award In Spain

    In the 4th Spanish ‘RobReport’ watch selection contest, the TypeXXI3817 chronograph rose gold was awarded ‘Best of the Best’ ‘Best of the Best’ ‘title.

     The TypeXXI3817 chronograph rose gold model introduced this year illustrates the close connection between Breguet and the aviation industry. In the 1930s, Breguet developed a timing device for the cockpit dashboard and introduced a pilot’s timepiece.

     In 1935, Breguet launched the first chronograph watch. About 20 years later, Breguet developed the TypeXX series for the French military. Until the early 1980s, the French National Air Force and Navy were still equipped with this prestigious chronograph.

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    Corum Bubble Paiste Bubble Watch Time Rhyme Resonance

    Craftsmanship, technology and first-class quality standards are the soul of high-end watches and the spirit that the Swiss watch industry has always adhered to. Since ancient times, craftsmen have honed their skills diligently and awarded them to their descendants. The watch factory and pAiSTe, a well-known copper cymbal manufacturer, deeply resonate with this tradition of respect.
    Bubble pAiSTe Watch
       The common feature of Corum and pAiSTe is the strict adherence to the ‘Swiss Best Quality’ spirit. The Bubble pAiSTe watch dial created by the two parties is a micro-shaped mini-bronze. Each dial in the Bubble pAiSTe limited series is hand-made just like the copper cymbals produced by pAiSTe, which is unique. It is equipped with a black PVD-coated stainless steel case and a rubber-lined black calfskin strap. The bronze cymbal dial is even more outstanding.

       pAiSTe has been cooperating with the global rock music industry for more than 40 years. The black cool theme of Bubble pAiSTe limited watch also echoes the subtle aesthetics of rock culture. The drummers of the well-known bands of Kiss, Pink Floyd and AC / DC in the contemporary rock music world have designated pAiSTe bronze cymbals, and pAiSTe has become a model of musicians’ respect. pAiSTe is a leader in musical instrument production, and it is a natural fit to pair with the avant-garde innovation pioneer Bubble Timepiece.

    pAiSTe Introduction
       pAiSTe is a world-renowned copper cymbal brand. It is a family-owned company, based in Switzerland. It has a history of more than a century. Currently, it mainly produces top copper cymbals for world-renowned musicians. pAiSTe is known for its first-class quality and creativity. Its purpose is to create the most unique sound effects for the world’s top drummers, to meet the creativity and music style requirements of different drummers or percussionists. The beauty of the music itself, its complex structure, and its infinitely varied expressions are the driving force behind pAiSTe’s continuous improvement.
    Bubble pAiSTe watch limited to 350 pieces
    Technical specifications

     CO 110 automatic winding movement
     Function: hours, minutes, seconds
     Power reserve 42 hours
     Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4Hz)
     Diameter: 11 1/2
     Material: Bronze
     Black CORUM logo and pAiSTe
     Black bronze hands
     Black PVD stainless steel case, crystal glass case back
     Anti-glare crystal glass
     Waterproof depth: 100m / 10ATM
     Diameter: 47 mm
     Thickness: 18.80 mm
     Strap width: 24mm / 20mm
     Rubber-lined leather strap
     Black PVD stainless steel pin buckle
    Reference price: RMB 33,120

    Corum Bubble
    How was the idea of ​​the Bubble watch born?
       Fifteen years ago, Severin Wunderman entered the field of fine watchmaking and wholly owned the Corum watch brand. When he first entered the country of watches, he had ambitions in his mind, because he thought that the watch industry was conservative and tedious at that time, and the industry’s thinking was not The written rules are firmly bound; he highly respects the industry’s first-class quality, craftsmanship and technical level, but believes that the industry’s creative spirit is insufficient. Most of the timepiece products seen in the market are conservative, and he believes that the industry must start with innovation Can move towards the future. He transformed his ideas into product ideas, and put innovative design first, and this thinking is the driving force for Severin Wunderman to transform the Corum brand into a creative pioneer in the high-end watch industry!
       At that time, the trend of increasing watch sizes had taken shape, and the size of Bubble watches was even higher. Severin Wunderman was inspired by a piece of equipment from the former Professor Piccard’s submarine. The diameter of the Bubble watch was increased to 44 mm. Its super thick arched mirror is the source of the watch name. It is memorable at first sight.
    Why will Bubble Watch return in 2015? How is the new model different from the original design more than ten years ago?
       Over the years, Corum has injected contemporary aesthetic brushwork into its legendary works such as the iconic Golden Tube, Ingot Watch, and Indian Head Coin, to give the classic a new look. Fifteen years ago, the Bubble watch is not only a masterpiece of Corum, but also one of the classics of the altar. Bubble represents a revolutionary design thinking, can be called the avant-garde pioneer of the high-end watch industry, broke the industry norms at the time, and opened up new areas of creativity. Fifteen years later, Bubble will return to a limited edition, marking an important page in Corum’s creative history.
       The new version of Bubble in 2015 is no different from the original, but the case diameter has been slightly increased from 44 mm to 47 mm, and the thickness of the arched mirror has been slightly reduced; the case has been frosted, satin-finished and polished. Watches and crafts are traditional, but the original innovation is consistent.
    Who is the designer of Bubble watches?
       Severin Wunderman personally designed the original Bubble watch that year; the new model is now being designed by Corum in collaboration with Nicolas Le Moigne, Pedro Friedeberg or pAiSTe.