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    According To Edox Arctic Mission History Moment

    EDOX Swiss Hydro watch was released in 1965, the Hydro Sub premium diving watch, waterproof up to 500 meters, was an incredible achievement at the time. Fifty years later, the family-owned Swiss watch brand Edu has become a legend of this depth, and serves as the official timer for the challenging Arctic missions, marking an important milestone for the 130th anniversary of Edu.

    Hydro Sub Automatic Calendar with ETA 2824

    The Arctic mission, which aims to study the most worrying ecological warning of global warming, is the melting of the Arctic ice. The free diving champion Christian Redl and Australian photographer Marcus Fillinger ) The expedition will form a long trek from Canada to the icy arctic wasteland in April 2015. Under extreme conditions (temperatures as low as -40 ° C), for two weeks, Redl and Fillinger will pull snowboards weighing up to 75 kilograms and full of daily supplies, and walk the most difficult and most difficult way on earth Desolate environment. When this team reaches the North Pole, Christian Redl will face another big challenge: wearing a 5mm thick rubber wetsuit, free diving under one meter of ice without using any diving breathing equipment, and the Swiss Ido Hydro Sub Arctic The diving limit watch will accompany you throughout the journey and assist Redl with its exciting features. Redl’s free diving under the ice this time is a great self-challenging for the human body and the watch, which is fully in line with the spirit of the Swiss Ido watch brand who loves to push the limits. The ultimate challenge of 2015-Arctic Mission, ready for Christian Redl and Swiss Ido Watch to begin this adventure

    The Hydro Sub Arctic Diving Limited Watch is equipped with Edox 802 movement, an officially certified astronomical watch, limited to 350 pieces worldwide

    The Arctic Limited Dive Watch is certified by the official observatory. It is limited to 350 pieces worldwide with a diameter of 49mm. It is equipped with a Swiss automatic core. The back cover of the watch is engraved with the mark of the Arctic mission. An orange sharkskin waterproof strap and tools to replace the strap are extremely collectable. This limited Arctic diving watch is a replica of the Edox 1965 Hydro Sub diving watch. Hydro Sub’s stunning 500-meter water resistance comes from the innovative addition of a locking waterproof ring and a shock-resistant waterproof ring on the crown. The Hydro Sub watch and the earlier Delfin watch have established Edox Switzerland as the world’s waterproof watch. Pioneer status.

    Hydro Sub Quartz Calendar with Ronda 515 Movement

    The Hydro Sub Arctic Dive Watch launched at the end of 2014 won consumers’love as soon as it was launched. Due to the limited number, it cannot satisfy all enthusiasts. In order to give back market support, a full range of Hydro Sub Arctic Dive Watches are launched this month. In addition to the limited edition of the observatory, there are automatic and quartz models (chain and rubber straps) to choose from.

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    Entering The Era Of Interstellar Hollowing Out 2015 Sihh Roger Dubuis’s Hollowing Out Watch

    The three-and-a-half-day Geneva watch fair is over. It seems that every year the watch fair will bring a lot of surprises and expectations, and this year is no exception.
       At last year’s Geneva watch and clock exhibition, Roger Dubuis focused on its revived Hommage series and launched the Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon. This new work is equipped with a new RD100 calibre consisting of 452 hand-finished parts and equipped with a 50-hour power reserve. It took 1,200 hours to make (of which 360 hours were devoted to meeting the Geneva Seal certification standards), and then received a full 6 weeks of testing.
       This year’s Roger Dubuis did not launch a new movement. Instead, it focused its attention on the appearance of the watch. The skeleton movement technology was used to show the architectural beauty and superb machinery. It launched a number of skeletons in its Excalibur King series. Craft watch.
       The watch hollowing process is a watchmaking process derived from the art of engraving, which is similar to the art of paper-cutting. The craft was once in danger of being lost, and was finally revived in 1930. Swiss watchmakers devoted a lot of time and effort to finding this traditional craft that once flourished in the eighteenth century but was then forgotten. Most artisans use ordinary movements as the basis, first use a needle to drill the part to be hollowed out, and then use a saw to remove excess metal. The next important step is to use a sculpting knife to trim all the edges into a 45-degree beveled edge, and to engrav the movement surface into different patterns. The perfect craftsmanship is not just about carefully crafting every angle, but every layer of parts must minimize the obstruction of seeing through the underlying movement.

       At this Geneva watch and clock exhibition, Roger Dubuis’s pavilion design is interpreted in a fantastic and strange mechanical world, which strongly presents Roger Dubuis’ creative theme in 2015: hollow beauty. In line with its representative fields, the miniature oscillating weight and flying tourbillon introduced new timepieces with infinite pioneering spirit, presenting the interstellar hollow concept in a variety of dazzling styles.
    Let’s review the most watchable models of Roger Dubuis at this Geneva watch exhibition:
    Excalibur Spider Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon
       The first is a new masterpiece of the skeletonized watch of the Excalibur King series, which was officially launched under the name of the Excalibur Spider.

       As the only brand in the watch industry with a hollow double flying tourbillon watch, Roger Dubuis naturally shoulders new conditions and missions in this field. This watch, full of technology, outdoor spirit and car style, brings a completely new temperament to the Excalibur King series.

       The various fiery red aluminum elements on the inner ring, crown and ring of this model are in sharp contrast with the titanium alloy of the case and the black DLC-coated titanium alloy, showing an eye-catching and vibrant sports style. With a variety of color choices, the British style is compelling. The chronograph button is made of aluminum, while the rubber strap is paired with a folding clasp for a secure and comfortable fit. The chronograph lap around the double tourbillon and the small seconds hand timer have a design similar to that of a speedometer, which strengthens the watch’s sports characteristics and racing style.
       This watch is limited to 188 pieces and is equipped with Roger Dubuis’ RD01SQ movement. It displays a variety of amazing features in a multi-layered structure consisting of a case, a bezel and a movement. The unique three-dimensional visual effect of the watch seems to present a wonderful contemporary urban landscape, combining superb machinery and architectural beauty.

    Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon
       The rubber that symbolizes technology and sports and the precious diamond that means ‘eternity’, these two are irrelevant, as if they belong to two worlds, it is not expected on this watch. Its top bezel is set with 60 baguette-cut diamonds weighing 2 carats, which is ingenious.
       The actual physical obstacles encountered when setting gems on a material that is as elastic as rubber makes it almost impossible to achieve. The production must have perfect and skilled technical control over the material thickness and elastic deformation. Roger Dubuis devoted two years of research and development to this unique technology, which was created with great care by the well-known Geneva gem setting expert Pascal Vincent Vaucher, and registered a ‘Stones in the sky’ patent to protect this Breakthrough invention.

       The star-shaped design of this watch, the Celtic cross-shaped tourbillon frame, is equipped with various superb refinements on the Roger Dubuis RD505SQ manual-winding movement, including round grained polished splints. The titanium case has become a powerful carrier of hollowing technology, and it has both a light and solid feeling, and a titanium three-leg lug, which is full of visual impact. This watch is limited to 88 pieces.

       In addition to rubber-set diamonds, there are titanium bezel scale models that look sporty.
    Excalibur Automatic Skeleton
      This time, Roger Dubuis also launched his first self-winding skeletonized watch, which is a wonderful interpretation of the design of a skeleton miniature rotor.

      This self-winding skeleton watch is available in rose gold, diamond-set rose gold and black DLC-coated watches, each with an elegant and chic finish. The RD820SQ self-winding skeleton movement is equipped with 167 parts, and the surface of each part is individually fine-tuned and refined. The iconic hollow star shape highlights and complements the design of the hollow miniature rotor.

       This self-winding oscillating weight oscillating watch has the ultimate control ability on the combination of technology and aesthetics. It not only bets on the highest-end and most sophisticated professional technology in gear operation and processing refinement, but also breaks through The winding mechanism and the limitation of the micro-rotor, while providing sufficient power, will express the hollow-out process to the movement.
    Excalibur Brocéliande
       In the past, Roger Dubuis has shown a unique interpretation of high-end women’s timepieces through a series of jewellery watches, such as his Velvet series. This time, Roger Dubuis created a novel and ingenious jewellery timepiece for the Excalibur King series. It also performed a new look of femininity for the hollowing out process. It introduced the Excalibur Brocéliande by combining the superb craftsmanship and complex aesthetics Brassillon watches.
       Roger Dubuis and Jewelry Inlay experts worked together to create a set of poetic timepiece trilogy with ivy leaves as the theme, the first of which was the first in this SIHH 2015 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Degree debut.
       The recurring natural theme of ivy is often found in literature and mythology. Ivy symbolizes strong emotional attachment, and it also means faith and eternity. The watch released this time presents this evergreen plant in a subtle and powerful way, with its leaves winding around the dial, symbolizing an intimate relationship. Some decorative jewellery elements are also delicately wrapped around the hollowed-out flying tourbillon movement and dial, making it difficult to distinguish the boundary between the two.

       This watch is limited to 28 pieces, each set with approximately 3.44 carats of diamonds, with a gorgeous red strap. Its rose gold case is cleverly combined with diamond-set bezels, lugs and bezels, while autumn-colored semi-precious stones are embellished with slim gold-encrusted ivy branches. The slender bezel and bezel are inlaid with double-row bright-cut diamonds, which enhances the overall multi-level three-dimensional visual effect. The crown is inlaid with rose-cut diamonds. Equipped with RD505SQ manual winding movement.
       Summary: If Roger Dubuis was Hommage last year, this year it will be dedicated to Excalibur. Although the brand has not launched a new model of the movement, it incorporates elements of architectural art, fashion avant-garde, and other special materials Inlays, hollow movements, and other methods prove Roger Dubuis’s superb skills in craftsmanship, coupled with the outstanding shape of the Excalibur avant-garde, can be described as eye-catching and worthy of attention.
    For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

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    Watch Blockbuster Time Can Be As Thin As Cicada Wings

    How much charm does an ultra-thin watch have? The delicate and elegant dial layout, the slim and simple body, has written down the gentleman’s elegant style. As a result, its classics never fade, and will taste even better over time. Altiplano ultra-thin watch, 18K white gold, case thickness 6.01mm, equipped with the brand-made 4307 manual winding movement (thickness 2.1mm)
    Piaget ¥ 117,000

    On the top: 8.7mm
    Ultra-thin big three-hand watch, stainless steel, case thickness 8.7 mm, equipped with the self-made Calibre 1151 self-winding movement
    Blancpain ¥ 75,500
    Your Majesty: 6.7mm
    Audemars ultra-thin watch, 18K rose gold material, case thickness 6.7mm, equipped with the brand’s homemade Cal.2120 automatic movement (thickness 2.45mm)
    UdeAudemars Piguet ¥ 183,000

    On the top: 4.1mm
    1955 ultra-thin watch, 18K rose gold, case thickness 4.1 mm, equipped with the brand’s own model 1003, manual winding movement (thickness 1.64 mm)
    AcheVacheron Constantin ~ ¥ 260,000
    Middle: 8.5mm
    1966 white gold ultra-thin watch, 18K white gold, case thickness 8.5 mm, equipped with the brand’s homemade GP03300 automatic movement
    Girard-Perregaux ¥ 112,000
    Your Majesty: 6.13mm
    Master Ultra Thin
    Ultra-thin watch, stainless steel, case thickness 6.13 mm, equipped with the brand’s homemade 849 manual winding movement (thickness 1.85 mm)
    Jaeger-LeCoultre ¥ 60,000
    On the top: 9.4mm
    Dumont skeleton watch, 18K white gold, case thickness 9.4mm, equipped with the brand’s homemade 9611MC manual winding movement (thickness 3.97mm)
    Cartier ¥ 370,000
    Middle: 8.25mm
    RM016 watch, 18K white gold, case thickness 8.25mm, Caliber RM005S automatic winding movement
    MillRichard Mille ¥ 600,000
    Your Majesty: 8.0mm
    Radiomir Oro
    Rosa watch, 18K rose gold, case thickness 8 mm, equipped with the brand’s homemade P.999 manual winding movement (thickness 3.4 mm)
    AnePanerai ¥ 11,800

    Upper: 1.8mm
    Jia Lan ultra-thin watch, 18K rose gold, case thickness about 1.8mm, quartz movement
    Longines ¥ 8,700
    Your Majesty: 9.2mm
    R5.5 chronograph watch, high-tech ceramic, case thickness 9.2 mm, quartz movement
    Rado ¥ 25,600
    On the top: 8.3mm
    Saucer luxury automatic watch, 18K rose gold, case thickness 8.3mm, equipped with 2500 automatic movement
    Omega ¥ 59,400
    Middle: 7.0mm
    Elite Ultra Thin
    New ultra-thin watch, stainless steel, case thickness 7 mm, equipped with the brand-made Elite681 manual winding movement (thickness 3.81 mm)
    Zenith ¥ 28,500
    Your Majesty: 8.6mm
    Tonda 42 ultra-thin watch, 18K rose gold, case thickness 8.6mm, brand-made manual winding movement
    Parmigiani ¥ 173,000

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    Beijing Watch Factory 55th Anniversary

    Beijing Watch Factory was established in 1958. It is located in the back garden of Beijing—Changping. Many people in the circle use “live 798” to describe the feeling it brings to people. It has experienced 55 years. The baptism, although the years left the traces of the disappearance of Beibei, but as a watch brand of the era, Beibei’s factory area has maintained the style of the 1960s. Bird’s eye view of Wenyu River. Beijing Watch Factory is immersed in the culture of the ancient capital, cultivating its talents, exploring the art of watches and clocks, challenging the limits of craftsmanship, and forming a ‘people-oriented, collaborative, realistic, and innovative’ corporate culture. In the more than 50 years since the establishment of the plant, Beibei has produced more than 15 series of mechanical and quartz electronic watch basic movements, and has cumulatively produced and sold more than 22 million watches and watch movements. In the past ten years, the development of Beibei can be said to have made rapid progress, restructuring the plant structure, purchasing advanced Swiss equipment and a series of actions, which have given this authentic national brand an international style.

    Dear Watch House friends, Hello everyone:

     Watch House sincerely invites 20 watch friends to attend the ‘Visit Beijing Watch Factory’ event. The registration method is as follows. I hope everyone will participate actively. Any watch watch home that is registered will have someone to contact you as soon as possible. During the event, you can visit the watchmaking workshop to learn about the process of watch making, visit the brand history and models of the Beijing Watch Museum, and share the wonderful stories behind it. At the same time, in order to thank the majority of watch friends for their support for this event, Watch House also specially prepared a very small and exquisite gift for everyone. Not only that, the friends who came to the scene can bring their own cameras, and when they return, they can submit our beautiful assignments in the Watch House Forum to participate in our activity assignments and have the opportunity to win surprise gifts.

    Event Name: 55th Anniversary of Beijing Watch Factory
    Event Date: June 4, 2013 (Tuesday)
    Activity time: 13:00-16:00
    Venue: Since the watch factory is located in Changping District, watch friends are invited to meet on the 4th of June (Tuesday) at 13:00 in the Jinyuan Times Business Center, Landianchang South Road, Haidian District, Beijing. Watch House will have The special car will take everyone to the watch factory, and they will be taken back to the meeting place after the event.

    ways of registration:
    1. Write down your real name and mobile number by leaving a message on this article
    2.Your real name and mobile phone number under the watch house forum PM
     Watch House Forum: Watch House Official Weibo: http://e.weibo.com/2269189267/zxBo3DjkE
    (We will contact you as soon as possible after you sign up)

    Consulting Tel: 010-88894918-848

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    Enjoy The Joy Of The Seashore Enjoy The Chopard Happy Ocean Stainless Steel Watch

    The rising temperature in the past few days has brought a bit of hot air. Equipment such as short sleeves and skirts has gradually become more visible. From the sense of sight, these cutting bodies will tell you in your ears that the enthusiastic summer is coming. Summer is approaching. In addition to blowing air conditioning at home, calling friends and friends to the beach has become a perfect way to avoid the summer heat. The azure blue water and soft sandy beaches are just a little cool when you think about it, which makes you yearn for the warm and comfortable seaside summer. In 2017, the famous Swiss watch brand Chopard brought a summer beachfront gift to the watch altar. At the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, they were shocked. With the brand’s proud diamond theme, they launched the new Happy Ocean. The series of stainless steel watches, with the green fluorescence of the turquoise material, brings endless seaside joy, showing the graceful and natural style in a vivid and interesting way. (Watch model: 278587-3001)

    Interpreting the joy of the waterfront with smart diamonds

       As another masterpiece of the Happy Sport series, the Happy Ocean series brings a touch of coolness to this summer sport. The watch continues the unique craftsmanship of the Happy series once again, so that every diamond that should be set on the watch has a sense of agility. Allows diamonds to ‘freely’ slide freely on the dial. The secret of this setting lies in the brand’s special double mirror, which makes a secret space above the dial, using visual overlap to bring a full sense of freshness to each viewer. At the same time, the free and easy-to-use diamonds are transformed into small, full and enticing small ice beads, giving each wearer a sense of happiness.
    The distinctive blue sea surface

    Chopard Happy Ocean stainless steel watch
       The Happy Ocean series is an upgraded version of the brand’s classic Happy Sport mid-to-high waterproof watch. The blue ocean color is integrated into the dial. Such a distinctive marine-style design brings unprecedented freshness and makes people shine Demonstrate the joy of Chopard’s seafront.

    Stainless steel case with anodized aluminum inserts and dots, white SLN material
       The 40mm stainless steel case is carefully polished and polished by the brand to reveal the beautiful sensory enjoyment of the material. The Happy series’ iconic shell shape, lugs and flanged trunnions are used. In addition, the new watch bezel incorporates a wave groove design to deepen the seaside theme in the details. The texture is soft and very beautiful.

    Stainless steel crown
       The polished stainless steel crown and case are integrated into one, showing the overall charm of the watch. The upper part of the crown is engraved with the Chopard ‘LOGO’, which refills the charm of the brand.

    Dial display
       On the navy blue matte dial, the central hour, minute and second hands are made in different styles. This design not only beautifies the surface of the dial, but also clearly and intuitively shows the time at the moment to the wearer, which facilitates time reading.

    Dazzling and ‘happy’ diamonds
       As the wearer’s arm swings, the free-standing diamonds will improvise on the azure ‘stage’ to dance a gorgeous round dance, vivid and highly ornamental.

    Yingying luminous show another seaside style
       It is worth mentioning that the watch’s luminous function is also more distinctive: the hour, second and three-dimensional hour markers emit light blue light, while the longer minute hand is filled with white SLN material, which emits a completely different green light. In a dark environment, the time at this time can be determined based on the color and shape of the pointer. Not only for night reading, but also for diving reading underwater.

    Sky blue rubber strap
       The watch is equipped with a sky blue rubber strap, which is more casual and sunny than the dark blue fabric strap.

    Chopard Happy Ocean stainless steel watch
    Summary: There are also red bezel models that show the enthusiasm of summer, while blue presents the fun of the beach. I believe that no matter what style of Chopard Happy Ocean series stainless steel watch can provide you with an unforgettable wearing experience, with the agility of diamonds, the breath of the seaside and traditional timepieces, a unique surprise on your wrist . Favorite cousin, may wish to look forward to its arrival.