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    At This Moment, The Core Movement Basel Tissot Brings The Stars To Help You Feel The Charm Of The Moment In The New Duluer Series Watches-wang Continental

    [March 22, 2018, Switzerland] The global watch industry event Basel Watch Show opened today, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot watch gathered at the booth, and for the first time announced the new Dulu Series. Brand friends, well-known actors Qiao Xin, Chen Xuedong, Song Weilong, Gao Yixiang, and Wang Dalu all made their first appearance at the Tissot watch booth, together with Tissot Global President François Thiébaud, Tissot Global Vice President of Marketing Mr. Bertrand Delvert and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, enjoyed the best products, and shared with the guests the charm of Tissot’s 165th anniversary. Since its inception, Tissot has always been committed to the modern innovation of Swiss traditional superb timepieces, building a wonderful world of ‘moments’ for the world, with every ingenuity and all-out effort to create the next moment of splendor and glory .

    Exterior view of Tissot’s Basel booth

    Tissot Basel booth
    Free and easy fashion

       At 18 o’clock in the evening on the first day, Wang Dadao wore a design-oriented dress and arrived at the Tissot stand for the first time. The Durul watch on his wrist added detail to today’s match. Fashionable and handsome, with a bright smile, he leaned over to watch and understand the brand new watch series launched by the brand, and showed a special interest in the Durul series of watches. In the try-on room, he was fascinated by the elegant and exquisite color matching of the new Durul series watches, and he was fascinated by the deep and trendy midnight blue at first sight, and constantly felt the retro fashion of this series of watches.
       As a young actor who grew up in a family of art collections, Wang Continental continued to explore the road of performing arts while retaining the strength of the art family. He used the energy and tenacity deeply rooted in his heart to open up the hidden surprises in time. Challenge, pay hard at this moment, and reap the joy of the next moment. Tissot also brings ingenuity and continuous exploration to bring more possibilities to the watch industry. At this moment, together with the Tissot watch on his wrist, he accumulates every moment, creates the future, and interprets the movement in which both tradition and fashion coexist.

    Mr. Francois Timbo, global president of Tissot watches, and Ms. Chen Suzhen, president of Swatch Group China, took a group photo with Wang Dadao (from left to right, Mr. Francois Timbo, global president of Tissot watches, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China)

    Group photo of Mr. Bertrand Delwater, Vice President of Tissot Global Market

    Wang Continental wears Tissot Duluer series men’s watch

    Wang Continental signs the Tissot watch box
    A century of heritage
       The star-studded Tissot watch stand is undoubtedly the focus of this year’s watch exhibition. The Tissot watch showcase also displays pieces of new timepieces full of ingenuity and heritage, the most amazing of which is the classic returning with a new attitude. Work-the new Durul series. When well-known actors Qiao Xin, Chen Xuedong, Song Weilong, Gao Yixiang, and Wang Dadao came to the Tissot watch booth, they chose to wear the new Duluer watch and they drew attention to other styles of the series at the booth.
       Since its birth in 1853, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has walked the 165th anniversary in the Time Gallery. It inherits the concept of “innovation comes from tradition”, and gives birth to new ideas. Master every moment, experience every moment, live every moment. Create unlimited value in a moment with a limited time. The Durul collection is named after the street where the Tissot watch factory was founded when it was established in Leloc, Switzerland-Durul Street in the small town of Leloc, Switzerland, where it is still the headquarters of the Tissot brand. Duluer series watches have a very important commemorative meaning for Tissot watches, containing precious brand history and feelings, condensing the brand’s 165 years of history in a wrist full of spiritual timepiece. A contemporary design pays tribute to Tissot’s long-established expertise in watchmaking and its ingenuity.

    Tissot Duluer watches inherit the precious history of the 165th anniversary

    Tissot Duluer watches inherit the precious history of the 165th anniversary
       With a wide range of styles, this series of watches are full of sincerity in detail and focus on bringing a pleasant wrist experience to the wearer. This series of three-hand watch, chronograph, world time and other models are all decorated with beautiful details, with exquisite Paris studs and three-dimensional scale hour markers, Tissot brand from Switzerland’s firm belief in every detail. The elegant texture of the 316L stainless steel strap seems to pull people’s minds to the top of Europe covered by snow, and let people experience the beautiful mountains and rivers together. The deep and solid blue and the rich dark texture also add a touch of artistic beauty that belongs to the Tissot brand. The elegant case is polished and brushed, and the arched sapphire glass is sturdy and rich in texture, perfectly showing the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and technology for more than a century. The collection looks attractive and exudes luxury, and it is excellent value for money. Whether it is a sun dial that fits perfectly with natural light, or a dial with a date display, it exudes the beauty of noble details with a unique design and spiritual power condensed in the seconds, reflecting the brand’s heart ——With this moment’s all-out effort and ingenuity inheritance, create the next brilliant moment. This moment, create the next moment!

    Tissot durull men’s watch

    Tissot Durul Women’s Watch
    For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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    The 7th Hamilton Behind The Scenes Heroes International Tribute To The Movie Behind The Scenes Heroes

    On November 10, 2013, the 7th Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards Awards Ceremony was held in the famous Ebell of Los Angeles Theater . The ceremony was sponsored and sponsored by the Hamilton Watch, which advocated the concept of daring and daring in 2006. It paid tribute to the filmmakers who made great contributions to the film.

     Hamilton BTCA has set up 10 behind-the-scenes awards including stylist (Costume Designer) and production designer (Production Designer). The award-winning film has been released in the past year, or has participated in Cannes, Toronto, Films from internationally renowned film events such as the Venice and American Film Institute Awards.

     The awards ceremony for this Hamilton behind-the-scenes heroes ceremony was hosted by Elisabeth Röhm, an actress who has starred in ‘The American Scam’ and ‘Escape From Terror’. Several well-known male and female stars and movie stars attended the ceremony as awards, including rock stars Lenny Kravitz, Amy Adams, Sandra Oh, Casey Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Jason Reitman, Bruce Dern, Jeremy Renner, and others. Rather than an awards ceremony, this is a family gathering of filmmakers, friendship, understanding, support, gratitude … In addition to the busy shooting work, filmmakers here express their praise to their partners and their love for the film industry . During the awarding process, the stars behind the scene retreated, and the hero behind the scene walked into the spotlight. The contrast between light and darkness made this respect extraordinarily warm and thick.

     The origins of Hamilton watches and movies have been around since 1951. They have appeared in more than 450 Hollywood movies including ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Superman Returns’ and ‘Man in Black’. It was in the 62-year collaboration with Hollywood that Hamilton discovered the success of a movie. In addition to the stars who are active in front of the screen, the staff behind the scenes is also very important. A costume or an accessory can add weight to the character and even become a major clue throughout the entire plot of the movie.

     The role of the watch in the movie is not a product of dry commercial cooperation, but an element that sets off the character’s personality and props that match the plot. In many appearances, the watch is like an actor. It needs to go through the audition of the costume stylist and props. When the existing models can not meet the needs of the film, you can even design a watch for the movie (‘2001 Space Odyssey’, Is a legend, etc.). In the process, Hamilton also gained momentum for self-improvement. The understanding and respect of these staff contributed to the prototype of ‘Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroes ceremony’ in 2003, and the birth of the ‘Timeless Style Award’. It has been held for three sessions with 03,04,05. Until 2006, this event broke through the scope of clothing designers and stylists, covering a series of behind-the-scenes roles in the filming and production process of art directors, photography, editing, Renamed to become the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards behind the scenes of the heroic heroes, and become a very meaningful scene in Hollywood every year. From Jodie Foster, Sean Penn, Harrison Ford, to director JJ Abrams (Star Trek), Michael Bay Bay, ‘Transformers’), Jon Favreau (‘Iron Man’) and many other Hollywood stars have paid tribute to their partners behind the scenes.

    The list of winners and guests of the 7th Hamilton Behind the Scenes Heroes International 2013 includes:

     Best Director: David O. Russell of ‘The American Scam’, presented by the actor Jeremy nominated for the Academy Award and Golden Globe -Reina
     Best Foreign Language Film / Director: Haifaa Al-Mansour of Wadjda, presented by Golden Globe Award, American Actors Guild Awards and Emmy Award Winner Wu Shanzhuo
     Best Screenplay: Brad Ingelsby and Scott Cooper of Out of the Furnace, presented with Academy Awards and Golden Globes Award-nominated actor Cassie Affleck
     · Best Producer: Robbie Brenner and Rachel Winter of Dallas Buyers Club with actress Zoe Sol Dana
     · Best Cast Director: Billy Hopkins and Leah Daniels-The Butler (directed by Lee Daniels) Butler), the award-winning guest is an actor, Grammy Award winner, singer / songwriter Lenny Crovets
     Best Art Director: Jess Goncher of Inside Llewyn Davis, presented by Robert Graf, the film’s producer
     Best Film Editing: Dana E. Glauberman of Labor Day, presented by Jason, director, screenwriter and producer nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globes -Reitman
     Best Costume Designer: Michael Wilkinson of The American Scam, presented by Amy Adams, actress nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globes
     Best Props Manager: Brad Einhorn of Behind The Candelabra, presented by actor Joe Manganiello
     · Lifetime Achievement Award for Cinematography: Nebraska’s Phedon Papamichael (member of the American Society of Cinematographers ASC), presented by the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Nominations Bruce Dunn

     Talking about the relationship between Hamilton watches and Hollywood, Mr. Sylvain Dolla, the global president of the brand, said: ‘Making a great watch has a lot in common with shooting an excellent movie. Hamilton uses filmmakers to create movie-like passion and Responsibility to create watches. We have a common goal-to inspire the audience. In the more than 60 years of close cooperation with the film, Hamilton has helped prop artists, stylists to create many real and vivid characters. ‘Pearl Harbor’ as For example, in order to respect the historical facts, the pilots in the show wear real Hamilton World War II military watches. ‘

     Hamilton walked from the movie to the audience. In addition to showing his watch’s personality and style, a watch became a bridge connecting behind-the-scenes efforts and the current glory. This is exactly the interpretation of the brand’s ‘careful and courageous’ concept. How dare you be the first.

     Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, Hamilton combines the spirit of free and decisive Americanism with the Swiss craftsmanship of excellence. Since 1951, Hamilton’s distinctive watches have always attracted the attention of screen stylists. The unique design of these watches has made them appear in more than 400 films, including Hollywood films and European, Chinese and Russian masterpieces. Over the years, Hamilton has created tailor-made watches for movies. In the legendary director Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the science fiction masterpiece ‘I Am This is reflected in the I Am Legend and Men In Black trilogy. In 2013, Hamilton teamed up with Bruce Willis to showcase his skills in Tiger Gallant 5.

     Hamilton is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor.

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    Fei Tianwang’s Favorite Rolex 劳力士

    Roger Federer is one of the most outstanding tennis players in history. Not only has he won 18 Grand Slams, but he has also won the most championship titles in Wimbledon. hand. For Swiss-born Federer, tennis is not about breaking records. In the summer of 2009, his first twins were born, just as Federer successfully broke the 14 Grand Slam records originally held by Pete Sampras in Wimbledon, achieving his aspirations. The Rolex watch he wore that day reminded him of that meaningful summer.

    Roger Federer is a well-known Swiss tennis player. He has set a total of 18 Grand Slam singles titles and ranked first in the world for 237 consecutive singles. He has been regarded as one of the greatest players in tennis before he retired.

    ‘What I care about most is not the record-breaking. The goals I have always set are very pragmatic, such as hoping to be ranked in the top 100 in the world, or even to be in the top 10, etc. Anyway, I will make every effort to pursue my dreams . ‘Federer said.
    The turning point in Federer’s life was when he left his hometown at the age of fourteen to train at the Tennis Centre of the Swiss Tennis Association. The three years there were the most important moments in his life, witnessing his adulthood, and also trying to grasp the mental state he should have when facing stress. It takes six years for Federer to really play on the tennis court. During that period, he was defeated many times because of his failure to control his emotions. He took it for granted that he was very disappointed and understood that he must improve his psychological quality. It wasn’t until Federer really realized how to adjust his mental state that he finally reached a real state of relief-and therefore made his season even better.
    After going through many battles, Federer slowly realized that he had the opportunity to become the first Swiss tennis player in the world. With this consciousness, he successfully armed his mentality to move forward bravely, inspired and inspired by his opponents, his own record of opportunity to break, and his love of participating in the competition.

    After Federer’s emergence in the tennis world, 2009 was regarded as an important key to establishing his great position. At the Wimbledon final, he won the championship with Roddick from the United States in five sets, officially rewriting the personal grand slam maintained by Sampras recording

    2009 was the year Federer became famous. That year, he won the French Open for the first time. He went to Wimbledon to try to break the Grand Slam record of Shanpras. That year, Federer advanced all the way to the championship and fought five sets with Roddick, the American giant. In the end, he won the victory and successfully broke the personal 15th Grand Slam Gold Cup. When Federer lifted the trophy, he was wearing a Rolex watch.
    The Oyster Perpetual Datejust II is far-reaching for Federer. Whenever he looks at his watch, the picture on the record day of 2009 is vividly remembered: Sampras personally came to watch the final, Swedish iceman Bjorn Bo Björn Borg also went to the field to watch the game. John McEnroe served as the judge of this high-profile decisive match. At the time, Australian tennis legend Rod Laver also appeared on the scene. Legends are gathered here. Federer remembers stepping out of the court, and these tennis stars came to the sidelines to congratulate him on writing his own record.

    Federer, who owns many Rolex watches, believes that the Oyster Perpetual Datejust II worn at the time of the 2009 record-breaking period has profound meaning for him, as if all the tension, excitement and passion are condensed in this watch, even though the years have passed, but The rich touch of the watch itself will not fade away as a result

    Federer mentioned that every time he wears a Rolex Rolex watch, fond memories come to mind. At the same time, it reminds this professional Swiss tennis legend who must be perfect in his career that he must always be hardworking and competitive. Only with unswerving will and determination can he be more brave, and the spirit of fair play must be implemented on the court. Shape your personal style. The 35-year-old Swiss tennis player now proud of the fourth place in the world is still proud of his ardent ambitions. He continues to struggle on the court and erect a higher ‘Federer obstacle’ for the late players as the ultimate goal to motivate himself.

    Oyster Perpetual Datejust II

    Stainless steel, platinum material / 3135 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 41mm

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    Fluoro Party

    What do you think of urban hipsters? Is the modern lady’s office wearing fashionable patent leather high heels and spraying niche perfumes? Or a gentleman in a suit and leather at the negotiating table? In fact, the real hipsters don’t appear on the surface. The moment of self-release is their charm. In the daytime, they are the elites of vertical and horizontal games in high-rise buildings; at night, they become the dynamic elves of fluorescent parties, and they still shine!

    Psychedelic electric sound storm, sweeping colorful carnival

       When the magical fluorescent color is strong and the sound waves are strong, a sudden storm of electric sound will lead you to the wanton carnival of the party night. With the strongest dynamic rhythm on the ground, the daytime urban elite transformed into a night elf, shaking with a fluorescent strap around his wrist. The notes seemed to take away all the annoyances, just want to feel the freedom of being completely released every second now.

    Fluorescent night run check-in, give the city a bit of color

       Put on dynamic running shoes and The Swatch Vibe series fluorescent watch, and start the fluorescent night running punching journey of urban hipsters. In the dark night, the fluorescent wave spots on the wrist shine even more under the illumination of the modern urban blur lights. The colorful fluorescence beats with breathing, touching every nerve in the hair tip. Every corner of the city has left us footsteps and a cool attitude to life. Young, is to give this city a little look!
    Hip hop graffiti, coloring the night


       For urban hipsters, the rules are used to break. Put on a large jacket, wear a black choker and bright fluorescent Swatch, and use creative colors in front of the abandoned factory wall. Express individuality and rebellion with capital letters and spray paint graffiti. Even if you are familiar with the worldly and smooth of the adult world, you will leave a sloppy and pure spiritual space on this wall, and meet the most true self.

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    Innovation And Inheritance And Present Breguet Baselworld 2015 New Product Summary

    Baselworld 2015 is nearing its end. As the annual industry event, Baselworld brings together the industry’s most outstanding watchmaking skills and is also the source of inspiration for watch and jewelry design. It can be said that A world-class art exhibition. At this year’s watch exhibition, we not only saw the future development trend of the watch industry, but also felt the solid strength of traditional watch making. Future development, let us review together what new products Breguet has released at the Basel 2015.

    Breguet Heritage Series 7077 Chronograph

       As an independent complication, chronographs have always had their place in the watchmaking industry. The timepiece itself presents the passage of time in an intuitive way, but achieving other mechanical functions is a big challenge, because adding a timing function will interfere with the operation of the main gear train. In order to avoid this problem, Breguet uses two independent gear trains in the new Heritage Chronographe Indépendant 7077 chronograph: a set for driving the hour and minute hands, adjusted by a balance wheel with a frequency of 3 Hz, with Hour power reserve; the gear train for timing functions uses a 5 Hz high-frequency balance wheel to ensure timing accuracy, and cooperates with the gear train responsible for time display. The two gear trains are not connected to each other, so turning on the timing function will not affect the movement of the movement.

    For more details, please click: Among the many compelling complex functions, the minute repeater function is undoubtedly unique. Over the years, Breguet has launched a number of timepieces, and has continuously improved its timekeeping sound through continuous innovation. This year, Breguet’s watchmakers incorporated the new series of Tradition 7087 watches into the minute repeater, creating a new timepiece around the sound. Using simulation, approximately 100,000 sounds were synthesized and classified according to psychoacoustic criteria. After repeated listening and evaluation of these sounds, two target timbres were finally determined in order to completely change the timbre of the chronograph with the help of modern harmony and tuning technology. Based on this, we set out to design a new timepiece to reproduce the original sound from the mechanical structure.

    For more details, please click: Breguet Tradition Automatique Seconde Retrograde 7097 will reveal the plate, bridge, gear, escapement, clockwork and other movement parts that were originally hidden under the dial bottom plate, so as to make it clear to the Subscription Tribute to the mechanical design of the single-hand pocket watch and the Tact touch. Decorative details and symmetrical bridge structure enhance the watch’s balanced visual effect. The bridge and the bottom cover are specially hammered. This decoration process requires extremely precise technology and perfect operation to ensure that all details are harmonious and unified. The gold automatic model borrowed from the movement style of that period, and the hand-crafted engraved flower stud pattern set off the gold-plated silver dial at the eccentric position at 12. This dial also appeared in the touch watch made by Mr. Bao Di from 1799.

    For more details please click: ans de Marine ‘5823 chronograph

       On the occasion of Abraham–Louis Breguet’s 200th anniversary as the Royal Watchmaker of the Royal Navy, Breguet has launched a precious chronograph: Marine Chronographe “200 ans de Marine” 5823 table. This self-winding watch is limited to 200 pieces and features a platinum case for a refined look. In addition, the hand-carved gold rotor has a two-tone black and rhodium-plated design. The matte black gold dial clearly shows the hours and minutes, with a chronograph second and minute hands in the centre. In addition, this limited edition model is also equipped with two small dials, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock and an hour counter at 6 o’clock. The date window, also located at 6 o’clock, completes the display of this watch. This 42 mm diameter watch is equipped with a black rubber strap.

    For more details please click: de Plume Haute Joaillerie High Jewellery Watch

       The Plumes collection is inspired by the wife of Louis XVI, and is the face of Breguet’s women’s jewelry watches-the French Queen Marie Antoinette. The patron saint of time has never stopped writing to her husband and her family in Austria. Empress Marie Antoinette used a pen to express her desire for freedom, a consistent theme in her letters. This background prompted Breguet’s watchmakers to create a poetic timepiece, using ancient decorative methods such as carving, and extraordinary gem setting, reminiscent of a feathery quill pen.

    For more details, please click: & 9808 mini princess watch

       In 1810, Abraham-Louis Breguet created the first watch in history for Queen Caroline Murat of Naples. This timepiece is famous for its exquisite case. The elegant arc is not only a praise of feminine femininity, but also a tribute to the origin of life. The Queen of Naples watch not only has an iconic shape, but also has a unique movement. Although many watchmakers produce mechanical movements for men only, Breguet has designed mechanical timepieces for women from the beginning. This year, the Queen of Naples series will launch two new products, which will surely win the favor of female customers with slender wrists. The irresistible charm of this collection is concentrated in these Reine de Naples Princesse Mini watches, measuring only 32.9 x 27.3 mm.
    For more details, please click: The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2015 Basel Watch Fair Breguet brought by the special editor of the Watch House. Next, we will present more and more intuitive exhibition reports. attention.
    For more details, please click the live feature of Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair: