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    Christie’s Spring Shoots Eight Million Patek Philippe

    On May 30, Christie’s Hong Kong’s ‘Exquisite Watches’ Spring Sale achieved a total turnover of 168 million Hong Kong dollars (about 130 million yuan), which has become the highest watch auction in Asia by far . The legendary Patek Philippe 5002, which has long been sought after by the studio, has won the top spot, with a transaction price of 10.6 million Hong Kong dollars. At this auction, Patek Philippe entered into the top ten with a total of eight watches, and the transaction prices were more than two million Hong Kong dollars.

    1. Patek Philippe 5002 Star Moon Tourbillon
    Transaction price: HK $ 10,068,000
    Estimate: HK $ 7,200,000-HK $ 12,000,000
    Patek Philippe 5002 Star and Moon Tourbillon, extremely important and rare, 18K white gold dual dial watch with 12 complex functions, including: three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, retrograde calendar, star chart, stellar hour, moon phase and moon Track, track display, model 5002, with certificate and box, made in 2006.
    Patek Philippe 5002P nicknamed Sky Moon Tourbillon 5002P model, is Patek Philippe’s most complicated watch product since its inception, and is also known as the best existing work. The movement is rich in 686 components, which make up the 12 most important watch complications. Because of its technical complexity and ingenious design, only one of 180 Patek Philippe master watchmakers can make this model.

    2. Patek Philippe 5207 watch
    Transaction price: HK $ 6,500,000
    Estimate HK $ 5,400,000-HK $ 8,000,000
    Patek Philippe Ref. 5207 watch, very fine and rare, platinum watch with minute repeater, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, leap year and day and night display, model 5207, with certificate, box and box, made in 2009.
    5207 The most prominent feature of the extremely complex new watch masterpiece is its low-key and restrained appearance. At first glance, like the round and beautiful Calatrava series, the balanced dial is clearly legible. You need to be careful to see the sliders of the minute repeater, and the tourbillon of Patek Philippe watches has always used a concealed design. If you don’t notice the tiny window on the right side of the moon phase display window to display the year, it will be difficult to find that this watch was originally equipped with a perpetual calendar. In this way, each discovery will bring new surprises to the viewers, and finally it is clear that for Patek Philippe, the concept of designing complex functions is convenient for the wearer. However, there is one feature that can only be seen at midnight: that is the instantaneous switching of all calendar displays. This is not only an amazing feature, but also the ultimate embodiment of Patek Philippe’s extraordinary complexity with 212 parts.

    3. Patek Philippe Model 5016
    Transaction price: HK $ 4,940,000
    Estimate HK $ 3,400,000-HK $ 5,000,000
    Patek Philippe, rare and important, platinum watch with perpetual calendar, three questions, tourbillon, retrograde calendar, moon phase and leap year display, model 5016, with certificate, box and bottom cover, circa 2007.
    5016 production life began in 1993. Before the Patek Philippe Tourbillon 5002 did not appear, 5016 was the most complicated model in the Patek Philippe watch series. In the 5016 watch, Patek Philippe combines the perpetual calendar function with the date hand retrograde structure. When the 1st of each month comes, it will bring the wearer to enjoy the hands back to the starting point instantly. Month, year, and leap year are also displayed in a snap. If the watch is not stopped, it can be maintained without any adjustment until February 28, 2100 (the moon phase display will only differ by one day after 122 years and 45 days). The 5207 launched by Patek Philippe last year and this watch are equipped with a movement. The difference is that the 5207 changes the retrograde date component on the original 5016 movement into an instantaneous perpetual calendar module. The ‘QI’ is used in the movement model. To represent.

    4. Patek Philippe Model 5013
    Transaction price: HK $ 3,860,000
    Estimate HK $ 2,400,000-HK $ 4,000,000
    Patek Philippe, rare and fine, 18K gold, barrel-shaped automatic winding watch, with minute repeater, perpetual calendar, retrograde calendar, moon phase and leap year display, model 5013, with certificate, bottom cover and box, about 2008.
    The 5013 was first introduced in 1992 with an elegant “cask” case. Ref. 5013 was the first minute repeater with an automatic winding movement and an automatic flyback date hand. When the watch was launched, it was the most complicated watch ever made by Patek Philippe. The watch officially ceased production in 2010.

    5. Patek Philippe Model 5074
    Transaction price: HK $ 3,500,000
     Estimate HK $ 2,500,000-HK $ 4,300,000
    Patek Philippe, fine, rare and extra large, 18K gold watch with minute repeater, perpetual calendar, moon phase and leap year display, model 5074, with back cover, certificate and box, made in 2005.
    In 2001, Patek Philippe introduced the Sky Moon Tourbillon, the first minute repeater watch in this project to emit only the church bell. Later, Patek Philippe added the rare minute repeater performance to its self-winding complex performance watch, introducing the Ref.5074 minute repeater perpetual calendar watch.

    6. Patek Philippe Silk Enamel ‘Lighthouse’ Watch
    Transaction price: HK $ 3,140,000
    Estimate HK $ 1,600,000-HK $ 2,400,000
    Patek Philippe, unique, 18K red gold watch with center seconds and enamel ‘lighthouse’ dial, model 2481, made in 1955.
    LighthouseAmong Patek Philippe’s many historical works, the Pink 2 The Lighthouse 2481 model with a central seconds hand and a silk enamel dial (estimate: HK $ 1,600,000
    (-2,400,000 / US $ 200,000-300,000), is considered to be one of the largest watches ever. The watch was launched in 1950, and its filigree enamel dial design has cited the brand’s leadership in aesthetics, craftsmanship and rarity. In the 1940s and 1950s, Patek Philippe produced only a handful of timepieces with minimal timepieces. Among them, the works with beautifully detailed and finely detailed filigree enamel dials were very few. Map or forest, or a lighthouse pattern similar to this one. Like this lot, it is in good condition, without any flaws or damage, making it truly a collector’s choice.

    7. Patek Philippe 3939 watch
    Transaction price: HK $ 2,660,000
    Estimate HK $ 1,600,000-HK $ 2,400,000
    Patek Philippe, very delicate and important, 18K gold watch with minute repeater, tourbillon, enamel dial and Breguet numerals, model 3939. The watch was first introduced in 1993 and discontinued in 2011. This watch has two complex functions of a minute repeater and a tourbillon, and its unparalleled resonance is enough to conquer any discerning collector. In order to avoid exposure to sunlight for too long to affect accuracy, Patek Philippe chose to hide the tourbillon rather than present it on the dial. With 18K yellow gold and a classic 33mm diameter case, it is reminiscent of Patek Philippe’s elegant signature: the Calatrava. The exquisite white enamel dial, as always, the cleanest lines of Patek Philippe, a low-key and elegant aesthetic.

    8. Patek Philippe Model 2497
    Transaction price: HK $ 2,420,000
    Estimate HK $ 2,000,000-HK $ 2,800,000
    Patek Philippe, rare, 18K gold watch with perpetual calendar, center seconds and moon phase display, model 2497, made in 1955.

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    Hoya Image Ambassador C Luo Won The 2014 Golden Globe Award

    On the evening of January 13, local time, the 2015 FIFA Golden Globe Awards ceremony was held in Zurich, Switzerland. The Portuguese national team captain and La Liga Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) won the third Golden Globe award in his career with a 37.66% vote rate, successfully defending the title. Messi (15.76%) ranked No. 2 with a weak advantage of 0.04% over Neuer (15.72%).
       When a reporter asked about his ideal of life, Ronaldo replied: ‘I am eager to win the Golden Globe again and become one of the greatest football players in history.’ The perfect expression of the TAG Heuer concept.

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    Big Unit Chronograph Introduced By Athens Watch

    Johnson has been an official friend of the brand since early July. When he announced the strategic partnership with Athens Watch CEO Patrik Hoffman, he announced the development of a new watch for the athlete-‘Big Unit ‘. The Athens Big Unit Chronograph will be accompanied by a beautiful baseball-themed box and Johnson’s autograph.
    Baseball pitcher legend Randy Johnson-The 6-foot-10 inch World Series champion, nicknamed ‘Big Unit’, has always been a watch collector and a big fan of Athens watches. Johnson has been an official friend of the brand since the beginning of July. When he announced the strategic partnership with Athens watch CEO Patrik Hoffman, he announced the development of a new watch for the athlete-‘Big Unit’.

    Ulysse Nardin launches “ Big Unit ” chronograph
    The number ’51’ on the bezel-Johnson’s number-this position normally belongs to ’50’. The small dial at 6 o’clock has the words ‘Big Unit’ and ‘Limited Edition’. The main color of the watch is black, with rose gold, red and blue elements appearing on the dial and bezel. The case is a stainless steel case with a black rubber coating, 45.8mm in diameter, and is water-resistant to 200 meters. Screw-down crown, sapphire glass and case back, non-reflective.
    Caliber UN-35 automatic movement on the back, 30-second chronograph, small seconds, date display, 42-hour power reserve. The watch comes with a black rubber strap and a folding buckle.
    Athens Big Unit chronograph will be accompanied by a beautiful, baseball-themed box, and Johnson’s autograph. Pricing is $ 15,500 and will be available for retail in late 2012 or early 2013.
    Technical parameters: Movement: Caliber UN-35, automatic; 42-hour power reserve function: hours, minutes, small seconds display; timekeeping function; date function case and strap: stainless steel case with a diameter of 45.8mm, black rubber Coating; non-reflective sapphire glass mirror and case back; screw-in crown; waterproof 200 meters; rubber strap, folding clasp dial and hands: black dial; small seconds at 3 o’clock; 9 o’clock 30-minute timer; custom-made red chronograph hands with baseball logo balance. Limited to 100 pieces.

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    The ‘slow’ Attitude Of Life Three Two-hand Watches Recommended

    The charm of the two-hand watch lies in being ‘slow’. Because there is no rhythm of the second, the disk tends to be more peaceful and indifferent. Can better interpret the simple but not simple sense of quality. Sometimes, compared to fast-paced life, we often need to slow down, pure taste, ultimate simplicity and beauty. Today, the Watch House recommends three good two-hand watches.

    Vacheron Constantin 81180 / 000R-9159 watch

    Product Model: 81180 / 000R-9159
    Domestic public price: RMB 145,000
    Watch diameter: 40 mm
    Case thickness: 6.79 mm
    Movement type: manual mechanical
    Movement model: 1400
    Case material: 18K 5N pink gold
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details:
    Product model: 201.027
    Domestic public price: RMB 108,000
    Watch diameter: 37 mm
    Case thickness: 5.9 mm
    Movement type: manual mechanical
    Movement model: Cal.L093.1
    Case material: 18k white gold
    Watch details: Like the THIN series, the brand inherited the classic design of the SAXONIA series in 2015. With a 37mm 18K white gold case, a silver-white solid silver dial, 18K white gold rod-shaped three-dimensional hour-markers are attached to the dial, and the double-hour design at 12 o’clock is more eye-catching. In addition, the thinner appearance makes this watch more elegant and elegant. The overall layout is simple and elegant. The watch is equipped with a cal. L093.1 manual-winding movement, which provides a 72-hour power reserve. It is also a relatively good two-hand watch. If you like the high cold of platinum, you can consider this.
    Piaget Altiplano G0A42107 watch

    Product model: G0A42107
    Domestic public price: RMB 140,000
    Watch diameter: 38 mm
    Case thickness: 6 mm
    Movement type: manual mechanical
    Movement model: Cal.430P
    Case material: 18k white gold
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details: piaget / 53195 /
    Watch Reviews: In recent years, the integration of color has made the classic models look more new. Just like this Piaget Altiplano watch. Incorporating deep Piaget blue into the new ultra-thin watch, redefining the luxurious and chic style of platinum. The case is polished in 18K white gold, and its extremely thin thickness shows outstanding watchmaking skills. Piaget blue dial, retouched by the sun, produces a gradient effect, very beautiful. The center is equipped with a retro-style swashplate, which is integrated with the hour and minute hands and the three-dimensional Barton time scale, which brings an excellent look and makes the time indication more intuitive. The watch is paired with a dark blue checked crocodile leather strap, which blends with the color of the dial, showing the unique and stylish aesthetic of this watch.
    Summary: The three two-hand watches recommended to you today all have their own iconic appearance and excellent performance. It is the best choice for people who like ‘slow’ life and love taste. If you like one of them, you might as well pay more attention.

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    Want A Multifunctional Watch? Three Major Brand Comparisons Help You Get In Place

    Many people who love sports or have a hot temper will prefer multi-function watches. There are many types of multi-function watches. Generally speaking, at least with timing or full calendar is multi-function, but if you It is not impossible to think of it in one step. If in the past, a large number of functions were fused together, generally only high-end watches can be made, and the price is extremely expensive, but today, this is not a big problem.
    Mido Belem Celli M8607.4.M1.12 watch

    Watch price: RMB 18,800
    Watch diameter: 42 mm
    Watch thickness: — —
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel
    Water resistance: 50 meters
    Watch details:
    Watch price: RMB 25,000
    Watch diameter: 40 mm
    Watch thickness: — —
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details:
    Watch price: RMB 40,500
    Watch diameter: 42 mm
    Watch thickness: — —
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details: 7751 provides a very lethal category for this stage, almost all the commonly used functions are integrated into one, but also has a very powerful price advantage and performance, if you like multi-function, this is the ability A multifunctional watch that puts you in one step.