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    Glashütte Movement Inverted Big Calendar Watch

    The new Glashütte original movement inverted large calendar watch PanoMaticlnverse shows the charm of the mechanical movement, and the double gooseneck trimmer on the dial makes Glashütte’s original design process shine. .

    New self-winding, patented calendar

     Introduced in 2008, the PanoInverse, an inverted watch with a movement first presenting a double gooseneck trimmer on the dial, is the first masterpiece of a Saxon watch factory to showcase the inherent beauty of mechanical watches. In order to display the parts that are usually located on the bottom of the watch on the dial, many movement parts need to be improved, and individual parts and modules must be redesigned and manufactured at the same time. A new type 66 manual winding movement came into being .

     The PanoMaticInverse, a watch with a large inverted calendar, which will be available for the first time at Baselworld 2014, will further develop this design concept. The new 91-02 automatic winding movement has a 42-hour power reserve. On the 42mm dial, the hours, minutes and seconds are on the left, and Glashütte’s original patented large calendar display is in the upper right corner. In addition to the automatic winding function and easy-to-read calendar display, this watch combines extraordinary design, exquisite craftsmanship and reasonable functions into one, and contains a comprehensive consideration of comfort and fashion.

    Glashütte will be exhibiting the PanoMaticInverse watch (red gold) at the Baselworld 2014

     Large Inverted PanoMaticInverse Watch (Stainless Steel)

     The elegance of the PanoMaticlnverse watch with an upside-down movement is self-evident-three-quarters of rhodium-plated splints are decorated with Glashütte original classic ribs, blue steel screws, ruby ​​bearings, blue steel hands with luminous coating, elegance The big calendar, of course, also includes the perfect double gooseneck trimmer. The 100% original design and manufacture of the self-winding movement has a carved and carved balance plate, and the screw balance below is dancing like a heartbeat.

     The perfect double gooseneck fine-tuning device makes Glashütte’s original design process shine.

     The movement of the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal at the bottom of the watch. The exquisite hollow central automatic oscillating weight is equipped with 21K gold rims. The automatic oscillating orbit perfectly complements the classic decorative pattern. The asymmetrical dial design provides ample space for the double gooseneck trimmer, which contrasts with the characteristic dial design of Glashütte’s original eccentric series.

     21K gold rim trims the delicate hollow central rotor.

     The outstanding PanoMaticlnverse watch with an upside-down movement has two options: one is a polished red gold case with frosted finish and golden hour indexes. The Louisiana alligator leather frosted strap presents a warm brown in harmony with it, which fits your wrist comfortably;  the other is very eye-catching, showing a cool shimmering, frosted polished stainless steel case, blue Color hour markers and a perfectly matched dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap. Both models come with red gold or stainless steel folding clasps, depending on their model.