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    Not A Diving Enthusiast, But Also Has A Heart That Loves Diving Watches. Three Diving Watch Recommendations

    As summer approaches, the hot weather gradually increases our chance of contact with water. Taking a break from work and swimming on the weekends can also be one of the good ways to find coolness and ease. As a person who likes clocks, although most of them are not diving enthusiasts, whenever we talk about water, the first thing we think of is diving watches. Because its outstanding performance and outstanding appearance have already moved you and me, deeply imprinted deep inside. It’s almost time to enter the summer season, so choosing to wear a diving watch is also appropriate. It is a good choice for diving and daily matching.

    Tudor Kai Cheng m79230b-0000 watch

    Watch price: CHF 3200
    Watch diameter: 41 mm
    Watch thickness: — —
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel
    Water resistance: 200 meters
    Watch details: 674 7655 7184-Set watch

    Watch price: RMB 35200
    Watch diameter: 46 mm
    Watch thickness: — —
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: titanium alloy
    Water resistance: 500 meters
    Watch details: 29450
    Watch diameter: 43 mm
    Watch thickness: — —
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Titanium / ceramic
    Water resistance: 300 meters
    Watch details: Watch review: The combination of black titanium metal and ceramics perfectly combines the durable chemical properties of both with a full and classic eye appearance. From the appearance alone, it has a reliable classic texture. Come. The smoky-gray sandblasted dial is decorated with a horizontal line effect effect, giving the hour markers and function dial a three-dimensional impression. The hands and hour markers of the watch are covered with a luminous layer, which makes it easy to observe the time even in a dark environment, which is very convenient. In addition, there are chronograph and date display functions, which add charm to this watch.

    To sum up: The hot summer is coming, and the time for the arm to show the wrist gradually increases. Whether diving or not, an excellent diving watch is indispensable. This article introduces three more classic diving watches for everyone, and your favorite tablemates will act now!

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    Jacquet Droz Presents A Masterpiece Of Enamel Crafts For Empty Windows-small Hour Dial “Petite Heure Minute” Smalta Clara Colibri “) —

    The eccentric hour and minute dial of the Petite Heure Minute watch has once again become a stage for creative workshops. On the dial, two hummingbirds with different styles are presented in the enamel technique of empty windows. Each watch is limited to eight pieces.


      In 2018, Jaquet Droz’s art workshop showcases extraordinary creativity with innovative works. The art workshop re-uses the millennium-old enamel technology of empty windows to create a masterpiece of clocks and cathedrals in the style of the cathedral.


      The finished product created by this process is not a single enamel, but consists of enamel blocks of different colors and shapes, and the enamel blocks are separated by gold wires. This technology is the same as the stained glass technology, which requires precise grasp of the flames. Each firing in the furnace can have an irreversible effect on the color, with the risk of cracking the glaze. In the end, the empty window enamel process (Latin name ‘smalta clara’) can create endlessly colorful and dazzling grille decorations. Jaquet Droz applied this demanding technology to watchmaking, and designed a timepiece with no bottom cover, which made the movement soft and gorgeous.


      Small hour and minute dial ‘Petite Heure Minute’ Smalta Clara Colibri ‘) watch with’ Charming Bird ‘watch movement, Jaquet Droz size The smallest movement. The extremely small movement opens up ample space for the dial, allowing the empty window enamel to be sprayed on the widest possible surface.
      The hummingbird that once appeared on the famous Tropical Wind Repeater (Tropical Bird Repeater) became the protagonist of this watch. The hummingbird’s feathers are bright, and it has the characteristics of changing colors and gloss according to flight dynamics, showing beautiful scenery. Jaquet Droz’s art workshop created two colorful hummingbirds to bring timepieces to life. The hummingbird of the first watch was pink and light blue tones, matching the mother-of-pearl dial with a red gold case set with 100 diamonds (0.89 carats). The hummingbirds of the second watch have green and turquoise bird feathers, set against a blue underside. Two blue-steel hands move past the mother-of-pearl dial, paired with a white gold case set with 100 diamonds. Both watches are equipped with a gold or platinum oscillating weight decorated with a hand-engraved hummingbird motif, and a satin strap that matches the main color. Each is limited to eight pieces. The light penetrates the timepiece and softens the diffracted layers of its bloom, highlighting the rare and unique characteristics of Jaquet Droz’s work.
      ‘Some watches tell time. Some tell a story’
      What is Time to Move: Last year, the Swatch Group announced its withdrawal from Baselworld 2019. Then from May 14th to 16th this year, six high-end brands under the Swatch Group: Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Glashütte Glashütte Original and OMEGA jointly held a new product launch exhibition in Switzerland to display brand new models of this year. At the same time, nearly 200 media from around the world are invited to participate.

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    Six Large Watch Watches Recommended

    In this messy society, many people will follow the wave, but there are some people who will always pursue themselves and show their true self. Just like some people prefer large-calibre watches, there is no reason, no excuse, just like. These people naturally like this kind of imposing thing, so today bring your own taste and look for a watch with your own flavor and taste.

     Longines Master Series L2.673.4.78.3

      Watch Series: Master Craftsman
     Table diameter: 40 mm
      Movement type: automatic machinery
      Sex: Male
      Case material: stainless steel
      Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
     Table bottom: back to back
      Domestic public price: 25,000
      Watch details: Brief review: round stainless steel case, wear-resistant sapphire crystal, transparent sapphire crystal case back. Diameter: 40.00 mm. Water-resistant to 30 meters (about 100 feet). Movement: L678 self-winding mechanical movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a 46-hour power reserve. Functions: Hour and minute display, 60-second central chronograph hand. The date is indicated by a ring on the dial, indicated by a half-moon-shaped central hand. Moon phase display and 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, small seconds and 24-hour indicator at 9 o’clock, 30-minute counter and week and month display at 12 o’clock. Dial: Polished silver “grain” pattern, 9 black Arabic numerals, blue steel hands. Bracelet: brown alligator leather strap, tri-fold safety buckle (can be combined with stainless steel bracelet).

      IWC Automatic Portofino Automatic IW356502 watch

     Watch Series: Portofino
     Table diameter: 40 mm
     Movement type: automatic machinery
     Sex: Male
     Case material: Stainless steel
     Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
     Table bottom: dense bottom
     Domestic public price: ¥ 35,000
     Watch details: Brief comment: The beautiful scenery of Portofino and the relaxed and casual style of Mediterranean life make it exudes charm and attracts many people who understand taste aesthetics. The iwc Portofino automatic watch, with its subtle and elegant style, interprets the dolce vita-style art of life in the 60s, and also makes people pursuing the beauty of life.

    Omega Hour Vision 431. watch

     Watch Series: Disc Flying
    Table diameter: 41 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Table bottom: back to back
    Domestic public price: ¥ 53,200
     A brief review of the details of the watch: the crystal mirror surface adopts the arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective and wear-resistant sapphire crystal, a round stainless steel case, and a dark blue dial. Black alligator leather strap, decent overall. The self-winding movement with coaxial escapement guarantees stable and long-lasting accurate timekeeping. Cardless balance with hairspring, double rollers, two-way automatic winding, reducing winding time. The bridge and swing assembly are decorated with Arabic-style Geneva ripples.

    Zenith 03.2130.682 / 02.C498 watch

     Watch Series: Commander
     Table diameter: 40 mm
     Movement type: automatic machinery
     Sex: Male
     Case material: stainless steel
     Table bottom: back to back
     Domestic public price: ¥ 38,300
     Watch details: Brief comment: round stainless steel case, wear-resistant sapphire crystal. The date is displayed at 6 o’clock. The dark brown crocodile leather strap symbolizes the maturity and restraint of a man.

     Chopard MilleMigliaGTXLChrono 168511-3001 watch

      Table diameter: 42 mm
      Movement Type: Automatic
      Gender: Male
      Case material: Stainless steel
      Strap Material: Rubber
      Bottom of the table: Back through
      Domestic public price: ¥ 39,000
       Watch details: Brief comment: The timing function includes a 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock and a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock. The tachometer scale is set on the dial and automatically obtained by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) Chain movement.

     Tissot CARSON T068.427.16.011.00 watch

      Table diameter: 43 mm
      Movement type: automatic machinery
      Sex: Male
      Case material: Stainless steel
      Strap material: leather strap
      Table bottom: back to back
      Domestic Public Price: No
      Watch details: Brief comment: round stainless steel case, white dial with chronograph function, dark brown leather belt. The polished case, three-dimensional scales and sword-shaped hands all create a meticulous gentleman image. The low-key and exquisite design shows the connotation and background of the wearer.

      Summary: Today, the large watch has become the favorite watch of elite men all over the world. Whether it is business, leisure or outdoor sports, it can always be one of the classic accessories for men to show their identity and taste.

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    Breguet ‘inventor Of Tourbillon’ Theme Exhibition Respecting Jinling

    (Nanjing, May 9, 2014) The Breguet brand opened the first ‘Breguet, the pioneer of timepiece invention. The inventor of tourbillon.’ The theme China tour exhibition, landing in the Six Dynasties The ancient capital of Nanjing has begun a ten-day journey of timepiece art and history. Today, the Breguet boutiques located in Nanjing Deji Plaza Shopping Center are constantly welcoming high-end watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs of Jinling City, learning about one of the greatest inventions in the history of watchmaking in the world-the innovative technology of tourbillon Development history, and nearly 20 precious tourbillon timepieces that Breguet brought to this exhibition. It deserves particular attention that the Breguet CLASSIQUE TOURBILLON EXTRA-PLAT AUTOMATIQUE 5377PT ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon platinum, which debuted at the Basel International Fine Watch and Jewellery Show 2014 and has the world’s thinnest self-winding tourbillon movement. The models were also exhibited on the first day, attracting the attention of watch fans, and opened the eyes of connoisseurs.
     To commemorate the founder of the brand, Mr. Breguet, who invented and demonstrated the development and innovation of tourbillon technology more than 200 years ago, Breguet launched the “Breguet, the pioneer of timepiece invention.” The inventor of the flywheel. ‘(Breguet, the innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon). As a booming high-end watch market in recent years, China has become an important part of this global tour. As the nation’s political, cultural, economic and financial center, Beijing has gathered many enthusiasts and connoisseurs who have deep friendships for palace watches. This Beijing Station theme exhibition is particularly important. The exhibition will tour a number of cities, presenting the beauty of top timepieces to the majority of high-end watch lovers in China.
    Breguet, the inventor of the tourbillon
    In 1801, the French Minister of the Interior granted a patent for the invention of a tourbillon aligner to Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet. The new adjustment device successfully solved a long-standing problem faced by the watch design industry, that is, the gravity caused a certain influence on the movement of the balance wheel, resulting in the so-called ‘daily deterioration’. In order to reduce such errors, Mr. Bao Yi fixed the entire escapement in a moving frame, making it rotate once every minute, four minutes, or six minutes. By timing the rotation, the movement was evened out during the travel time. Deviation, thereby improving accuracy. The total weight of the tourbillon does not exceed 1 gram, and at the same time has a strong power to ensure that it can accurately offset the time error of the watch. In addition, more than 70 tiny parts need to be accurately installed to make it a perfectly harmonious whole.

    Partially exploded view of the Breguet Tourbillon movement

    Breguet, pioneer of timepiece invention
     Among the more than 20 tourbillon timepieces on display this time, the Breguet “Tradition” 18K rose gold model is particularly attractive. The ‘Tradition’ series is the representative of the Breguet brand. This watch is not only the first 18K rose gold model, equipped with sesame chain tourbillon and silicon Breguet high-level complex timepiece. A new 18K gold dial with black rhodium plating is also hand-engraved. Taking inspiration from the legendary pocket watch designed by Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet, this artistic masterpiece embodies Breguet’s heritage and innovative brand spirit. Its simple and modern appearance highlights the tourbillon and sesame chain device on the board. A structured timepiece vividly displays contrast and layering, giving each component life. These exquisite craftsmanship has obtained four patents, namely the titanium alloy balance wheel, the novel power reserve display on the barrel, the silicon Breguet hairspring, and the tourbillon movement equipped with anti-shock protection mechanism. Watch fans are enthusiastic.

    玑 Breguet Tourbillon with Sesame Chain TRADITION TOURBILLON 7047

     With the Breguet Tradition Tourbillon 7047 rose gold model, the Breguet brand continues to design and launch new tourbillon watches. Today, Breguet’s newly launched Classique Grande Complication series 5377 ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch is at the forefront of watchmaking with its ultra-thin trend.
     In this 42mm-diameter platinum watch, the brand incorporates a variety of classic logos: hand-engraved dial, Breguet blue-steel hands, welded lugs, coin-shaped case outer edge, independent numbering, and concealed signature. Highlighting the Breguet brand’s interpretation of elegance and performance again, this authentic Breguet watch has been developed. However, what sets this complex watch apart is the design of the eccentric tourbillon. The implementation of the design process includes a number of patented technologies. The tourbillon frame and balance are made of titanium, using a silicon hairspring, and the escapement is made of silicon and antimagnetic steel. The watch is equipped with a new 581DR movement with a frequency of up to 4 Hz without affecting the power reserve. Thanks to the patented high-energy barrel technology, the new watch has a power reserve of up to 90 hours. In order to place a complex movement with a thickness of 3 mm into a case with a thickness of 7 mm, the Breguet watchmaker set the platinum automatic tourbillon on the edge of the movement and made two-way rotation. The movement with two patented technologies is like a miniature work of art, delicate and exquisitely retouched by hand, and can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back.
     From the perspective of design, asymmetrical elements are interwoven in the symmetrical lines of the dial. 4 different hand-engraved decorative patterns, showing a beautiful harmony: Paris-studded hour and minute dial, the outer edge is engraved with wheat grain decoration, the power reserve at 8:30 shows the carved herringbone pattern, and the lace pattern is outlined Out of different functional areas. A sapphire appears in the center of the tourbillon bridge, attracting attention and intoxicating in a mesmerizing mechanical dance.

    Breguet ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch in platinum

     The ‘Bao Di, the pioneer of timepiece invention. The inventor of tourbillon.’ The tourbillon theme exhibition has a close contact with the top watch enthusiasts in Nanjing. Watch fans, while understanding these contemporary masterpieces, Learn about the little-known mysteries and development of tourbillon technology.

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    The Face Plate Is More Touching. A.Lange & Söhne Lange Little Lange 1

    The three new styles of Lange A. Lange & Söhne’s Little Lange 1 are all noble tones and materials, creating a fresh and charming style. The guilloché 18K gold dial and crocodile leather strap are in harmony with each other. Two 18K white gold designs with a purple or gray faceplate and 18K rose gold design with a brown faceplate are perfect for women who are stylish and appreciate watches.

    Little Lange 1 put on a new guilloché face plate that is the same as the moon phase in the same series. Lange also introduced three color versions of the face plate at a stretch, so that women who love mechanical watch technology can find closer to their preferences. the design of

    Lange 1 belongs to Lange’s classic logo design. This series of works since 1994 symbolizes the determination of the watch factory to make the world’s top watches. It is this watch that exhibits an asymmetrical faceplate and a striking large date display that has allowed Lange to establish its watchmaking status today. In terms of technical and technological characteristics, Little Lange 1 is exactly the same as the larger series. The word Little refers only to the slender 36.8 mm case diameter.

    The L121.1 movement is also the basic movement configured on the Lange 1, so its specifications and quality are not different due to the positioning of men’s and women’s watches.

    The eclectic combination of colors and materials is the commonality of the three new works, and each has its own style: the 18K white gold case with a guilloché 18K gold and purple faceplate is breathtaking. The block scale, shining on a dark background, is limited to 100 pieces and is exclusively available in Lange stores. Another 18K white gold watch is also decorated with a guilloché pattern and a gray dial, which is elegant and intoxicating. The 18K rose gold guilloché dial makes the brown case, hands and inlaid graduations more prominent. In all three models, the tone of the crocodile leather strap echoes the dial, making the overall effect more vivid.

    Little Lange 1

    18K white gold material / L121.1 manual winding movement / eccentric, minute, small seconds, large date display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 36.8mm / limited to 100
    The L121.1 manual-winding movement from Lange 1 ticks under the asymmetrical dial. The watch’s technical features include a powerful dual barrel that can run for three days, a unique Up / Down power reserve indicator, a large jump date display, and a balance wheel equipped with eccentric weights and a homemade hairspring. This masterpiece further reflects Lange’s craftsmanship, including 3/4 plywood made of German silver and decorated with Glashütte diamonds, eight screw-fixed gold sleeves, and goose on the hand-carved balance plate Neck lever fine-tuning system.

    Little Lange 1

    18K white gold material / L121.1 manual winding movement / eccentric hours, eccentric minutes, small seconds, large date display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 36.8mm

    Little Lange 1

    18K rose gold material / L121.1 manual winding movement / eccentric hours, eccentric minutes, small seconds, large date display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 36.8mm

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    Rm 62-01 Airbus Corporate Jet Tourbillon Vibration Alarm Watch

    RICHARD MILLE and Airbus Business Jet (ACJ) have jointly launched a new watch inspired by the flight experience and exclusive voyages launched by ACJ. The RM 62-01 ACJ Tourbillon Vibration and Alarm Watch is a new form of super complicated watch, extraordinary traveler’s timepiece, and a practical function watch designed for daily wear, which deeply reflects the system of RICHARD MILLE Watch concept: Push the watch’s functions and performance to new limits. Exquisite workmanship, sophisticated materials, complex functions and ergonomic design make this a comprehensive timepiece.

    RICHARD MILLERM 62-01 ACJ Tourbillon

     RICHARD MILLE and Airbus Business Jets, which sell custom private jets, work together for the second time to create RM 62-01
    The ACJ Tourbillon vibrates and rattles this lifestyle watch, more specifically a watch designed for travelers. RICHARD MILLE once again showed its unexpected creativity: ‘RM
    The design of 62-01 is a low-key luxury closely linked to comfortable living. The alarm device with a vibration reminder reflects the superb craftsmanship that respects the use environment, which is a realm that can be achieved through unique technical methods.

    RICHARD MILLERM 62-01 ACJ Tourbillon

    Airbus Business Jet (ACJ)

     This complication is not only easy to use, but also successfully challenges people’s perception of alarms. In general, an effective alarm device must be clear and audible from a distance; but we have gone the other way and kept the watch’s alarm range within a few millimeters. We use engineering ingenuity to protect the watch from shock and vibration, by introducing these external influences directly into the movement! This bold attempt also drove us to make breakthroughs in the choice of materials and sizes in order to achieve the highly recognized and invaluable qualities of this watch. ‘

    Definitely understated

     Unlike the traditional watchmaking alarm clock and alarm device, RM 62-01 does not emit any sound at all, but only uses low-key vibration to remind the time has come, and the sensing range is only a few centimeters; the only thing that can detect the alarm has been triggered People only wear them. In the concentrating atmosphere of the conference room and in the enclosed space of the first class, such thoughtful consideration reflects the noble quality. This vibration alarm device naturally should not affect the movement of the movement, so the idea of ​​using gold eccentric weights (similar to automatic rotors) was born, inspired by the vibration device of old mobile phones. ‘

     Before making the entire movement, it is necessary to solve various technical problems that cause vibration inside the movement. To integrate so many components and functions into a limited volume, four prototypes and semi-finished products need to be produced, a large number of models are made and the space limitations are eliminated; the watch must accommodate 816 parts, 2 barrels, 7 Hands, 11 display dials and a tourbillon frame. One of our manufacturers is doing full-time work for up to five years, sometimes requiring the assistance of another manufacturer, and holding progress meetings every two weeks. ‘Salvador Arbona, Technical Director of RICHARD MILLE Movement. According to the above reasons, RM 62-01 is arguably the most complicated watch made by RICHARD MILL.

    Extreme function

     The RM 62-01 is equipped with a series of complex features to serve professionals on the go, while breaking away from the traditional frame of a travel watch, including a UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) display that indicates the time in the second time zone via a green central hand. The tourbillon is located below the transparent sapphire disk at 9 o’clock and has a variable inertia balance with a 3 Hz frequency. The large date display at 12 o’clock is indicated by the typical red shaded line designed by RICHARD MILLE. The watch’s 70-hour power reserve indicator is located at 11 o’clock. All the functions of the alarm are arranged in the lower part of the watch.

     For the first time, the watch’s function selector covers five functions to facilitate individual settings. By switching the function selector to a specific position, you can precisely adjust the minutes and 24 hours, and also integrate three dedicated indicators such as on / off, day / night and power reserve. The winding button for the secondary barrel of the vibrator is located at 8 o’clock. Therefore, the alarm of RM 62-01 is the only device that uses the push button to complete the winding. It only needs to be pressed 12 times to complete the alarm. Power without winding the crown for winding.

    Inspiration from aviation

     If there are two areas in this world destined to meet each other at the forefront of innovation, it is undoubtedly aeronautical technology and watchmaking, both of which are in pursuit of the goal of conquering space and time. Aviation has always been the core of Richard Mille’s inspiration, and his vision for the watchmaking industry of the 21st century reflects the similarities between this cutting-edge field of aviation and watchmaking. Airbus always adheres to the mission of carrying aircraft passengers in the safest and most comfortable conditions, and inspires its technicians to stay at the forefront of aeronautical engineering design. Just by its name, it is enough to understand its prestigious subsidiary Airbus Corporate Jets, adopting an ingenious design method in the field of private custom aircraft.

    Airbus Business Jet (ACJ)

     The RM 62-01 is inherited from the RM 50-02 ACJ Tourbillon chronograph introduced in 2016, and uses the latter’s unique design. RM
    The white body of the long-haul airliner retained in 50-02 appears to have been received by Sylvain, the head of ACJ’s creative design department on RM 62-01.
    Inspired by Mariat’s design, the dark black wood grain finish of the custom cabin is inherited.

     The porthole-shaped sapphire crystal covers a wide range of function displays, but is still clearly identifiable under the distinction of color code and strong contrast. The decoration of the large-diameter titanium crown echoes the engine blades, while the buttons follow the shape of the hanger connecting the wings and the engine.
     The RM 62-01 features a double bezel. One is polished and satin-finished titanium, and the other is machined from a single piece of CarbonTPTP® carbon fiber with a thickness of only 1.8 mm. The choice of these materials has gone beyond mere aesthetic pursuits: considering the practicality of RM 62-01, the combination of titanium alloy / Carbon TPT® carbon fiber can also provide the best weight-to-rigidity ratio, ensuring that the vibration of the noise can be transmitted to the wrist At the same time avoid watch movements whose structure has been properly protected.

    RICHARD MILLERM 62-01 ACJ Tourbillon

     The collection of such complicated timepieces must be a decisive and wise decision, and its special aesthetic design of limited edition of 30 pieces is naturally well deserved.

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    Three New Watches From The Raymond Weisser Series

    In 2010, Swiss watchmaker RAYMOND WEIL celebrated the re-launch of its parsifal series, further highlighting its very different styles and unique design features. After 20 years of successful development, parsifal has reinvented its image this year with three innovative new remodeled watches, each of which is elegant and refined.

    The Parsifal collection is a tribute to Richard & middot; Richard Wagner’s opera, which celebrates the noble character of this opera hero in a unique way, through the design loyal to its initial style and retaining its pure elements Sex and chivalry. Since its launch, parsifal has perfectly reflected the traditional attachment of RAYMOND WEIL, which is an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration. In 2010, the series commemorated its 20th anniversary through a complete transformation, while still fully adhering to its original aesthetic concept, it demonstrated a stronger sense of modernity & hellip; & hellip;

    Three new designs by RAYMOND WEIL highlight the iconic lines of the collection: bezels decorated with round molds, elegant styles, and exquisite straps & hellip; & hellip;

    18kt rose gold and stainless steel case, diameter 39mm, thickness 9mm, anti-glare sapphire glass, sapphire case back, waterproof 100 meters.

    It is equipped with Swiss Caliber RW4200 (base Sellita) movement, 26 diamonds, swing frequency of 28,800 times / hour, power reserve of 38 hours.

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    Citizen Spokesperson Naomi Osaka Wears Eco-drive Watch To Win Australian Open Championship

    The best tennis players in the world often display sponsor timepieces in cups and interviews after the game, but few people wear watches during the game because they have to withstand extreme pressure and impact.

       The exceptions are Rafael Nadal’s RICHARDMILLE and Osaka Naomi’s Citizen Eco-Drive1. Whether on or off the court, we can see the timepieces of their sponsors, and we can feel the extraordinary performance of the watch under shock.

       Last August, Citizen signed a contract with Naomi Osaka as the global spokesperson for the brand. At that time, 20-year-old Naomi Osaka was not well known outside the professional tennis world. But soon the mixed-race tennis player won the US Open and became famous.

       Last weekend, Naomi Osaka won the Australian Open crown and raised her ranking to number one in the world, showing the potential of dominating women’s singles events. Just before the Australian Open, Naomi Osaka became the face of the Citizen Eco-Drive1BluetoothConnected watch, which will be launched in March this year with a limited edition of 1,000 pieces.

       The Citizen Eco-Drive1BluetoothConnected watch uses a titanium case, which is sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, which is unisex. This watch is powered by light kinetic energy, requires no battery, receives incoming calls, emails and text messages, and automatically updates the date and time. It is reported that the watch is priced at 75,000 yen, equivalent to about 4,600 yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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    Different And Colorful Tasting Hublot Big Bang Series Watch

    In commemoration of the 8th anniversary of the birth of the Hublot Big Bang series of 38mm models, Hublot has launched a new 39mm watch. This Big Bang watch has a diamond-set bezel, tailored for women. The watch’s case diameter has been increased to 39 mm and incorporates design elements from the Big Bang Unico watch that began in 2013. Screws, crowns, hour markers and numbers are given a new style, the overall lines are more compact, showing a more decisive and feminine charm. Today we take a look at this Pop Art watch. (Official model: 465.OP.5189.LR.1233.POP16)

       The watch’s matte blue dial is set with sapphire-coated anti-reflective coating mirrors, which can read clearly in strong light. The date display window is at 3 o’clock, and the brand logo is engraved at 12 o’clock. The Arabic numerals and the rod-shaped scales are well-matched, coordinated and not rigid. Super Luminova fluorescent coating on the hands and graduated hour markers can accurately recognize the time in the dark environment.

       The diameter is 39 mm. The case is made of satin and polished 18k king gold. The bezel is set with 42 pink sapphires and 6 H-shaped titanium screws.

       The crown is located at 3 o’clock and is made of 18K king gold. The top is engraved with the ‘H’ logo.

       The lugs and the strap connect naturally, and the lugs are decorated with two screws.

       This watch has a choice of three color straps, which can be matched according to the overall clothing style and different occasions. This watch wears a pink alligator leather strap lined with a purple natural rubber strap.

        The watch is equipped with a 18K king gold and gold-plated titanium folding clasp with the brand’s logo engraved on the top.

       The bottom is designed to be transparent so that you can see the movement of the internal movement. The watch is equipped with the HUB1710 self-winding movement, which provides a 50-hour power reserve. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.

    Summary: On the whole, this watch is extremely bold in color selection. Blue, pink, and gold are used decently and stylishly, which not only highlights bright colors, but does not look exaggerated. The 39 mm diameter is larger for women, and it must be a beautiful scenery when worn on the hand.

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    2012the Most Dynamic Diving Watch

    Why do men love diving watches? The diving watch is cool and handsome. In terms of styling and waterproof chronograph function, it has been far ahead of similar sports watches. In addition, the diving watch is also synonymous with the most fashionable holiday lifestyle. Even if you don’t really use it for deep diving, you can use it to play cool.
    Hublot King Power Diver dives 4000 meters

    Let’s first review the King Power Diver launched by Hublot last year and dive 4000 meters deep. How many people can dive below a kilometer in their lifetime? But even so, it still cannot stop men’s love for diving watches. Its screw-in crown and the crown that controls the rotating inner ring are both highly protected. The hands and scales are coated with a thick layer of fluorescent material to be seen clearly in the dark sea. HUB 1401 is the mechanical heart of King Power Diver 4000 heavy armor, 23 stone, with 42 hours storage.
    Rolex Oyster Prototype Deep Sea Special Watch

    When it comes to the relationship between diving watches and the ocean, Rolex must be a legend. In 1960, Rolex assembled the experimental prototype table ‘Deep Sea Special’ on the hull of the deep sea submarine Trieste, successfully reaching the end of the ocean, and completing a historic initiative. The raised mirror of this watch can withstand the pressure of the deep sea to the greatest extent. It is also tied to the hull of Trieste and dives to the ‘challenger depth’ of the Mariana Trench. The record depth is 10,916 meters.
    Panerai Bronze Automatic Dive Watch

    PAM382 stands for Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 days Automatic Bronzo. This new diving watch is derived from Panerai’s model for the Egyptian Navy commando more than half a century ago. It is made of bronze and has excellent seawater resistance. And atmospheric corrosion capability, equipped with a P9000 automatic winding movement, small seconds at 9 o’clock, a calendar window at 3 o’clock, a shock frequency of 28800vph, and a power reserve of 36h. But this solemn and bold shape alone is enough to attract the attention. Dapei fans, would you like to challenge your wrist?
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Retro Chronograph

    腕表 The line design of this watch continues the brand’s usual style. The case diameter is 40.5 mm, which has all the functions that make every enthusiast feel excited. Its fixed bezel surrounds the black classic dial protected by a plexiglass mirror. The hour and minute and hour hands are coated with warm orange-yellow Superluminova coating, reminiscent of the fluorescent coating of the 1959 Memovox Deep Sea watch. The stainless steel case back is engraved with a pattern of frogmen surrounded by bubbles on this classic watch. The leather strap made of embossed calfskin is no different from the original strap.
    Omega Seahorse Planet Ocean watch

    This series of watches was born in 2005 and has been completely upgraded from 2011. In design, new colors and cutting-edge materials are used for the first time. Omega’s new Ocean Universe series presents multiple star models: Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 45.5mm titanium and Liquidmetal (R) alloy achieve an extraordinary mix of different materials; Ocean Universe 45.5mm chronograph models are equipped with a unique revolution Omega’s first chronograph movement in the family of coaxial movements-the Omega coaxial 9300 movement; there are also 42 mm and 37 mm small models to choose from.
    Blancpain 500 噚 limited edition dive watch

    Blancpain’s 50mm and 500mm are legends of diving watches. This limited edition of 500, the hour scale circle on the dial is mixed with bamboo and black and gray, creating a visual impression like a propeller. The propeller-shaped automatic rotor with transparent caseback is more vivid. The C5215 is an advanced automatic watch movement that only appeared in 2009. It has 3 chain drums and supports up to 5 days of storage.


    Watch waterproof specifications:

    30 meters waterproof meter can be used for daily grooming or rain, that is, water droplets splash on the surface without any water pressure on the meter; 50 meters waterproof meter can be used for general housework and shower;

    100 meters waterproof watch can swim and snorkel;

    Water-resistant watches over 200 meters are called diving watches, which can be used for underwater diving activities. In life, the movement of the wearer’s arm in the water will greatly increase the water pressure on the watch, so it cannot be worn to the theoretical depth indicated by the laboratory test machine.

    如何 How is a diving watch waterproof:

    Diver watches often use a threaded crown to prevent water from penetrating through the rotating hole. Tightening the crown on the crown creates a waterproof seal, just like the seal between a jar and a screw cap. The sealing gasket is made of helium resistant material for diving decompression chamber. Some watches are equipped with a valve that the wearer can use to release the helium that has penetrated into the watch so that the watch case does not burst when the watch and diver are adjusted to normal atmospheric pressure. Usually diving watches should also include: a rotating outer ring to measure the diving time (designed to prevent reverse rotation of the bezel); luminous hands and scales to facilitate reading the moment in the dark sea bottom.

    The water resistance of the watch is not permanent and is affected by wear or time. The gasket may corrode or deform, the case may be damaged, or the crystal glass may loosen or crack.