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    Summer Can Also Be Light And Light Fun Pine: Radar Light-colored Watch Is Gently Worn To Accompany You Through Cool Summer

    In the hot summer, the temperature is so high that people can’t stand it and can’t move anymore! Therefore, when going out, trying to reduce the weight of personal belongings and accessories can be regarded as a small step to combat the heat, but for ‘watch control’ people, of course, the wearable watch must also be easily worn in different seasons, too big and heavy watches First enter the cold palace, lightweight and good-looking watch is the owner’s new favorite!

    Rado True Thinline high-tech ceramic watch

       In recent years, various watch and boutique brands have scrambled to adopt high-tech ceramics with light weight, comfort, anti-allergy, and changeable colors as the watch material. Compared to heavy precious metals or stainless steel … Of course, they are more loved in such hot days! With the rapid development of technology, high-tech ceramic watches are no longer just black and white. Gold, chocolate, plasma and other multi-color models are new and amazing, giving watch lovers a richer variety of fashion and practicality. Multiple choices.

    Rado True Thinline Plasma High-Tech Ceramic Watch

       If you wear a watch in summer, choose a light color system. If you add a watch that is light enough, it will be even more burdenless! The first is to easily show the owner’s summer fashion look, and the second is to have both the summer heat elimination function and coolness; white, silver, plasma color … are the first choice for summer watches! The Rado, a pioneer of high-tech ceramics, has several watches worth recommending: The Thinline Ultra Thin series has always been known for its lightness and thinness. It is the world’s first ultra-thin ceramic watch with a case thickness of only 4.9mm. It has also won the recognition of international awards such as the Good Design Award and the reddot design award. In 2016, the brand’s unique dream face dial design was newly introduced. Minus the scales, small dials or complicated decoration, the clean appearance, restrained lines and incredible ultra-thin outlines exude a fresh modern atmosphere. The way underscores the stylish subtle style.

    Radar table DiaMaster plasma high-tech ceramic hollow limited automatic watch

       And True series of high-tech ceramic automatic watches, can also provide you with another new light and light color options. In addition to the classic black and white high-tech ceramics, the plasma color of this series of watches can be said to have a unique visual beauty in the new true self series. The pearl shell dial is decorated with 12 translucent diamonds, which is simple and fresh. With light and bright colors, it is as comfortable and comfortable as if you are in the cool breeze of summer!

       If you want to easily show luxury in summer, then Hao Xing series plasma high-tech ceramic men’s and women’s watches will certainly be as you wish, and plasma technology will make Hao Xing series watches extremely delicate and delicate Cool metallic colors, ladies watches with 56 brilliant diamonds around the dial, the body is light but so pleasing to the eye, in midsummer, you will definitely be as bright and eye-catching as the sun. There is also a classic design with a large three-pin and date window for men to choose from.

    Radar Meter HyperChrome Plasma High-tech Ceramic Automatic Drilling Meter

       In addition to lightness and thinness, if you add a hollow element to the design of the watch, it can be said to be a dual enjoyment of touch and vision. When you are hot and troubled, look at the wrist watch to make your mood turn! For example, the DiaMaster hollow-out plasma high-tech ceramic watch allows the wearer to see through the sapphire crystal surface and the back case to see the beauty of the movement directly and bring coolness to the fun of the timepiece. Meaning, the hot summer can also keep away the restlessness and relax. More importantly, due to the use of high-tech ceramics, its body weight is not as heavy as that of ordinary metal materials, and it also has the benefits of skin anti-allergy. Its unique skin-friendliness and fit feel give people a more comfortable and light feeling. , Wear almost forget its existence, but also make you almost forget about the existence of dull summer!

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    Kunlun’s New Admiral Watch Is On The Market

    The new Admiral AC-45 sailing model embodies the classic functions of all Kunlun watches. Created in 1960, the Admiral series updates old movements with powerful and innovative and efficient concepts. This movement is far more dynamic than other models in the collection. The 12-hour timekeeping feature is as fascinating as a racing car.

    The new AC-One 45 regatta watch inherits the classic characteristics of the Admiral’s Cup since the advent of the Admiral’s Cup series in 1960, and at the same time embodies the three main tenets of Kunlun watch creation for the series: Combining high creative technology with traditional watchmaking skills, reflecting the brand’s connection with the maritime community, and unique designs with strong brand colors.

    The watch is equipped with a jumping countdown function of 0 to 10 minutes. The aperture-type countdown display is clear and easy to read. It also has a 12-hour timekeeping function to meet the needs of the regatta.

    The watch’s unique countdown function allows players to play more freely in the game. Before the sound signal of the first regatta is issued, players can set the countdown function of 0 to 10 minutes progressively through the crown according to the standards or regulations of the regatta, and then press the button to start the countdown before the competition . Set the aperture type countdown display indicated by the red arrow at 3 o’clock. When the countdown is set to 10 minutes, the red arrow indication will jump to the 9-minute digital display after 60 seconds; and when it jumps to the 0-minute digital display That is, the last sound signal sounded, and at the same time, it officially started the game. This movement is specially designed for the regatta, allowing players to set the countdown time of the first and last sound signal before the start of the race, so that the time is in their hands.

     When the race officially started, the participating boats could finally cross the starting line. A special gear cleverly blocked the transmission of the countdown timer, while the timekeeping function continued to run for 12 hours. On the center of the surface is a red chronograph sweep seconds hand with the 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock and the 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock. The chronograph movement of the watch vibrates at 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour), which is efficient and accurate.

     Yours is part of the new AC-One1 watch model series, known for its new design in 2013, but the watch still retains the classic features unique to the Admiral’s Cup series-the dodecagonal outer ring and the nautical flag pattern Inner ring design. The watch is 45 mm in diameter. The case is made of grade 5 titanium with satin finish and sanding. The outer ring is coated with black PVD coating. Its structure is alternated with black PVD coated titanium on the outer ring, the center of the case, And between the case and back. The watch is water-resistant to 300 meters, and the back is set with transparent sapphire crystal glass, which sees through the movement of the CO040 movement and the black PVD-coated automatic disc.

     The black surface of the watch is set off by light-colored Superluminova hands and hour markers, and decorated with dazzling red decoration, creating a strong and soft contrast. With a titanium strap or crocodile leather strap with folding buckle, it is the finishing touch of the new admiral AC-One 45 regatta watch.

    Admiralty Cup AC-One 45 Regatta Watch Technical Parameters


    Movement number: CO 040

    Winding structure: automatic winding

    Function: chronograph · minutes · clock · rowing countdown (up to ten minutes)

    Power reserve: 48 hours

    Vibration frequency: 4 Hz, 28’800 times / hour

    Size: 13 and 1/4

    Ruby: 25

    Movement finishing: Pendulum with CORUM special decoration · Black PVD coated pendulum


    Colour: Black

    Material: Copper

    Features: Nautical flag clock scale printing

    Pad printing minute scale protrusion

    ‘Admiral’s Cup’ logo is printed on the dial

    CORUM logo on dial

    Rhodium plated hour-markers coated with beige superluminova


    Size: 45 mm

    Thickness: 15.20 mm

    Case: Grade 5 titanium

    Bezel: Black PVD coating grade 5 titanium · Dodecagon

    Crown: Grade 5 titanium · Engraved CORUM key

    Crown sheath: black PVD-coated grade 5 titanium

    Adjustment button: Grade 5 titanium

    Case side: black PVD-coated grade 5 titanium

    Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal

    Bottom cover type: Grade 5 titanium open bottom cover with anti-glare sapphire crystal

    Water resistance: 300 meters / 30 atmospheres


    Hour and minute hands: improved princess

    Rhodium-plated finish · Facetted · Hollow

    Beige Superluminova

    Chronograph: Barton with CORUM key · Red

    30-minute counter: Princess-style · Red

    12-hour counter: Princess-style · Red


    Material: Crocodile skin

    Colour: Black

    Lug Spacing / Buckle: 23/20 mm

    Buckle type: triple folding buckle

    Buckle material: Grade 5 titanium

    Buckle features: engraved CORUM logo

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    Parmigiani Retrograde Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

    Platinum case, circa 2001, diameter 34×47 mm, thickness 14 mm
    Commission price: $ 25,000
    Estimated price: USD 15,000 ~ 25,000
       PT950’s FM, and it is also a large and complicated model with perpetual calendar and timing function, no matter how it is regarded as the top watch. Moreover, the FM brand is very well done in the independent watchmaker brand group, and even has the strength to compete with big names. It goes without saying that the quality of the Cal 1133BPE movement, a brand that can design and produce crazy numbers must have the strength to do these ‘relatively simple’ movements. Of course, the most important thing is the price. There is definitely room for appreciation in the transaction price of 25,000 US dollars. If you do n’t see it, all the big names with perpetual calendar timing function take off for 50,000 dollars. If you have vision and patience, this watch is worth buying.
         Gold watches have always been an element of high-end products in the watch industry. After all, making watches with precious metal materials is an important indicator for each brand to position its product line. Any complicated watch will be represented by precious metals. Someone once joked that the ‘starter’ mentality of gold watches only prevails in the Mainland. In fact, otherwise, gold watches still have works close to art, and they can be accepted worldwide.

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    Glasutti’s Original ‘the Art Of Chronograph’ Theme Exhibition Debuted In California

    This spring, the original German high-end watchmaker Glashütte originally created the theme exhibition ‘The Art of Chronograph’ in California. This exhibition is the new Calibre 37 chronograph worldwide. An important stop of the tour.


       Following the success of Dresden, Stuttgart, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Chicago, and New York, the global tour tour to South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California, to understand the brand heritage for local residents and tourists And the tradition of innovation offers rare opportunities.


       This exhibition will present a fascinating collection of antiques and modern watches, all hand-made in the small town of Glashütte for the past 170 years. Visitors can explore the superb German craftsmanship contained in the original Glashütte watch by admiring the disassembly and assembly of hundreds of small parts of the Calibre 37 chronograph movement.

    Calibre 37 chronograph movement

    Exhibition time: June 10 to 22, 2015
    Venue: Costa Mesa South Coast Mall, California