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    Sanyang Kaitai Welcomes The New Year Athens Launches The Year Of The Golden Sheep

    Among the Chinese zodiac signs, the sheep is the eighth sign. In traditional Chinese culture, sheep contain beauty and serenity. ‘Shuowen Jiezi’ said: ‘Sheep, Xiangye.’ The auspicious meaning can be seen from this. As the year of the sheep is approaching, Ulysse Nardin has specially launched a piece of enamel-filled work——Classic Goat GoGolden Year of the Sheep Watch. The lifelike three sheeps leap dial, implying that three sheeps are opening Thai, and auspicious new year.

       Ulysse Nardin adheres to the 169-year history and tradition. It is one of the very few watchmaking brands that still focus on this century-old enamel technology. It particularly uses the sophisticated and sophisticated infill enamel technology champlevé to vividly show the look of sheep. From the hands of enamel craftsmen. In this complicated process, each carved part on the surface must be directly filled with enamel made from different metal oxides. The surface is then baked at a high temperature to melt the enamel. After several complicated craftsmanship, it is finally possible to perfectly present such realistic and moving extraordinary timepiece works.

       Ulysse Nardin has used enamel technology for more than 25 years, realistic and creative interpretation of precious works one after another. In 2011, Ulysse Nardin, through the acquisition of the world-renowned enamel dial factory-Donzé Cadrans, promised to continue and carry forward this precious traditional craft, further establishing Ulysse Nardin’s status as a top watch brand.
       鎏 Golden Year of the Watch Limited Edition series, equipped with the Swiss official observatory certification (CSCO) UN-815 automatic winding movement, can provide the watch with a 42-hour power reserve, waterproof 50 meters; Sapphire crystal can appreciate the beauty of the movement.
       The extraordinary watchmaking skills are complemented by exquisite enamel craftsmanship, and the best wishes are contained between the dials. The Classico Goat 鎏 golden sheep year watch pays tribute to traditional craftsmanship and Chinese traditional culture, and prays for the New Year with the potential of three sheep.
    Technical Information
    Model 8156-111-2 / CHEVRE
    Limited to 88 pieces
    Movement UN-815, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (C.S.C.O)
    Power reserve about 42 hours
    Winding method automatic winding movement
    Function hours, minutes, seconds
    Size 40 mm
    Case 18K Rose Gold
    Dial: Enamel dial with sheep motif
    Crown Waterproof Crown
    Water resistant to 50 meters
    Surface Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
    Case back See-through case back design, sapphire crystal, screwed
    Strap leather strap with rose gold pin buckle