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    If You Have A Perfect Watch, Would You Buy It?

    When I wrote this article, I suddenly thought of a thing that is all the rage at the moment-plastic surgery. I believe that every plastic surgeon will encounter such a customer, that is, holding a photo of a certain star and asking The doctor makes his eyes the same as who, who has his nose, who has the same nose, who has the chin, etc. I do not despise the Korean nation here, but the unification of aesthetic standards has also created the mass production of plastic running products. This is why Korean artists always give you the feeling of hitting your face.

     Now that it’s about plastic surgery, almost every man has dreamed that if my girlfriend can have a supermodel figure, Bingbing, Shu Qi’s lips and AB’s eyes, but after being identified as the most satisfying place for these beauties Putting it all together is far less effective than we thought. So if you change your direction, as a watch, you want to be synonymous with perfection, what essential characteristics should it gather, and what is the effect of bringing these characteristics together?

     First of all, let’s start with the appearance. Watching the so-called wear watch is used to watch time, so the original use of a watch is still used to watch. This is because it is pleasing to the eye, which is what our industry says. It is beautiful, and at the same time durable in terms of material. At the same time, I think Rolex is the first choice.

     The Oyster case is a classic Rolex. The origin of the Oyster case is to be mentioned on October 30, 1925. At the time in La Chaux-de-Fond, German artisans Paul Penegaux and Georges Peret invented a patent for a crown (patent code : 114948), this is a crown sealing technology that prevents moisture from entering the case, using springs and solenoids to substantially prevent water vapor from entering the case from the crown for the first time.

     The oyster case is composed of four parts. The outer frame is octagonal. Inside is a cylindrical screw barrel. The upper ring and the back cover are connected to this screw barrel by rotating and locking. , And then screwed to the octagonal outer frame. There are two soft metal sealing rings in the upper frame and the back cover to increase the tightness. The crown is locked by another small screw cylinder connected to the case. And the connection, the two lugs are welded metal wires, used to attach metal straps. In my mind, the Oyster case is perfect, safe and classic.
    After talking about the case, let’s talk about the dial. I personally think that the dial is like a person’s face. How many people can see your connotation at a glance. Most of them are ranked by the Appearance Association. What I want is beautiful, that is, pulling the wind. Here I want to choose Hublot’s disk.

     The Hublot watch presented to the public with an extraordinary sense of time design can be said to be invincible in terms of coolness. Take this watch for example, the skeleton watch extends the visual appreciation from the intuitive two-dimensional plane to the three-dimensional The three-dimensional space is not only the embodiment of the graphic art of the watch, but also the wonderful process of interlocking the core movement of the watch in an all-round and multi-level display to the world. Skeletonization-people can’t help but deeply sigh the beauty of the engraving of watch art.

     The satin-finished and polished black ceramic case is equipped with a fully skeletonized tourbillon movement, combining elegance and modern design. The movement provides a power reserve of up to 5 days, which is independently developed and manufactured by Hublot. In order to echo the bright red ceramics in detail, the designer used red anodized aluminum to outline a small ring along the tourbillon on the sapphire mirror to highlight the beauty of the tourbillon.

     When it comes to watch hands, this should be the finishing touch of the Chinese. Although it can’t take away the dial’s elegance even on the surface of the dial, but without its foil, it loses the meaning of the clock itself.

     What I admire most is Vacheron Constantin’s hands. Vacheron Constantin is one of the top Swiss watch brands with more than 250 years of history. For more than two centuries, it has been adhering to the oldest and most authentic watchmaking tradition given to this Swiss watch by Geneva. Therefore, whether it is Vacheron Constantin two hundred years ago or today’s Vacheron Constantin undergoing continuous technological innovation, although in The new products in recent years do feel a bit weak, but the classics are still insurmountable.

     Regardless of craftsmanship or technology, it can be listed as the top Swiss watch brand, but today we are talking about its hands. Many people may not pay too much attention to small details such as hands when looking at watches, but I personally have noticed this, and very much prefer Vacheron Constantin’s princess pointer.

     The reason why the so-called crown princess pointer has such a name is because of an allusion. The crown princess pointer, the French name is ‘DAUPHINE’, the word originally meant a dolphin, because the prince of France had a dolphin pattern on it, so the prince of France Also called DAUPHIN. When translating in Chinese, he went to the countryside to follow the custom and changed the title of ‘prince’ in the western country to an ancient Chinese prince. Because the ‘-PHINE’ in the second half of ‘DAUPHINE’ is pronounced similar to the word ‘concubine’, it was named. After the Art Deco trend opened up new ideas for watch design, the most important 50 years of the development of mechanical watches, the use of crown prince hands reached its heyday, because it is more eye-catching, the needle point is more accurate, and of course, it can also fill luminous, but The luminous area is slightly smaller.

     Vacheron Constantin’s use of the crown prince pointer can be described as omnipotent, it will appear in many series, fine polishing, sharp edges and corners of the rhomboids to achieve the perfection of the details.

     What we have said on this dial is almost the same, but it seems to be worse. One very important thing we did not say is the scale. If the watch does not have a scale, then it is called an electronic watch at best. At present, the types of scales on the market of clocks and watches are all kinds of tricks. My favorite is the Roman numeral scale of Blancpain.

     Blancpain has a constant tenet: never produce quartz watches, and only make round watches. In Blancpain’s factory, there are no large-scale production lines, only the watchmaker’s workbench. The assembly of each Blancpain watch is done individually by a watchmaker. This tradition has not changed in nearly three centuries.

     I can’t say that the brand is viewed from an old-fashioned point of view. Perhaps in a certain sense, his adherence to the tradition seems to have formed a paranoid style, just like the earl, who competes with himself on the thin and thick. But heritage is always the theme of the watch industry, and Cha Chapa has fulfilled such a mission with his own actions.
    Blancpain watches are implicit and restrained. Regardless of the gold or steel watch of Blancpain, all hands, time scales and automatic winding rotors are made of precious metals such as gold or platinum. 70% of Blancpain watches have a 100-hour power reserve, but Blancpain rarely installs a power reserve display on the dial. Low-key is the consistent theme of Blancpain.

     Some people may say that I like Blancpain’s scales just because I like the luxury of the material. In fact, I cannot completely deny that we will rush to the good things, but in contrast I like its style more. Every time I see the Roman time series of the VILLERET series, I always feel that this is an old man who has experienced vicissitudes of time and tells his own story with a childlike taste. Many brands will take advantage of this illusion, such as Frank Muller’s super cute digital time scales, and the colorful colors are more like children’s bright smiles. Maybe this also represents a state of mind. Although we were naive when we were children, we longed to grow up, but when one day was really late, we remembered that simple childlike heart.

     The topic is a bit far away, and the dial is finally finished. Next, let’s talk about the strap. With the diversification of materials, rubber, belts, and metals have become loose and common. New materials of various colors The belt has also become the brand’s new favorite. At present, I only represent the camp with more conservative aesthetics. The favorite is the strap of Jacques Droe.

     I prefer the easy-going feel of the belt over the metal strap. As for how the crocodile leather strap is on the stage of history and widely used by people, I don’t know. It’s just that the crocodile leather strap actually contains a lot of unknown knowledge.

     Crocodile skin is usually said to be the skin of the belly of an American crocodile, not the back of a crocodile as many people understand it. American crocodile skin has round patterns in addition to checkered patterns (some people call them bamboo patterns). Round and square patterns are different parts of the same crocodile skin. The checkered pattern is the pattern of the middle region of the abdomen and the tail, and the round pattern is the pattern of the two ribs of the crocodile. The cortex is exactly the same, only the texture is different. Of course, the checkered pattern has a much higher aesthetic value, so the price is also much higher than the round pattern.

     As to why I like Jacodro’s crocodile leather strap, on the one hand, it is derived from the overall elegance and calmness of the appearance. On the other hand, this brand uses the technology of seamless strap on the crocodile leather. It can ensure the original texture and texture of the leather to the greatest extent. This may be what everyone often says is not forgetting the original intention!

     Now that it comes to the strap, it must be said that it is definitely a buckle. In addition to the materials on the market, the common buckle forms are folding buckles and pin buckles. I personally prefer to use buckle buckles because leather straps are matched with pins. The elegance is elegant when buckled, but the damage to the strap is really distressing!

     Panerai’s recent boom seems to have sparked the flames, I am also one of the infected. It almost destroyed our conventional understanding of the watch with a disruptive design and then reconstructed it. I like the style of this brand very much, it is not so much a style as a free and easy personality.

     The appearance of Panerai’s buckle looks very big, of course, because its size is indeed very large, on the other hand, the most attractive thing is that it supports the free change of the strap. Some people say that to play Panerai is to play with a strap, it can be seen that there is a reason for this design.

     Speaking of this crazy Panerai boom, it really does make some people overwhelmed. When you can find all kinds of Panerai related accessories for sale online, presumably you can feel its unstoppable charm.

     Is it time to talk about the movement here? I seem to be a little dazed. Such a complicated thing is beyond the scope of control I can describe in detail, so once again I leave a little room for everyone to imagine!

     Speaking of today’s theme, if many of the above brands work together to create a classic watch with their own signatures, what do you think this watch should look like? Or a more direct question, would you buy such a watch? If someone asks me like this, I should be a bit confused, I will look at my wallet afterwards, and then look at my wrist, I am afraid that this thing can not be controlled by ordinary people!

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    Breguet (Breguet) Yaomei Timepiece, Everlasting Love

    Since ancient times, love has been an eternal topic. In 1477, Maximilian, son of Frederick III, presented a diamond ring to Princess Mary of France as a symbol of firm and eternal love. Since then, diamonds have become the most important token of love with their bright and solid qualities. Since the beginning of Breguet’s invention of the watch, it has captured the delicate elegance of women’s inner, deepened the mystery and created the perfect work to match it.
       Breguet’s outstanding artistic style and superb craftsmanship make it the most famous ladies in history, such as the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, Empress Joséphine, Queen of Naples card Carolinemurat and so on present the most graceful and graceful gesture. With a unique diamond setting technique, the brilliant spar is presented on the wrist under the effect of light and shadow to reflect the beautiful romantic feeling.
    Love, Free and Smart Bouquet

    Breguet Be Crazy Haute Joallerie
       Diamonds and flowers are like an irreplaceable romantic symbol in love. Amidst thousands of dazzling flowers, the brilliant diamonds among them are undoubtedly a touching expression. Today, Breguet has carefully crafted this love scene Watch room.
       Since 2010, Breguet has developed a ‘movable setting’ process. A revolutionary setting method based on a delicate rotation mechanism can give diamonds an unprecedented dynamic. This year, Breguet launched an even better work, Be Crazy, as the direct successor to this mosaic technique. This time Be Crazy is full of beautiful diamond clusters. It is rare and rare. The diamonds full of eyes are amazing. This timepiece is set with 70-carat baguette diamonds, giving it a modern and contemporary design. Breguet uses an exclusively developed setting technique to make rows of asymmetric diamonds bloom from the side of the case, full of dynamic vitality. The dial, the heart of the diamond flower, is equipped with small hour and minute dials, making time the source of flower blooms. The white gold bracelet is paved with baguette diamonds to further extend the watch’s magnificent color and unique personality.

    Breguet Fine Jewelry Collection Crazy Flower
       Crazy Flower, which was also introduced by the ‘movable setting’ technology, was launched in 2010 to show its extraordinary courage, combining the pure beauty of diamonds with the superb skills of movable setting. Containing a 586 self-winding mechanical movement, the case has an asymmetric square diamond array, with the smallest particle setting extending from the middle of the case to the bezel. These smart and lively inlays make the gemstone group bloom to the maximum extent, swaying in harmony with the movement. 116 square diamonds danced along with it, rippling back and forth can not help thinking about the petals that were slightly pleated by the breeze. For its part, the dial consists of 206 Brilliant-cut diamonds, set ‘conversely’ on the concave side, supplemented by flanges adorned with another 66 Brilliant-cut diamonds, and diamonds weighing more than 36 carats are extremely fine Mosaic, shining-worthy of an extraordinary work from the Breguet high-end jewelry workshop, the hands of craftsmen.
       The design of this watch is consistent with the geometric French layout in the residence of Empress Marie Antoinette Versailles, and the style of the English garden with romantic scenery, showing an impressive line of grace.
    Love, magnificent snowflake mosaic

    Breguet Petite Fleur
       Only exquisite timepieces created by master watchmakers can be gifted to those who love them. They can be matched, receive the reward of beautiful women, and express their love … Petite Fleur high-end jewellery watch brings together the crystal and aesthetic of Breguet The realm is one. Pure diamonds combine the fine watchmaking technology with fine jewelry technology.
       Under the curved mirror, a crystal flower blooms on the concave gold dial, which is covered with 141 snowflake-cut brilliant-cut diamonds. The outer edge of the dial is inlaid with 48 diamonds. Breguet blue-steel hands are curved to fit the concave shape of the dial. The 43 baguette diamonds are divided into two layers, and the gold dial is surrounded by a movable inlaid flap from the periphery. Every movement of the wrist will cause the light trembling of the diamond petals, just like the breath of a flower, wonderful and unparalleled. The exquisite setting technique allows each diamond to absorb and refract the light to the maximum extent, forming a dazzling halo, which is extraordinary. The entire model is set with a total of 230 diamonds. Like a magic flower in the spring garden, blooming on the wrist, like a dream.
    Love, romance with shell relief

    Breguet Secret de la Reine
       In 1783, the female painter Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun painted a portrait entitled «Marie-Antoinette à la rose» (Queen and Rose) for the French queen Marie Antoinette. Breguet has been inspired by the rich personal world of the queen, creating exceptional products, and dedicating Breguet’s most beautiful and distinguished customers. The ‘La Rose de la Reine’ series captures the famous rose in the portrait of the queen, and then performs an aesthetic interpretation in the form of shell relief.
       Today, Breguet’s ‘Secret de la Reine’ fine jewelry watch completes this fine jewelry collection. The jewellery watch is a wonderful work in the heritage of Breguet craftsmanship. You can easily read the time by simply pressing the shell embossed rose. The rose petals are exquisitely carved and look exquisite. As one of the most primitive female accessories, the soft and natural texture of shells has long captured the hearts of women. Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria) is obsessed with shell relief jewelry, so it is even more attractive to become a favorite of elegant women. Clocks and timepieces are not only precision instruments for measuring and indicating time, but also the first choice for love tokens. Today, jewelry and watches plus the aura of love will be even more dazzling and legendary, inheriting the love of timepieces, flowing in every inch. Time-became the best witness.
    Love, the glory of the sun, moon, and stars

    Breguet Reine de Naples 8999
       Regardless of the passage of time, the passage of time is dotted on the watch of the sun and the moon to make an eternal vow for the intimate lover. In Breguet’s timepieces, the Reine de Naples collection is praised for its extraordinary poetry. This is undoubtedly because the series symbolizes the unique case shape of the origin of life, and of course it is also because the series is a masterpiece of timepieces for women. In the Queen of Naples series, Breguet relied on exquisite artistic and mechanical skills to show its high respect for female customers.
       Breguet launched the Queen of Naples series day and night display models, praising the sun, moon, and stars with day-to-day changes with sophisticated mechanical devices. Breguet’s deep mechanical expertise is also fully demonstrated, as this watch is equipped with a movement specially designed for the Queen of Naples series. In addition to indicating the hours and minutes, the watch has an auxiliary dial that shows the time of day and night, which is unique. There is also a bright moon made of titanium on the lapis lazuli disc, and the faceted edge of the balance wheel reflects a bright light, symbolizing the running track of the sun. This ‘sunlight’ will change according to the movement of the balance wheel in the Arabic numerals during the day, until after sunset, it dives under the steel bridge supporting the display device. The disc is decorated with mother-of-pearl, representing clouds and shining stars.
       Breguet combines the artistic characteristics of timepieces and jewellery to create an outstanding timepiece masterpiece and a high-end jewellery that shines with fire. Bring a unique and poetic fine watch.

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    Image Ambassador Is Not Just A Beautiful Face

    The strategy of signing the ambassador to represent the brand and its image is still prevailing, which is a successful example in the watchmaking industry in the 21st century.

    Dr. Sylvia Earl has been diving, and has been a Rolex ‘Testimonee’ since 1982

       The common value concept is the cornerstone of the cooperation between the brand and the ambassador. The former uses the image and face of the latter for promotion activities. You’re welcome to say that some ambassadors only have a cut-throat attitude; of course, other ambassadors have deeper commitments and are deeply committed. Confirming the sincerity of each ambassador is a daunting task, but it is intriguing. In today’s era, nothing can escape the attention of social media, so what matters is the lifestyle and daily behavior of the ambassador. Brands increasingly need to be vigilant and act quickly when necessary to protect their image from scandal.

    Ambassadors and product testers

       In this regard, Rolex’s strategy and choice are exemplary. In 1927, the young British lady Mercedes Gillis crossed the English Channel. Her task was to test the oyster-type waterproof performance, and eventually took the lead in confirming the quality of Rolex watches. Rolex then introduced the concept of ‘Testimonee’. Since then, the family has grown and expanded, and has now embraced many athletes and artists, each of whom has achieved outstanding achievements in his field. From the peak to the bottom of the sea, Rolex accompanied ‘Testimonee’ in extreme adventures. In addition, the brand continues to lead by supporting environmental initiatives. Among them is the blue mission plan led by oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earl, whose goal is to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030, compared with 8% of the oceans currently protected.

    Simon Paginold, champion of the Indy 500 in 2019, a friend of the RICHARD MILLE brand

       Of the 21st century watchmaking brands, RICHARDMILLE may be the most demanding of brand ambassadors (or partners), which is reflected in the degree of participation. In most cases, athletes test their watches in (including the most extreme) real-world environments. Their feedback will directly affect the evolution of the product and lay the foundation for the development of new technical solutions, new materials and new complex functions. For this reason, RICHARDMILLE also frequently reports his rewards by honoring his / her contribution with a watch bearing the name of the ambassador.

    Broaden the field

    Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe with Kings Bailey and Killian Mbappe

       Since Hublot was taken over by Jean-Claude Beaver in 2004, ‘looking for potential customers’ has been the brand’s winning strategy. A series of partnerships and ambassador signings have brought the brand into new areas. Hublot, for example, was the first luxury watchmaker to invest in football, and the brand also signed Pele and Maradona, representatives of the beautiful sport, as the first ambassadors. Hublot recently signed three more female athletes: Laure Blou in France, Alex Morgan in the United States, and Adam Hegberg in Norway. At the same time, Hublot is also engaged in diversified cooperation with contemporary artists, including tattoo master Maxim Butch and sculptor Richard Orinsky, who have designed watches for the brand.


    Breitling Jets

       An ambassador can be not only an individual, but also a team, such as a group of athletes; not only an existing team, but also an existing team, in order to gain the greatest popularity in the competition. Breitling has ingeniously sponsored the first civilian professional jet team with seven pilots, bringing wonderful aerobatic performances to audiences around the world. Over the past 17 years, this jet team has successfully raised Breitling’s global reputation. Although the partnership may end at the end of this year (the brand does not want to continue to be the sole sponsor of the Jets, but is still willing to accept the co-sponsorship agreement), this journey inspired Breitling to form an ‘action team’.

    On May 10, 2019, the Breitling Surfer Action Team participated in the net beach action in Bali

       The concept is to put three people from the same field (each at the peak of their careers) into a team. They must work together to complete the sea, land, and air-related tasks selected by Breitling. Following the original film action teams (Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Adam Dreyfer, and Wu Yanzu), Breitling announced the Explorers Action Team (Bertrand Picard, David De … Rothschild and Ing Solheim), Surfers Action (Stephanie Gilmore, Sally J. Fitzbonds and Kelly Slater), and Triathlon Action Team (Jan Froder Noah, ‘Maca’ Chris McCormack and Daniela Liv). I believe there will be more action teams coming out in the future.

    achive dreams

    Panerai Stealth Guillaume Neri Special Edition

       In addition to partnering with celebrities, athletes, or artists, watchmaking brands are exploring new ways to further engage customers, such as providing unique experiences. Panerai offers three exciting opportunities for brand advocates. The 15 owners of the special edition Guillaume Neri of the Stealth Collection will have the opportunity to be invited to visit Guillaume Neri, who currently lives in Moorea, and explore the underwater world with him. The 19 owners of the Special Edition of the Sneak Watch Mike Horne can experience the unique journey of the Arctic Ice Belt with Mike Horn. As for the 33 owners of the special edition of the stealth series carbon fiber watch, you can participate in the training session of the Italian Navy diving commando and enjoy a unique experience. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)