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    That Fascinating Dark Blue Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Blue Outer Ring Watch Tasting

    In recent years, the blue-toned watch, ‘A sudden rise in force’, has quickly entered people’s horizons and has become one of the current trends in timepieces. The pursuit of refinement and men’s profound, intelligent characteristics of the blue watch creative design has also gradually become the brand’s ‘must fight.’ In 2016, Tudor launched many classic Kai Cheng Biwan watches to pay tribute to the series of timepieces launched in 2012 and achieved great success. Among them, this Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan blue outer ring watch introduced to you by the watch house editor, especially the charming dark blue on the dial and the bezel, people are deeply trapped and unable to extricate themselves. Let’s take a look together. (Watch model: M79230b)

    ‘Midnight Blue’, Blue’s just right

    Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan watch display

       Compared with the black and red models, this Qicheng Biwan watch, known as ‘Midnight Blue’, is neither too exaggerated nor understated, and it is always full of exquisite and lively atmosphere. The touch of blue on the bezel is the highlight of this timepiece. After all, popular things will be forgotten with the passage of time, so the designer abandoned the large blue design and chose only a circle of ‘blue’ as decoration, so that this deep blue will be permanently lit in people’s hearts. Being ‘overwhelmed’ by the fading of the trend, a classic fashion. And each Chengbiwan watch is very versatile, changing a strap, the style will be completely different from before.

    Inheriting the classic big crown and snowflake needles

    Watch display

       The new Kai Cheng Bi Wan combines the historical tradition of the brand’s timepieces with the classic funds from the past and blends them with modern design elements. With the simple and generous lines, dome-shaped dial and mirror, it inherits the design essence of the first Tudor diving watch. The classic watch (7924) “Big Crown” design introduced by the brand in 1958 is incorporated into the new watch, which is significantly eye-catching, showing the men’s atmospheric and stylish characteristics. The ‘Snowflake’ pointer has clear edges and corners, highlighting the brand’s most unique charm and connotation.

    Watch case display

       The 41 mm stainless steel case, after polishing and frosting, shows the unique color and luster of steel, tough and delicate. Equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel and decorated with matte blue. Beautifully integrated into the stainless steel case.

    Watch dial display

       The black, domed dial is attractive. The classic hour markers and the brand’s unique snowflake hands make up this watch’s dial design, simple and refined. And the time scale and hands have a luminous design at the same time, to ensure the efficiency of reading time at night.

    ‘Big Crown’ display

       The screw-down stainless steel winding crown is engraved with the Tudor Rose logo, showing the brand’s beautiful and elegant characteristics. The black lacquered surface and the blue anodized aluminum winding crown shank add luster to the crown. Designed with anti-slip texture, it can ensure accurate time adjustment of the watch without slippery, convenient and quick.

    Watch lug display

       The naturally smooth curved stainless steel lugs bring excellent visual enjoyment, which connects the case and the strap well, adding color to the watch’s overall ornamental beauty.
    Equipped with homemade movement

    Watch movement display

       The watch is equipped with the first MT5602 mechanical movement independently developed, manufactured and assembled by the brand in 2015 (where ‘MT’ stands for ‘Manufacture TUDOR’ manufactured by Tudor) and has a power reserve of about 70 hours. Equipped with silicon hairspring, it can effectively avoid the interference of magnetic field on the time of the watch. In addition, the movement of this watch has also been certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) to ensure the accurate movement of the watch.

    Watch strap display (textured strap display)

    Watch buckle display

       This watch is available with a steel chain and antique leather strap, and comes with a stylish textured strap. Equipped with discounts and safety buckles to protect the watch from your wrist and prevent it from falling off easily. (Textured strap is pin buckle)

    Watch overall display

    Summary: Fearless of the passing of time, the dark blue on that watch is still timeless, glowing with endless charm and attractiveness. This watch is also one of the classic timepieces with excellent performance in 2016. Its outstanding value and high cost performance make this watch highly praised by many watchmates. For those who like this classic dark blue Qiqi Biwan classic timepiece, may wish to enter the brand store to explore its style.

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    Blue Ocean New Pulse Ulysse Nardin Diving Series Push New Favorite

    Over the past 170 years, UlysseNardin has created a number of reliable marine astronomical watches. The latest addition to the blue diving watch series ‘Blue Ocean’ has allowed Athens Watch, the Swiss Rolock watch factory, to establish its reputation for cutting-edge watches. The new ‘Blue Ocean’ watch from Athens watches is suitable for water sports and is designed to cope with extreme situations. ‘Blue Ocean’ is both a diving tool and a beautiful timepiece. The two functions are perfectly combined.

    The stainless steel case of the watch is specially treated by a complex Vulcanization Process, which makes the surface of the case covered with a layer of blue rubber coating, highlighting the extraordinary appearance and giving a comfortable feeling. The transparent case back design allows you to admire the blue movement. The ‘Blue Ocean’ limited-edition diving watch is equipped with a one-way reverse diving chronograph bezel and a screw-in crown, and is waterproof to 200 meters. Limited edition of 1,846 pieces, each watch is individually engraved with a unique number on the side of the case, showing its uniqueness.