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    Wholeheartedly For Women Only Blancpain Villeret Ref. 6104 Ladies Watch

    If you have some research on women’s watches, you will find that most brands in the watch industry are not as serious as men’s watches. When many brands design women’s watches, they basically reduce the diameter of the men’s watches a little, and set a circle of diamonds on the bezel. Otherwise, it will be integrated with the jewelry directly. The most typical is to add a dial to the bracelet. The watch movement is either the same as the men’s model or a quartz movement. For this reason, the brands are also righteous: ‘Do women not like the stylish appearance? Good-looking, not diamond-studded, talk to them about movements, do they understand?’ But in recent years, women’s purchasing power has become more and more powerful. Xu’s obsession with women’s mechanical watches is far deeper than men’s imagination, and major watch brands have begun to pay attention to women’s watches for this. From recent years in Geneva and Basel, we can easily find out. And how does Blancpain, one of the top watch brands, do on women’s watches?

       In fact, it is not difficult to find that the answer can be found in the Blancpain Villeret series Ref. 6104 female watch that debuted this year. Ref. 6104 is a derivative of Ref. 6102 and belongs to the Blancpain Villeret series. Villeret is the birthplace of BLANCPAIN watches. The series named after it mainly uses the functions of the three major hands, chronograph, jumping seconds, two places, and other functions as the main features. It focuses on the most classic and representative models in the brand. The junior style is basically the white shirt in the watch, which everyone can wear.
    Absolutely versatile, but it’s not easy to make a junior needle with both texture and recognition.

    Blancpain Villeret Ref. 6102 for ladies
       Ref. 6102 is a three-pin women’s watch that can represent the brand’s aesthetics. Round sharp-shaped case, iconic double-layered bezel, three-dimensional Roman numerals, slender willow leaf hands, and a clean white dial with no decoration except the 12 o’clock logo. It is entirely the elegant beauty of Blancpain. According to Blancpain’s statistics on sales of women’s watches, Ref. 6102 is the best-selling women’s watch. So what changes will happen to the upgraded version of Ref. 6104? Are there many friends like our initial guesses, 6104 only made some changes in the details, such as diameter changes, bracelet changes, bezel diamonds? Wait. In short, it is the appearance change that can be seen immediately without spending much time and cost. But what really changed in 6104 was the ‘core’!

    Blancpain Villeret Ref. 6104 for ladies
       Ref.6104 is equipped with this year’s new Cal.913 movement. Cal.913 is also an upgrade of Cal.953 movement used by Ref.6102. The basic parameters are almost the same. But the structural formula has one more part and one more gem than Cal.953. However, Blancpain, which has always been pragmatic, will not push new ones casually. Cal.913 replaced the now hot silicon hairspring, and the cardless balance spring which was only used on the star movements such as Cal.F385, Cal.6639, and the gold trimming screw system are also brought together. It is also the first time that a female watch movement can be equipped with such ‘luxury’. As a result, the winding efficiency is greatly improved.

       Through this Ref. 6104 ladies watch, we saw Blancpain’s attitude towards women’s watches. In many brands, they only stayed with gems, diamonds and men’s watch movements. Blancpain is clearly at the forefront, although Blancpain can make some changes in the appearance of the product, relying on these small changes in cost and technology to make money. But Blancpain didn’t, but he still made the movement and perfected the watch function. This shows that women not only need watches, but also a good watch attitude!