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    Atmosphere And Avant-garde Classic Tasting Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 Watch

    Cult of stars is a big trend that is generally popular in modern society. Using celebrity effect to sell your own products is a must for almost all brands. At the Baselworld International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2015, Hamilton deliberately introduced such a time-honored watch-the Ventura Elvis 80, to pay tribute to the once rock-star king. Today, the watch I want to introduce to you is the Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80. Its specific model is H24585731.

    Classic heritage
        February 8, 2015 is the 80th birthday of Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley loved Hamilton watches in his lifetime, and even in the 1961 movie ‘Blue ‘Hawaii’ appeared in the Hamilton Adventure series. The Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 watch is therefore known as the adventure of the Elvis watch. Elvis Presley’s genre is a fusion of country music and blues blues, leading an era. The Ventura Elvis 80 watch also relies on future design and innovative materials to make the legend continue to the future.

    Stills from the 1961 movie Blue Hawaii

        The Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 inherits the classic icon of the Hamilton Adventure series-a three-dimensional triangle case, which implies a modern and avant-garde lifestyle, and uses it to express people’s wild artistic ideas. Like the ‘Adventure-Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary Series’ watches five years ago, they are using avant-garde shapes and unique materials to fully show people’s fantasy and imagination about the future. Looking at the watch worn by Elvis in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii, you will also find that this watch is also triangular in shape. In this way, this watch can be described as a classic heritage in Hamilton watches.

    Left: 75th Anniversary of ‘Elvis’ Birthday Right: 80th Anniversary of ‘Elvis’ Birthday

    Avant-garde design
        This Ventura Elvis 80 watch has a ‘steep slope’ glass and curved dial design. The case is made of a black PVD-treated stainless steel case, which is brushed and polished. The sharp angle of the triangle is replaced by smooth lines. The overall outline is harmonious and beautiful, and the ultra-modern three-dimensional triangle shape has a post-modern feel, which will naturally attract the attention of avant-garde art seekers.

    Dial chart

        This watch is dark black as a whole. The dial’s time scale adopts a white Superluminova luminous coating as appropriate. At the minute scale between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock, it is distributed between orange and white. Taken together, orange brings a warm sporty atmosphere to the dark dial.

    Dial chart

    Practical performance of the atmosphere
        This watch is equipped with Hamilton’s self-developed H-10 movement, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. The waterproof depth of 50 meters, although not suitable for use as a diving watch, but waterproof enough for ordinary life is more than enough.

    H-10 movement

        This watch is clean and neat, and it doesn’t have too many complicated functions. It only has a prominent date display window at 3 o’clock for our daily use.

    Date display

    Case back (connection of case and strap)

       The strap and buckle of this watch are also made of integrated black material. The silk-stitched leather strap and PVD-treated stainless steel buckle are paired with an artistically imagined case design, which is even more magnificent and atmospheric.



    Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 H24585731
    Summary: Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80, as the commemorative model of the 80th anniversary of ‘Elvis Presley’, not only inherits the classic elements of the adventure series, but also uses the avant-garde three-dimensional triangular shape design to express a ‘postmodern’ At the same time, the practical performance of simplicity and atmosphere is more in line with the needs of our daily lives. The price of this watch is slightly more than 10,000 yuan, commemorative significance and avant-garde artistic design, coupled with a few practical functions, but it is a rare good quality and affordable watch.