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    Balpain Shines With Femininity-news Blancpain

    Spring is the time when all things are awake and women are blooming and beautiful! Blancpain recommends three women’s watches with totally different craftsmanship for women with their unique personality and uniqueness. The orbital inlay method of the Meteor Rain Tourbillon dances the beauty of the diamond curve, and the large date tourbillon shows the top mechanical watch technology. The limited edition of 14 St. Valentin in the world uses mother-of-pearl grading and color gradation to bring the delicate and vivid rose to life, showing the delicate and exquisite arts and crafts perfectly. Won the Best Women’s Watch at the 2014 Geneva Watch Awards. The use of a gradual double-circle diamond inlaid bezel and a diamond curve and spiral engraving on the dial, such as a feminine figure, fully demonstrates innovative and elegant design techniques.
    The beauty of dancing. The meteor shower tourbillon big date watch, the perfect encounter between top watchmaking and patent jewelry setting, showing women’s elegant and confident
     Combining jewellery watches with top sophisticated watch technology, Blancpain has been committed to breakthrough innovations for women’s watches. In this ‘Meteor Rain’ watch, spiraling diamond spiral lines use Blancpain’s patented ‘orbital concealed inlay method’, which allows the diamond to be inlaid under the dial, and the diamond is supported by a small round polished ball. Each dazzling diamond is embedded from the back of the dial into a small hole as small as 0.01 mm. With claw-free inlay technology, the dial and diamond are integrated into one, so that beauty and luxury are perfectly displayed. ‘Raining Star’ is equipped with a 6925 automatic winding movement, consisting of 307 parts. The dial is centered on the flying tourbillon at twelve o’clock, and it spins out like a whirlwind, like a rare sight. The large meteor shower, the large date window at six o’clock corresponds to the flying tourbillon flying in the sky at twelve o’clock, and the hours and minutes are displayed. The sapphire crystal back case can carefully taste the extremely delicate carving of every small part. Whether it is hand-polished, sanded and chamfered, the Geneva corrugated decoration, the unique hollowed-out automatic disk, shows the extraordinary craftsmanship of Blancpain watchmaking masters.

    Meteor Rain Tourbillon patented orbital diamond inlaid with extreme aesthetic creativity on the dial

    The ‘Meteor Shower’ dial is set with a total of 194 diamonds weighing 0.73 carats, and the lugs and bezels are also set with 166 diamonds weighing about 1.34 carats. The sleek and crisp 38mm 18K white gold case has a self-winding 7-day power reserve, is waterproof to 100 meters, a sapphire caseback, a alligator strap, and an Alzavel calf leather lining.
    Delicate beauty, limited to 14 mother-of-pearl pink roses worldwide, exquisite carvings bloom women’s bright and elegant
    Limited to 14 St. Valentin watches around the world, the master watchmaker’s skilled mother-of-pearl carving technique is used. The dial is made of white mother-of-pearl, and a pink rose is inlaid in the center with extremely sophisticated carving techniques. This delicate and vivid rose is first carved out of each petal on white mother-of-pearl, and then the entire relief rose pattern is cut and cut. After multiple dyeing treatments, the rich layering of the flower is completely colored, which looks lifelike. Create feminine femininity. This watch is equipped with a 2653C movement and a white gold case with a diameter of 36.6mm. It is self-winding and has a 72-hour power reserve. It is decorated with 121 double-turn white diamonds on the bezel and conical cut diamonds on the lugs and watches The crown and dial are loaded with the classic eccentric hour hand of the BLANCPAIN Women series, so that this bright rose can be fully displayed in front of the world, and the case back is also decorated with a pink shell carved automatic dial and a white ostrich strap.

     Limited edition of 14 St. Valentin 2015, mother-of-pearl carver perfectly interprets flowers

    The beauty of curves Eccentric women’s retrograde small seconds watch
    The eccentric women’s retrograde small seconds watch, which won the 2014 Geneva Watch Awards, once again broke through the tradition, incorporating the two functions of retrograde and eccentricity that the public believes are exclusive to men, into the exquisite and brilliant jewellery watch, making the watch no longer just Women’s jewelry decoration accessories have also greatly improved their practicality. The bezel gradually double-circle diamond inlaid, the mother-of-pearl dial elegantly draws a diamond dividing line like a female S curve, the vortex carving of eccentric hands and diamonds of different sizes are scattered on the dial, and the overall design is omnipresent Perfectly integrated to the extreme and also the feminine feminine lines. Equipped with 2663SR movement, 72-hour power reserve, diamond-set mother-of-pearl dial (approximately 0.153 carats), bezel stepped double-circle diamond setting (approximately 1.000 carats), and crown set with one cone diamond (approximately 0.090 carats) . A 36.8mm diameter 18K red or white gold model with a self-winding power reserve of 72 hours, a water resistance of 30 meters, a sapphire caseback and a white ostrich leather strap.

    Best female watch with eccentric retrograde small seconds, spiral curves depicting feminine lines

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    Explore The Blancpain Watch Factory And Experience The Ultra-fine Watchmaking Process

    From the magnificent integrator 1735, the mysterious coaxial Carussell, the 50 Fathoms series of solid gold to the Villeret series of ultra-thin craftsmanship, Blancpain abandons flashy and vanity, and keeps restraint and calm Innovative, these watches come from Blancpain’s top watchmaking workshops in Le Brassus, two movement factories in the Jurassic Valley in Switzerland, and Manufacture Blancpain movement factory. The two watchmaking factories of Blancpain are located in the valleys of the Vallée de Joux mountain range in Switzerland, just a few minutes’ drive away. They are peaceful, cozy, and even have the original tranquility of a paradise. Draw a sketch on the paper that you want to sculpt
    Le Brassus watchmaking workshop
    邂逅 1735 master watchmaker
    BraLe Brassus’s top watchmaking workshop is on a gradual hillside. This prestigious workshop is actually in a single off-white three-storey small building. The appearance is not much different from the nearby cottage.
    Into the interior, all visitors were required to wear white dust-proof clothing and shoe covers. We went straight up to the third floor. A huge glass display stand was placed at the door of a cabin. It contained a total of 744 parts required by Blancpain’s most watch 1735, and opened the door to make The watchmaker is carefully assembling the watch on a work table by the window. This super-complicated watch with six complex functions in one can only be produced by two watchmakers in the world. In addition to being able to make 1735, the one in front of him is also the inventor of waterproof three questions and hidden adjustment.
    Take part of a sketch based on the shape and position of the rotor
    小屋 Each of these three floors is an independent studio. There are studios that specialize in polishing parts, there are also minute repeater studios, as well as Caruso and tourbillon studios and golden sculpture studios. In Caruso and Tourbillon Studio, the watchmaker will put the newly produced Caruso and Tourbillon under a high magnifying glass and then connect it to the display, so that it can show its operation process and monitor the quality through the TV screen . In the Golden Sculpture Studio, the watchmaker is the golden sculpture artist, and the photos or patterns are first drawn on a large dial pattern, and then scaled down and golden carved according to the same proportion.
    Refine and plump the details of the sketch, and draw accurately
    Manufacture Blancpain
    The world’s largest ‘movement dream factory’
    The famous Frederic Piguet factory was officially renamed Manufacture Blancpain in October last year. It is in the same vein as the previous workshop, but it has a more ‘factory’ spirit. Although it is only four or five floors high, it has a large area and is said to accommodate 500 watchmakers at the same time.
    The drawing has been carved on the rotor in equal proportions
    FPThe predecessor of this watch factory, the FP factory was founded in 1858, and has always focused on the development and manufacture of top watch movements. It only provides high-end movements for world-renowned watch brands and is currently the world’s largest advanced movement factory. Without a doubt, he is among the best independent movement manufacturers in Switzerland. This is an out-of-the-box ‘Movement DreamWorks’. In addition to Blancpain, it also provides movements for Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet and Audemars Piguet. The FP factory has a 40-year history of cooperation with Blancpain. In the past three years alone, Blancpain has released 11 new movements. Among them, the one-minute coaxial Carrousel pioneered by the watchmaking industry, representing Blancpain first won the glory of ‘the first collection watch of the Palace Museum’; it also has a full calendar month with an all-day adjustment function that gathers eight days of power Important milestone models such as photo models.
    Put the part of the oscillating weight on the bottom of the table, and the pattern will oscillate with the movement of the oscillating weight
    Illustrated pendulum golden sculpture
    Customized (customized) gold sculpture models are one of Blancpain’s famous watchmaking professions. Masters of gold carving carry out vivid totem carving on coin-sized precious metal plates to create gold carving patterns on moving figures, case backs or rotors. This technique must be patterned under a microscope with a small chisel. In the customized watch models of Blancpain watch, the master of gold carving is carved according to the pattern selected by the customer. The finished watch will also be a unique piece of art and a precious collection of only one in the world.