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    Roger Dubuis Honors Watchmaking Through The Film—geneva’s Mark

    Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory engraved with the Geneva Seal on all watches, which can be called a rare example and extreme glory in the watchmaking industry. The Geneva Seal not only provides excellent guarantee for the movement, but also the entire watch is manufactured in Geneva, as well as strict guarantees of exquisite workmanship, excellent performance, extraordinary quality and durability. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis exemplifies the resolute character of the brand’s timepieces through the avant-garde images, one of the Geneva emblems that dominates the sky, bringing you a comprehensive understanding of the most stringent and rigorous certification standards of watchmaking.

     Official Seal of the Seal of Geneva

     Roger Dubuis Since its establishment in 1995, Roger Dubuis has strived to surpass the established conventions of fine watchmaking craftsmanship, travelling between avant-garde fashion and solid tradition, and constantly introducing outstanding and outstanding works. Roger Dubuis has complete and independent manufacturing capabilities, which can complete the complex functions of the movement inside the watch factory. With a rare and bold attitude, it is easy to develop sophisticated and innovative mechanical devices.

     Undoubtedly, the insistence on the imprint of Geneva must be accompanied by the pursuit of excellence, and excellence is the motto of Roger Dubuis since the founding of the watch and continuous efforts. The honour of the Geneva imprint, in addition to embodying the brand’s values ​​of courage, heritage and traditional craftsmanship, avant-garde design, and complex movements, is a clear testimony to challenging established rules with extraordinary timepieces.

     Among the quality certification standards for watches, the requirements of the Geneva Seal are the most stringent. Of the 30 million watches produced in Switzerland each year, only 24,000 are eligible for the Geneva Seal. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is the only watchmaker to have the Geneva mark engraved on all its movements-around 5,000 watches are engraved with the logo every year. Because for Roger Dubuis, the Geneva mark is not the end, but the starting point for excellence.

     Eagles, crowns and keys: the three emblems of Geneva

     Roger Dubuis clearly flaunts the banner of the Swiss watchmaking cradle, proudly showing its fine lineage from Geneva. Only watches assembled, embedded, and adjusted in the Geneva area are eligible for the Geneva Seal certification. Therefore, the seal uses the eagle and key with the crown on the Geneva emblem, plus the words Geneva. During the 2013 SIHH in Geneva, Roger Dubuis also paid tribute to the norms of the Geneva Seal by means of a giant eagle holding a key. The value of the Geneva mark of excellence, craftsmanship, performance and durability.

     Today, the watch factory launches a bold and novel promotional film directed by the famous director Ruth Hogben, and once again pays tribute to this outstanding logo. Ruth Hogben has worked with a number of international celebrities in the fashion and haute couture industries, including the famous stars of Nick Knight, Alexander Mc Queen and Lady Gaga. At this moment, the director once again used light and shadow to interpret the beauty of haute horlogerie and the imprint of Geneva.

    After 125 years, the Geneva mark sets stricter norms

     The Geneva Seal entered into force in 1886. Issued by the local cantonal government of Geneva, only a few watch factories can adhere to this tradition and win this award. The Geneva seal is engraved directly on the mechanical movement. Only in accordance with the traditional 12 rules, can the watch mechanical movement that is completely handmade, assembled and adjusted in the Geneva area and meets the strict watchmaking quality requirements, This official certification. All movements engraved with the Geneva mark, even the invisible parts of the movement, must be surface-finished and carefully decorated by hand.

     Not only that, on the 125th anniversary of the Geneva Seal Certification Standard in 2011, the Geneva Watch and Microsystem Technology Laboratory (Laboratoire d’Horlogerie et de Microtechnique de Genève) made major changes to the Geneva Seal certification standards in order to better Respond to customer expectations for quality and workmanship. Therefore, in addition to the original code, more stringent standards have been added. The main change is to extend the scope of the certification review to the entire watch, not just the movement. Since then, the entire timepiece must also undergo rigorous testing. After a series of tests for up to seven days, its accuracy, water resistance, various functions and power reserve have been confirmed.

     Although the new Geneva Seal standard is more stringent than ever, Roger Dubuis continues to pass the test with outstanding performance. In the Roger Dubuis factory, 60% of the craftsmen, that is, about sixty people, are divided into twenty groups, and each group is responsible for meeting a requirement of the Geneva Seal Certification. Protecting and admiring this regional craft tradition requires more than rigorous attitude. It also requires investment in time to make a movement that complies with the Geneva mark standard, which requires 40% more work than usual. This also explains why Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory whose all watches have passed this certification mark. This was true in the past, and so will it in the future.

     An excerpt from Roger Dubuis’s filming for the Geneva Seal

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    Fendi Absolutely Luxurious Colorful Fashion-news Fendi

    FENDI The Crazy Carats watch works show a dazzling and stunning charm with luxurious mink fur. With the exquisite craftsmanship from Masion fur, the mysterious luxury style of this watch is set off. When rotating the crown of the Crazy Carats, you can rotate three different precious jewels, and display three different jewels on the dial at will. This unique beautiful ingenuity can follow women’s occasions and emotions at different times. , Showing different styles of watches.

    Elegant and fashionable, the new Crazy Carats is presented to modern women who love to express themselves and love surprises. Each watch in this series is limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

    ‘FENDI is a representative term for fur-fur symbolizes FENDI,’ Karl Lagerfeld, who has a reputation as a fashion designer, once said. Fur is the essence of luxury, praising timeless traditions, showing passion and outstanding Italian craftsmanship. FENDI takes fur to a higher level, reshapes a new style, and focuses more on quality. In the next autumn and winter series, FENDI wears a fur strap for its representative Crazy Carats watch, two-tone mink For this elegant and exquisite model, show a more original and stylish look.

    Crazy Carats Autumn / Winter 2014-15 Limited Special Edition, wearers can change different jewellery hour markers at any time by rotating the crown with bold hue-dark gray and bright yellow

    Choose from three unique gems
    The Crazy Carats series presents a new and charming dial. The off-white or black dial emphasizes the time indexes inlaid with precious stones. As long as the crown is rotated, three precious jewels can be displayed on the dial at any time. Unique ingenuity, let women follow the mood, let white diamonds, pink corundum or sapphire hour markers shine on the dial. Autumn-Winter 2014-15 Crazy Carats has four watches in total. Each watch is set with different diamonds according to different styles. There are also versions with up to about 7 carats of precious stones. Various colors of mink strap are set on the crocodile leather strap-classic black with white, white with attractive dark red, wild dark gray reflecting bright yellow, or bold dark blue contrasting bright red color.

    Gorgeous blue and red mink straps give the Crazy Carats autumn-winter 2014-15 special edition a beautiful and elegant style.

    White and dark red mink strap, made by FENDI Fur Studio with Top Wesselton VVS white diamonds and AAA quality pink corundum and sapphire, with a luxurious and fashionable style