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    From The Roman Miracle Mido Perfection Series Interpretation Of The Philosophy Of Time

    Mido is a watch brand that is good at interpreting the philosophy of time from architecture. It takes classic architecture as the source of inspiration for watches. The powerful and powerful design of the Mido Perfect Series originates from the Roman landmark, the Colosseum. Today we will talk about the magic between this extraordinary watch series and the magnificent ancient Roman architecture.

       The Roman Colosseum, built in the first century AD, was a place for slave owners, nobles, and free people to watch the beasts or slave wrestlings in the Roman Empire. It was built by tens of thousands of Roman captives over eight years. It is a human architectural art Great masterpiece. In appearance, it is circular, and when overlooked, it is oval. This wonderful design is a symbol of wisdom. The Roman Colosseum covers an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters, with a long axis of about 188 meters, a short axis of about 156 meters, a circumference of about 527 meters, and a wall of about 57 meters high. This huge building can hold nearly 90,000 Number of viewers.
       Mido Perfect Series
       The Mido Perfection series has a wide dial reading space, just like the circular grounds of the Roman Arena. The shape of the bezel also originates from this building. The design of the undulating and orderly box on the dial mimics the design of the ladder. Reduced bezel edge. Such a uniquely designed watch condenses a timeless and great building in it, as if awakening the passing years, and a fierce gladiatorial picture emerges.

       The Mido Perfection 1918 Men’s Watch draws inspiration from the extraordinary layout of the Colosseum in Rome, and gives it an unparalleled enduring charm with dials and cases derived from the artistic appearance of the arena and impeccable traditional craftsmanship. At the same time, the watch also combines precise travel time with a strong and powerful men’s watch style. The ultra-thin bezel design is a challenge and breakthrough to the manufacturing process, which gives this 42 mm diameter watch a more open dial space. The silver dial exuding the texture of sunlight rays shows the layered design like the interior of the Colosseum in Rome, which can not help but admire the designer’s wonderful ideas. The dial time scale exudes delicate and elegant rose gold, just like the ancient arena under the sunset, adding a touch of elegance. Hour and minute hands with white Super-LumiNova® luminous treatment make reading easy and simple. There is a day and date window at the three o’clock position of the dial to meet daily wear requirements. This watch is also 100 meters waterproof. performance.

       This Mido perfect series watch uses a gold design, which is low-key and slightly luxurious. In a sense, it balances the cold texture of stainless steel. The watch is just like the heroic spirit of the Roman Colosseum, it is a heavy, Atmosphere precipitated over time. Like other perfect series watches, this watch’s undulating box design on the dial mimics the staircase design of the Colosseum in Rome, while reducing the edge of the bezel and expanding the visible space of the dial. The movement inside the watch has been certified by the Observatory and has accurate movement; the spiral crown and bottom cover make it waterproof to 100 meters. The semi-perspective case back is adorned with blue steel screws.

       This 10-year limited edition watch of the Perfect Series is specially designed to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the perfect series, with a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. This game still draws inspiration from the classic building of the Colosseum in Rome and pays homage to the immortal Rome. The diameter of the case is 42 mm. The shape of the case is easily reminiscent of the architecture of the arena. The smoke gray dial has a unique contour. The Roman numerals are used to show the time, and the classics of the Roman era are perfectly presented on the wrist. At the same time, the dial is decorated with satin-finished sunlight rays. The undulating and orderly design of the stands and boxes on the dial mimics the internal structure of the Roman Arena. Roman numerals and hands are decorated with orange, an attractive beauty color, and processed with Super‑LumiNova®, making reading time more convenient.

    Summary: When facing these exquisite timepieces, I can’t help but sigh the wisdom and wisdom of the watchmaker. It always makes people feel the eternal feelings in the passage of time, and they can always find those passing in contemporary design. Time. The source of inspiration for the magnificent classic architecture of ancient Rome has also added extraordinary connotation to the Mido Perfection series of watches, making it a memorable masterpiece.
    Note: Click the ‘Meidu First Professional Watchmaker’s Watch Design Competition’ to participate in the prize voting, and have the opportunity to win the opportunity for two people to experience the inspiration of the British Big Ben or one of the most popular designer watches in this design competition. —-

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    Flawless Masterpiece Law Mulan Vanguard Gravity Watch

    Following the great success of the Vanguard series last year, FRANCK MULLER launched the new Vanguard Gravity. This watch combines sports design style with perfect and smooth lines, fully displaying the watch’s unparalleled power, and is a model of advanced technology.

     The watch uses the new oval tourbillon frame concept and is made of aluminum. The traditional tourbillon bridge and pillars have become harmonious and marvelous ovals, with diameters of 21.2 mm and 7.7 mm, respectively. The eye-catching tourbillon sits below the dial and rotates once a minute to resist gravity.

     The 14 mm eccentric balance wheel makes this unusual tourbillon even more distinctive. To show this extraordinary design, the watch is equipped with sapphire crystal on both sides.

     The rubber on the bottom of the strap perfectly matches the wrist shape, making the overall design of this watch more harmonious and pleasing. The strap is available in a variety of materials, including fabric and crocodile leather. Its design and the famous Cintrée Curvex case create a harmonious curve for the watch.
    Movement: CS-03
    Movement type: manual winding mechanical movement
    Movement size: 38.4 x 39.6 mm; thickness 8.70 mm
    Display: hours, minutes
    Function: time setting
    Power reserve: 5 days
    Swing frequency: 18,800 times per hour
    Number of parts: 211
    Number of jewels: 25
    Water resistance: 3 ATM
    Movement modification: Satin-finished, rhodium-plated, black and 5N PVD coating
    Dial: Hollow Dial
    Case: Titanium, 18K White Gold and Rose Gold
    Case dimensions: 44 mm x 53.70 mm x 15.10 mm
    Strap: rubber / cloth