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    Bureau Leader In-depth Seagull Watch Group Research Service

    On February 26, Meng Qingguo, deputy director of the Labor Security Bureau of Nankai District, led the heads of related departments to conduct in-depth research services on Seagull Watch Group.

        At Seagull Watch Group, Deputy Director Meng Qingguo went to the workshop to visit the production situation of the company. The group leaders reported that the company was affected by the recent financial turmoil, and the export and indirect export orders decreased, inventory increased, and capital turnover was difficult. Due to the financial turmoil, the Seagull Watch Group is relatively lagging behind. In January and February this year, overseas processing companies delayed the reserve of watch movements, which caused great difficulties for the production and operation of the Seagull Watch Group. challenge.

        Deputy Director Meng Qingguo said that under the difficult situation, Seagull Watch Group still puts stable and harmonious labor relations first and overcome difficulties. The district labor department will work hard to implement a series of policies recently issued by the municipal government to help enterprises resist the financial crisis. It is in place to effectively solve the difficulties in the production and operation of the enterprise and help the enterprise overcome the difficulties.

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    Four Watch Interpretations Of Fine Watchmaking Masters

    Four masterpieces worthy of taste, representing the masters of fine watchmaking. They are the wrist-finished products meticulously cultivated by the watchmaking masters, and are the products of infinite pursuit of the pinnacle of watchmaking skills.
    Challenge space

    The Giga Tourbillon contains the largest tourbillon in the world that can be fitted in a watch.
    CkFranck Muller can be praised by many watch lovers because the shock that he conveys to others through his works is always the most direct and clear. In 2011 he once again challenged the limit and launched the new Giga Tourbillon ten-day tourbillon watch.
    This watch once again has many precedents in the watch industry. The Giga Tourbillon is equipped with the largest tourbillon in the world that can be assembled in a watch so far, with a diameter of 20 mm and occupying half of the entire dial. Another unique feature is that Franck Muller turned the whole movement upside down, that is, the bottom of the original movement plywood was used as a face plate, and all the wheel trains were adjusted.
    In order to ensure ten-day power drive, the movement has four barrels connected in series up and down to allow two pairs of barrels to work together. Franck Muller also specially developed a new large-sized spring for Giga Tourbillon. (CGS 10.6) to ensure the stability and accuracy of the balance wheel.
    Everything just for lighter

    Watch series ‘lineSport’
    FranMaster Fran? Ois-Paul Journe has always had strict requirements on the accuracy and originality of watches. He challenged himself with infinite creativity, and once again released a line of sports watches with unique design, ‘lineSport’. The first work in this series, Centigraphe Sport, is the world’s first mechanical watch with aluminum alloy as the material and chronograph function from the inside to the outside.
    ‘LineSport’ is inspired by a watch enthusiast who has participated in countless marathons and triathlons. He is also a loyal supporter of FPJourne. He has always longed for a lightweight, comfortable, high-quality movement. Sports timepiece.
    FPJourne therefore carried out various researches, hoping to find a material that is super light and highly resistant to wear to make the movement, and eventually created the first watch made of Centigraphe Sport, which is made of aluminum alloy from the inside to the outside. Its case, bracelet and movement are cast from aluminum alloy and weigh only 55 grams.
    Bathe fire forever

    Jacques Dro
    Phoenix symbolizes eternal life. This is a myth that everyone knows: When the Phoenix’s life is over, the whole body will ignite a fire, and the Phoenix will be reborn in the fire and gain more vitality than before.
    的 The phoenix born in the fire came from Jacques Droe. On the enamel dial fired with big flames, the phoenix slowly rose and circled around the iconic ‘8’ dial. Jaquet Droz and China originated in the 18th century. Even the four-character Chinese name was given by Qianlong. At the arrival of the Dragon Year, Jacques de Droe added the brand’s most representative micro-painted enamel on the dial of the Grande Seconde Minute Repeater watch. The beautiful voice of the minute repeater can bring thoughts back to that distant age in the dead of night. The atmospheric round red gold case is a legendary faceplate design. The phoenix pattern born from the fire in the big fire will also have eternal life.
    Get rid of gravity

    Cartier launches Rotonde de Cartier Cadran Lové
    This year Cartier launched the Rotonde de Cartier Cadran Lové floating tourbillon watch. It is equipped with a refined Cartier 9458 MC workshop engraved with the “Imprint of Geneva’s Quality”, which adjusts the position of the center of gravity to release a wide space for the masculine decorative pattern. Against the backdrop of firm, masculine patterns and delicate orbital hour markers, the tourbillon’s rotation after adjustment seems to be extremely lightweight.
    In order to enhance the overall beauty, the traditional way of fixing the tourbillon frame between the movement’s bridge and the bridge is abandoned, and the entire tourbillon frame seems to really ‘fly’ on the bridge and float on the dial. This design will be more susceptible to vibrations and face the risk of balance wheel instability, so watchmakers have also devoted a lot of effort to the design of this tourbillon frame. Placing traditional complication movements in an orderly and modern structure, this watch symbolizes Cartier’s unique spiritual connotation and masterly style in the field of fine watchmaking.