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    Tissot T014430a Introduction

    Tissot watch bought with T014430 on the back of the case
    A, this is a Tissot sports watch, automatic watch. This series of watches are men’s watches, made of stainless steel, using ETA2826-2 movement, sapphire crystal glass, back-through, water-resistant to 200 meters, with date display. The watch was launched in 2010 and won the favor of consumers once it was launched. The dial of this model is available in blue, white and black. The strap is also divided into stainless steel bracelet and leather strap. As shown below, it is a T014430
    A watch.

    Tissot t014430a Price:
      The price of Tissot t014430a is more than 4,000 yuan. Among them, the series of watches with leather straps sells for about 4,200, and the series of watches with steel straps sell for about 4,600.
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    Simple And Stylish Blancpain Classic Two-year Calendar Rose Gold Watch Tasting

    Cleanliness, simplicity and simplicity have always been the defining qualities of business watches. Once upon a time, a classic timepiece with connotation and taste was a watch that many business people eagerly awaited. In 2016, Blancpain’s new watches, in addition to the unique design of the artisan craft watch, also displayed a rose gold complex function watch that integrates the time and calendar of the two places. The new watches of the classic series are very special in style and design. The innovative dial layout makes this watch shine. In addition, the silver dial itself can better show the maturity and ability of men. It is a better business this year. One of the watches. (Watch model: 6670-3642-55)

    One dial for two time zones

     Watch display
       GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. It is a watch in the definition of the watchmaking world that refers to a timepiece with another time zone (two places) on the dial. Just like this timepiece, there is a second time zone sub-dial at 8 o’clock, and the 24-hour time mark and small hands on the dial show the time in the second time zone. The local time is indicated by the central hour hand of the watch connected to the date. The watch can simultaneously show the departure place and the time at the same time, providing convenient time viewing conditions for people traveling across time zones.

    Manual adjustment without stylus

    Calibration button hidden behind lugs
       The hidden adjustment device is a patented invention that Blancpain is proud of. It is set behind the lugs and reflects Blancpain’s unique aesthetics and clean rounded shapes. The hidden button can easily adjust the time and date without the assistance of professional tools. Just press the switch to complete the debugging work. The button on the lug at 1 hour mark position is used to adjust the calendar, and the button at 5 hour mark position is used to adjust the month. The purpose of this design is to make the watch more concise and neat, eliminating the position of the dimple-like adjustment device of the traditional watch, making the watch lines more smooth and natural. In addition, the wearer can also quickly adjust the time, date and time of the two places through the crown, which can be adjusted directly as needed.
    Appreciation of the details

    Watch case display

       The case in 18k rose gold has a double bezel, which is full and clean. The polished rose gold has a soft texture, looks understated and luxurious, and is very beautiful.

    Watch dial display
       The gray dial of the sun’s rays radiates from the second time zone dial as the origin and ‘scatters’ all around, giving people a different look. Avant-garde Roman numeral time scale, showing classic charm. The hollow leaf-shaped hands and the brand logo on the second hand show the unique charm of Blancpain. Functions such as the day of the week at 2 o’clock, the date at 3 o’clock, and the month at 4 o’clock indicate the profound meaning of the watch.

    Watch crown display

       The crown, which is also made of rose gold, feels good after sanding, and uses a non-slip texture design to facilitate the debugging of the watch without slipping hands.

    Watch lug display
       The smooth and natural rose gold lugs perfectly blend the watch with the strap, showing the overall style of the timepiece. The head button will be well hidden behind you, further deepening a ‘hidden’ highlight of the watch.
    Luxury core

    Watch movement display

       The design is transparent, and the movement of the movement can be observed through sapphire crystal glass. Equipped with 6054F self-winding movement and built-in Breguet hairspring to ensure accurate travel time. A pendulum with a guilloché pattern adds a unique and visual appeal to the watch. Have up to 72 hours of power savings. There is a device for protecting the movement, which can effectively protect the safety of the movement.

    Watch strap display

       The dark brown alligator strap with Alzavel calf leather lining is comfortable and easy to wear. The triple folding buckle can effectively protect the watch from the wrist and not fall off easily.

    Watch overall display

    Summary: Classic watches often have unexpected designs and installations. This is a low-key luxury 18k rose gold watch. It is simple and capable with date display, week display, month display, GMT and other functions, showing the watch’s outstanding connotation. The hidden adjustment device adds to the watch’s ornamental glory. This is also a good classic watch this year. If you like it, you can check it out in the Blancpain store.