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    Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Performance Carrying Special Gift Boxes

    Since mid-July, you can get a special gift box for lunar watches when you buy the Super Moon series professional lunar watches.

      The special gift box includes two unique material straps: one is a black ‘NATO’ NATO military strap, and the other is a black Velcro strap inspired by the watch strap worn by astronauts in space. The gift box also includes the tools and instructions needed to change the strap, a badge engraved with the Omega Seahorse logo, a professional magnifying glass with a tachymeter scale, and a brochure describing the adventures of the Omega Speedmaster.

    You can get this special gift box when you buy the following watches:
    311., 311.

    This lunar watch special gift box is also available at the OMEGA flagship store.

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    Swatch Group Acquires The Headquarters Of Spartan Corporation

    According to news, Swatch Group has acquired Sputnik Engineering’s Bill headquarters and changed it to a new office of Distico. Distico is an assembly and sales subsidiary of Swatch, which assembles watch straps for many of the group’s watchmaking brands, and then packages and ships them to markets around the world.
    Former Sparnik headquarters in Biel, Switzerland

       Currently, Distico is headquartered in Ticino, Switzerland, and the plan to find a new office has been going on for some time. As early as 2010, Distico formulated a plan for in-situ expansion, which will be approved later this year and is expected to be completed as early as 2019.
       The already acquired Sparnik company’s Bill’s headquarters covers an area of ​​22,000 square meters and is 260 kilometers away from Ticino. Distico will relocate to the new site as a whole from September 1, which will create 160 local jobs for Bill.
       Distico said that for employees who cannot be relocated, Swatch will provide employment opportunities in its local subsidiaries such as Assemti SA, Assembly SA and Diatus Watch SA in Ticino.
    Spartan Company Profile (from Baidu Encyclopedia)
       As one of the pioneers in the photovoltaic industry since its establishment in 1991, Sparnik has taken the lead in successfully developing the industry’s first inverter without a transformer in 1994.
       Swiss company Sparnik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters. Under the SolarMax brand name, the company develops, produces and sells inverters for a variety of facilities, from low-power single-family photovoltaic power generation systems in kilowatts to megawatt solar power plants. The inverter is an important part of the solar power station, which can directly convert the generated DC power into AC power suitable for the power grid.
       Sparnik’s 20-year brand history is not only reflected in the Swiss quality, highest efficiency, reliability and durability of SolarMax products, but also to provide its customers with excellence in the areas of after-sales service, comprehensive warranty services and intelligent solutions for system monitoring. International support also illustrates this.

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    Chanel J12 Mysterious Flyback: 2 Million Super Complicated Models

    The Chanel J12 ten-year commemorative flyback watch to be introduced this time is a super complicated model with a public price of more than 2 million yuan. The watch is a luxury item, but the 7-figure daring price does have something amazing. Throughout today’s altarpieces, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Tourbillon precious metal model that has obtained the best time accuracy of Leroc is only in the 6-digit range. The long-powered Panerai 233 and IWC Portuguese 7-day chain are only in the 5-digit range. In the range of 7 digits and 2 million, there must be something even better. So where exactly is it? Let’s explore together.
        Watches and clocks are a wonderful field-a few small broken diamonds of tens of yuan a minute can add tens of thousands to the watch instantly, and a bezel made of a few grams of gold can also make the watch’s public price easily tens of thousands. Maybe it is this phenomenon that attracts many jewellery brands to launch their own watch products across borders, but the performance is not entirely optimistic. I have discussed some of the big jewellery gold watches before this time. The Chanel J12 ten-year commemorative mysterious flyback watch is a super complicated model with a public price of more than 2 million yuan. The watch is a luxury item, but the 7-figure daring price does have something amazing. Throughout today’s altarpieces, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Tourbillon precious metal model that has obtained the best time accuracy of Leroc is only in the 6-digit range. The long-powered Panerai 233 and IWC Portuguese 7-day chain are only in the 5-digit range. In the range of 7 digits and 2 million, there must be something even better. So where exactly is it? Let’s explore together. The international selling price is even lower than their own rings and bracelets.
        Chanel watches and clocks really started to flourish and launched the J12 series with Audemars Piguet in the millennium. The ceramic model J12 is an out-of-the-box hot-selling model, and its price is very strong. J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse has received a lot of good reviews since its launch, and has received a lot of attention.
        This watch only looks at the front and often cannot see the doorway, at most it feels that there is no crown. There are actually many watches without a crown, such as a quartz watch whose radar uses a magnet to adjust the time, and the old Longines with a crown on the case back have also been seen on the market. But the doorway was seen from the side view, this time the crown of the watch appeared on the dial.
        This is a design that has never been before, because the dial is placed with this thing, and the hands will encounter obstacles. In order to make this seemingly unreasonable design reasonable, the Audemars Piguet team designed the flyback pointer. In order to respond to the ten-minute display covered by the crown, a small dial was set at the 6 o’clock position of the dial to display the travel time of 10 to 20 minutes. .
        The cooperation between Chanel and Audemars Piguet is not a simple OEM form, but the actual design and functional design of Chanel. Audemars Piguet provides technical support.
        Spending a large price on a watch is a work of art that seeks to delight the soul. Artworks are most afraid of being rated as full of artisanity, and watches are the easiest to show artisanity because there are too many things that are the same. And this time Chanel’s design is quite a bit of meaning. Keeping the central idea of ​​celebrating the decade, the crown is placed in the middle of the ten-minute scale of the dial from ten to twenty, and the hour hand flies back around the ten minutes on the dial. The dial at 6 o’clock sets the number for ten minutes. And two of the decorative twelve inlaid stones (the second clockwise and the fifth clockwise) have hidden mechanisms underneath, providing the crown with gear shifting to achieve the functions of time adjustment and winding. It has the taste of ‘grass snake gray line, thousands of miles’, and it is not ordinary to play fashion.
        In commemoration of the tenth year of the advent, the crown is set between ten and twenty when the dial is running, so that the running time revolves around these ten minutes. Chanel J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse is not just a dazzling skill of craftsmanship, it is also a superb combination of technology and ideology. artwork.

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    Movado Museum Sports Chronograph

    The unique casual Style MuseumSport ™ men’s watch was launched in 2011. It is equipped with a black PVD-finished stainless steel case, a novel 3-hand Museum® dial with minute scale ring and date display, and a sporty black perforated rubber band. It is the latest interpretation of Movado’s most iconic watch design. . Movado MUSEUM sports chronograph
        In 2012, Movado launched an iconic Swiss quartz chronograph with a simple and avant-garde design on the basis of the Museum sports series. The 44 mm round case of this watch is solemn and elegant, using black PVD surface-treated stainless steel, the case back is brushed / polished solid stainless steel, and is equipped with straight or extended lugs, unique round keys, Black matte resin crown and flat sapphire anti-reflective crystal. The double-layer black matte dial is inlaid with the iconic Movado concave dots at 12 o’clock. The dial is a black minute ring with a white scale on the week. The dial also has a white pointed second hand in the center, at 2 o’clock. Red lettering at the position, small sub dial, 1 / 10th concave counter at 6 o’clock, 30 minute concave sub dial at 10 o’clock, circular date display at 4 o’clock, slim Silver toffee hour / minute hands, inlaid black bar-shaped tick marks, and white lettering. The new MUSEUM sports chronograph is crafted with precision. This chronograph can time events with durations up to 29 minutes and 59.9 seconds in 1/10 second increments, or time events up to 9 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds in whole second increments. This distinguished casual watch is water-resistant to 3 ATM and comes with a black perforated rubber strap with a decorative dot pattern and a classic stainless steel buckle on the strap.
    Swiss quartz chronograph movement accurate to 1/10 second.
    Double black matte dial with black chronograph seconds hand with white tip in the center, red sub-second dial with red lettering at 2 o’clock, tenth of a second timer at 6 o’clock, 10 30-minute timer at 4 o’clock, circular date display at 4 o’clock, embedded black bar-shaped graduation marks, silver toffee hour / minute hands, rhodium-plated concave dots at 12 o’clock, and white Pointer and lettering.
    Black PVD-finished stainless steel case, crown and chronograph keys, and stainless steel case back. Scratch-resistant, reflective flat sapphire crystal. Water-resistant to 3 ATM.
    Black perforated rubber strap with classic stainless steel buckle clasp.
    Men’s (44mm)

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    Admiral Kunlun Cup Victory Rubber Watch Like Second Skin

    The new Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber chronograph rubber watch made of vulcanized rubber, with a unique design and soft and smooth texture.
        A brand new model that shines brightly, injects vitality and color into the hot summer. The new Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber chronograph rubber watch, with a colorful vulcanized rubber case, is suitable for wearing in different types of sports, and is also a good equipment for various types of underwater adventure sports.
        The vulcanized rubber used in the watch is processed by high temperature and high pressure injection procedures, which changes its structure, and the texture is soft, smooth, strong and flexible.
        Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber chronograph rubber watch uses a new automatic chronograph movement certified by the Swiss official observatory (COSC), the watch has four new color options. 44mm diameter Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber chronograph rubber watch with CO 753 automatic movement, equipped with hours, minutes, small seconds, date display and chronograph function; power reserve of 48 hours . The screw-in transparent bottom cover sees the swing of the automatic disc.
        Corum launched the Admiral’s Cup in 1960 for the first time. For more than 50 years, the unique dial design features of the 12-sided case and the 12-sided nautical flag pattern-and applied to watch design-have lasted forever. In addition to showing its distinctive characteristics, it also symbolizes its irreplaceable position in history. At present, the Admiral’s Cup series can be divided into three different styles: the simple and elegant “Legend Mileage” classic watch style; the stylish and unique “Challenger” sports watch for any occasion Style; and the sturdy and sophisticated ‘Seafender’ extreme sports watch style designed for adventurers.

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    White-collar Equipment Upgrade Strategy: 10,000-level Value List

    The watch market in the past two years is definitely full of flowers, design, function, and material … To say that the vast majority of consumers still want to be able to choose one that is really suitable for daily wear from the ‘watch sea’, not for collection, but for a penny. If you set your budget at around 10,000 yuan, then you must not miss these famous brand products carefully selected for you by MSN Luxury. Let’s take a look together.详情 Watch details:
    Movement: Omega 3220 automatic chronograph movement
    40 hours power reserve, crystal surface, carbon fiber crystal plastic mirror surface, stainless steel case, black dial, water-resistant depth of 30 meters, case diameter 38mm, thickness 12mm, weight 110g, watch width 16mm ~ 18mm, wrist circumference Up to approximately 19cm.
    详情 Watch details:
    Movement: L963 quartz movement
    磨损 Abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal, stainless steel and rose gold bezel, silver-plated ‘flinqué’ Geneva enamel, 12 blue Roman numerals, blue steel hands. The watch has a diameter of 23mm, a thickness of 6mm, a three-fold safety buckle, a push-opening device, and a water resistance of 30 meters.
    详情 Watch details:
    The Montblanc Summit series has a sharp contrast with its classic Montblanc watch series. The stainless steel case is extremely simple and echoes the elegant contour of the dial. A subtle and elegant watch. Montblanc 38 mm stainless steel watch, sapphire crystal, black dial, quartz movement, date display window, silver stainless steel strap, triple folding clasp.
    详情 Watch details:
    Tudor is a collection brand under Rolex, which produces watches cheaper than Rolex. Early Tudor watches had the Rolex crown logo, shared Rolex parts, and even used Rolex movements. However, the Tudor now no longer has the crown logo, and has also switched to an ETA movement produced by the Swiss SWATCH Group Inc. ‘The Prince series and Princess series are evergreens in the Tudor family. Some senior collectors know that even the’ Prince ‘and’ Princess ‘produced in the 1960s and 1970s can be as good as the top brands. Higher and lower. This Tudor prince watch dial has a diameter of 32 mm, is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, a polished stainless steel bezel, a black surface, a stainless steel strap, and is water-resistant to 100 meters.
    详情 Watch details:
    The 2010 COACH autumn and winter watch series fully expressed the characteristics of the latest series with its stylish design and reliable functions. The classic three-dimensional Op Art pattern embellished the stainless steel bracelet watch. The bezel was set with 57 noble and shiny diamonds. Noble and elegant feel, the dial is also made of mother-of-pearl. At 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, 4 diamonds with a diameter of 1.3 mm are inlaid, replacing the traditional time scale. The wrist is best suited for noble evening wear, and it will make you shine.
    详情 Watch details:
    Boer created the United States unified railway time, the entire watch style is both simple and classic. This Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Glow watch is equipped with an automatic movement. Sixteen self-illuminating miniature gas lamps are integrated on the hour, minute, second hand and surface, so it has a luminous display function. The stainless steel case, water-resistant 100m, 40mm case, Simple design, durable and practical.