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    2012 Wanning Swatch World Women’s Professional Surfing Competition

    The official press conference of the 2012 Swatch World Women’s Professional Surfing Tournament was solemnly held at the Sheraton Resort. In front of invited media guests, professional athletes and surfing enthusiasts from various places, Swatch’s elite team representative and professional surfing association second seed player Kassia Meador (American) said that the significance of this competition for this quarter will be Out of the ordinary. ‘For all the participating girls, a whole year of hard work will be reflected in this competition. So tomorrow morning everyone will be at their best when the horn sounds, because a few days later a lucky one The girl will win the title of this competition. ‘After returning to the sea of ​​Wanning again after the eye-opening events of the past year, Kassia acknowledged that in this all-out competition, in China The wind and waves breaking on the coastline brought her an exciting pleasure. ‘There aren’t many places that make you think surfing is something new and new. When you see kids on the beach watching girls surfing intently chasing the waves, the look on their faces is really interesting. .It makes us feel like we are building something new, which is the best feeling and experience as a tourist surfer. ‘

       At the same time, Linsday Steinriede (USA), the defending world champion last year, appeared pressureless to face this year’s re-winning. ‘I usually don’t have too much pressure before I surfboard out of the wave zone. I will try my best to get the best performance in each event and focus on how to control the challenge of each wave tip. Too much care about defending The position of the Laureate will become an obstacle of my own. So I will not worry too much about other players, but I will try to avoid this obstacle by putting out the best state of each day. ‘Defending champion Chelsea Williams (Australia) shared with everyone Regarding the feeling of winning the championship for the first time in the Swatch Professional Surfing in Wanning last year, she felt that the waves of Wanning played a role in fueling her performance. ‘I really like the tip of the wave in front of my forehead, which is very beneficial to my technology. I got a place here for myself last year, and I hope to be equally lucky this year.’ And Swatch, a dark horse player from China, Darcy Liu ( China) is extremely proud of being able to represent China and the world’s top longboarders. She is very happy to see this healthy sport growing in popularity on Hainan Island. ‘For me, as long as I can challenge the waves with these girls on the same coast, I have been very proud and content. I have been receiving all kinds of support and encouragement from the local community, and I can make the flag fly again Wanning, I am extremely proud. This is a young sport, but I can see that it is growing every day. I just want to be able to drive more and more surfing enthusiasts to join this sport and carry it forward. ‘

       Tournament Director Dane Jordan conveyed some feedback after the opening ceremony last year, and especially praised Manning’s super-quality waves. ‘Basically nobody knew that surfing was possible here, and they had doubts about the quality of the waves. But last year’s event gave surfing enthusiasts around the world the potential of Wanning and the attractiveness of the waves here. For the weather conditions of tomorrow’s competition We are very optimistic (Wednesday, November 20). We look forward to the surprises that the South China Sea will bring us in the next few days. ‘
       Ms. Susan Chen, President of Swatch Group China, is very proud of the brand’s support for surfing and bringing it to more shores, a sport that conveys the values ​​that its brand has always advocated. ” Surfing is a very multifaceted outdoor sport. It is very young, exciting and healthy, and makes people feel the real fun of sports. This is the brand value advocated by Swatch. We are very happy to promote it in China. This sport allows more people who like trendy sports to experience the magic it brings. ‘