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    Aquanaut Luce Watch By Patek Philippe Expresses Luxurious Sports Style

    I saw Patek Philippe’s skill in making diamond watches last time, although I think it is very good, but I don’t see a mechanical watch, I always feel a little less. So this time, take a look at the female watch Ref.5069G-011 created by Patek Philippe in the Aquanaut series.

    Patek Philippe Aquanaut Diamond Watch Ref.5069G-011.

     The Aquanaut series is one of Patek Philippe’s many models. That said, for an office worker like me, I still have to work hard to buy it. To me, this watch is a daily wear watch worthy of getting started, how to say? Since the appearance of the Aquanaut series is derived from the classic Nautilus series, and then the overall makeup structure is modified to be more masculine and dynamic, it was originally made of stainless steel (this is also the main reason why the Aquanaut series is considered as a door model), see The octagonal makeup, which is both casual and elegant, is indeed very versatile. It is dignified to wear at work, and it looks relaxed and stylish with casual clothes after work.

     Aquanaut series Ref.5069G-011 diamond watch is packed in a solemn brown box.

     Opening the brown box is a noble and lacquered wooden watch box. The Aquanaut series was the earliest in 1997. Patek Philippe wanted to launch a new series of sports watches, so it produced a batch of tape-shaped watches like Nautilus lightweight version. I did not expect it to be well received. When it was launched, it would all be sold out and become With today’s Aquanaut series, that’s why we say that the Aquanaut series looks from the Nautilus series.

     Aquanaut series looks like Nautilus, but it has a casual and elegant style.

     The Aquanaut series full of fashionable sports styles only launched the women’s watch Aquanaut Luce series until 2005. Unlike the men’s watches, the women’s watches have added more fresh styles, and the colors and materials have become more diverse. Considering that women always dress beautifully, they also added more avant-garde avant-garde to their original tastes, so colorful colors such as snowy white, mysterious black, marine blue, chocolate brown, and glamour purple appeared one after another. And with the changes, Patek Philippe also introduced inlay accessories, jewelry. The unopened Ref.5069G-011 this time is a pure white version, and the entire watch is set with 474 diamonds. The diamond shines from the bezel to the lugs, and it really looks very flashy.

     The white gold case is set with 387 diamonds, approximately 3.25 carats.
     The design is simple and generous, with black Arabic numerals and rod-shaped hands, and the white dial underneath is decorated with embossed checkered patterns. Although Patek Philippe is a professional watchmaker, when you turn to the table side, you can see that the diamond setting is also very brilliant. The case and the table side diamonds are not only beautifully set, but the angles are arranged to take into account the diamond brilliance, which exaggerates the leisure sports. Watch also exudes the luxury of jewelry watches. From the side, you can see Patek Philippe’s attention to detail. Even the crown is set with a diamond, weighing about 0.14 carats.

     The side of the case shows Patek Philippe’s attention to detail and persistence.

     Another important point of this Ref.5069G-011 is that this watch is not a general jewellery watch, but a mechanical watch equipped with Patek Philippe 324SC automatic winding movement, and Patek Philippe also proudly uses perspective The back cover allows buyers to fully appreciate the operation of Patek Philippe movement. Although it is a simple three-needle + date function, the movement is still brilliant. The 324SC movement has a total of 213 parts, with a diameter of 27mm and a thickness of 3.3mm. It has 29 gems, 6 splints, a balance wheel frequency of 28,800 times per hour, a water resistance of 120 meters and a power reserve of 45 hours. The golden oscillating weight is engraved with the Patek Philippe Caltrava cross and decorated with Geneva ripples. The movement splint also has the same Geneva corrugated decoration. A closer look will reveal the PP imprint on the splint. The Geneva Imprint movement has always been one of the important selling points of Patek Philippe watches. However, in recent years, Patek Philippe wants to take it a step further, so from 2009, it has gradually started to replace its watches with the ‘patek Philippe imprint’. The biggest difference between the Patek Philippe mark and the Geneva mark is that in addition to the movement, there are specifications for the case, surface, hands, buttons, and strap spring rods. The requirements for correctness also stipulate that it cannot exceed -3 / + 2 seconds (diameter less than 20mm movement, can not exceed -5 / + 4 seconds), covering the two major areas of beauty and function of the finished product.

     The Ref.5069G-011 is equipped with a see-through back cover that allows the movement to be seen.

     Patek Philippe 324SC movement, Patek Philippe mark is red circle.

     A lot of work has also been done on the details of this watch. The first is a Tropical strap with the same embossed checkered pattern as the dial. This strap is specially designed for Aquanaut by Patek Philippe and took nearly two years to develop. The strap is made of composite material, which is flexible, comfortable and feels good. It is also tested and is a low-allergenic substance. In order to confirm the arrival of diy watch masters, in addition to the folding buckle also inlaid with diamonds, and the Patek Philippe Caltrava cross star, the same totem on the inside of the strap.

     Inside the Tropical strap is the Patek Philippe Caltrava Totem.

     Folding diamond clasps can also be seen on Patek Philippe’s unique Caltrava cross.

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    Every Moment Of Love Accompanied By The Famous New Hampton Series

    Since 1830, every step of Baume & Mercier reflects the motto of the brand’s constant pursuit of excellence: ‘Master everything, only manufacture watches of the highest quality.’ Beginning a few years ago, Baume & Mercier’s watches have become more and more characteristic of seaside life, and they have also shown the true values ​​of intimacy and harmony, sharing and eternity, ‘Life is about moments (Life is about many unforgettable moments .) ‘.
      The fast pace of workdays slows down with the advent of the weekend. People living in New York finally have time to leave the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and set off to the coast side-Humberton, to meet friends, exercise, and party.
       Every movement of every day, every moment is accompanied by the new Humberton series. These chic and dynamic models combine the traditional essence of classic watchmaking with a modern design. Even if you return to the city, the wrist watch is still It will make you always remember the pleasant leisure time, the leisurely weekend spent on the beach.
       Baume & Mercier’s star watch series Hampton series was born in 1994. Its design subverted the trend of watchmaking at that time. With a rectangular stainless steel case, it became a hot-selling model as soon as it was launched. On the basis of gold watches, the Hampton series has added many innovative designs. Whether curved or square, the Hampton series has always succeeded in following its characteristics, perfectly combining the essence of traditional watchmaking with modern design.

      The new Hampton collection has three collections: Hampton Classic, Hampton Manchette and Hampton magnum. The Hampton Classic design continues the timeless elegance of the first Hampton watch, reshaping the rectangular case with smooth and stylish lines. This series of watches has a variety of men’s and women’s watches, and there are more new size options.
      The Hampton Manchette is a jewellery watch that interprets the essence of the Hampton series, perfectly displaying the gentleness and charm of women. The Hampton magnum series, which is exquisitely dynamic and full of change, is reproduced with large-size models and white women’s watches.

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    Introduction To Vacheron Constantin’s Ultra-high Complexity Watch

    Vacheron Constantin successively launched the ultra-high-complex watch in 2010 last year. This year, in 2011, the goal was to increase the diversification of medium and complex models, as well as to continue the spirit of brand development. Patrimony Traditionnelle, which holds three patents, has inherited the classic World Time watch. Vacheron Constantin started from Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755 and continued in 1819 when another founder Fran & ccedil; ois Constantin joined. He expanded the brand’s works to markets around the world through travel. The Chinese market, and the successors are inspired by watchmaking. With the establishment of the Greenwich Meridian as the starting point of longitude in the International Meridian Conference held in Washington in 1884, the world was divided into 24 time zones. The industry has set off a wave of craftsmanship that can track time in multiple places.

     In 1932, Vacheron Constantin launched the first international time zone functional watch ‘Cottier System’ (model 3372). The movement was made by the Geneva watch genius, Louis Cottier, and displayed a mechanical movement with 31 time zones. In 1936, two world time zone pocket watches continued to be introduced. By 1937 and 1938, the brand introduced six table clocks with a mobile dial design that could display the time in 67 regions, including Paris’s summer and winter time. In the 1940s, the world time zone pocket watch model number 4414 was introduced. The dial can display 41 city times, and the 24-hour moving disc can be divided into two areas: day and night. Created the brand’s prestigious and superb achievements in the world time zone timepiece technology at the time. In 1957, Vacheron Constantin opened a new chapter in the history of world time zone timepieces. It was the first brand to apply the world’s time zone complications to watches. The model number was 6213, which was ordered by an Egyptian nobleman.

     At this stage, most of the world’s time zone watches are 24 time zones, and Vacheron Constantin developed the Cal.2460 WT automatic mechanical machine in order to show the cities in the half time zone and the quarter time zone due to the influence of borders and political factors. The core, cast with the Geneva mark, covers 37 imaginable time zones in the world (patent pending); and when a city cannot represent its time zone, it must be replaced by adjusting a single part on the movement and Just replace the city name on the dial to keep the watch up to date. The display area on the dial is composed of three parts: the uppermost day and night indication (patent pending) inspired by the flight monitor, and with the assistance of the automotive glass supplier, the sapphire crystal dial is rendered bright and dark The day and night display is displayed, and a 24-hour display ring is engraved on it. The middle metal plate is painted with the Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area Projection in the same color as the nautical chart, and 37 city names; the purpose is to want the watch to look like an instrument. At the bottom are the hour and minute metal rings. In addition, the hollow triangle decoration on the hour hand is the same as the clock on an airplane.

     Although the movement of the Cal2460 WT is complex, it is extremely easy to use and operate. With a single crown (patent pending), the time zone and time can be adjusted. The wearer only needs to select the name of the city where he is located, adjust it to the black triangle mark at 6 o’clock, and then adjust the local time of the hour hand or 24-hour dial. The cities shown in black represent the entire time zone, and the red city names represent the half or quarter time zone. Patrimony Traditionnelle inherits the classic series of world time zone watches with practical and excellent complication display. It is a collection of innovation, exploration and superb craftsmanship, as well as a long and long history, which explains how humans roughly estimate time and read from the sundial. Timepieces that can read the accurate time of 37 cities at the same time, so that business or tourists have more convenient tools for travel.