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    This Moment Creates The Next Moment. The Tissot Speeding Nba Team Watch Lights Up The Beijing Summer Night

    [August 12, Beijing News] On August 12, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand and the official designated timer partner of the NBA (American Professional Basketball League) Tissot watch grandly released the speeding series NBA in Beijing. The team’s special watch, using logos, color matching and other team elements to create a unique trend of sports items, at the moment of raising a shot to declare the basketball beliefs and sports style on the wrist. Mr. Zhang Mingen, the brand’s best friend, also witnessed this wonderful moment, lighting up the summer night in Beijing with trendy sports timepieces. On the same day, the NBA 5V5 series started in Beijing, and the NBA Hornets star Kemba Walker appeared at the Dongdan Sunset Stadium in surprise, helping the Tissot ‘Match Time’ challenge. Taking this as an opportunity, Tissot started a grand trend party and continued the passion of the stadium.

    Figure 1: Tissot releases a special edition of the Speedometer NBA team watch
    At this moment

     At this grand launch party, the Tissot watch will make the most of the current trend culture, building a basketball court in the street-style workhouse Playhouse. The retro-styled street scene is restored with the industrial-style steel iron sheet. Tissot watches organically fuses the two major genes of movement and fashion in its brand DNA in every corner.

    Figure 2-3: Event venues with unique trends
     The video highlights of Tissot watches and various sports ignited the opening moment, and then the close friend of the Tissot watch brand and the new-generation actor Mr. Zhang Mingen appeared in surprise, and the guests present witnessed the release time of the special watch of the Tissot speed running NBA team. , And participated in the fun basketball interactive and lottery links, which once again warmed up the venue. With his outstanding acting skills in ‘Sand Sea’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Old Nine Gates’, Zhang Mingen quickly attracted a lot of attention. He is also a loyal fan of basketball. He also showed his ball skills on the scene and guests. We played together. The passionate collision between basketball and Tissot watch, this summer night splattered with extremely hot sparks.

    Picture 4: Zhang Mingen wears a Tissot Speeder Lakers special watch

    Figure 5: Zhang Mingen participated in live basketball interaction

    Figure 6: Street basketball performance ignites the release site

     The brilliance is projected on the tough black frosted dial of the Tissot Su Chi watch through the sapphire glass, creating a new interpretation of Tissot’s sports trend with dazzling visual effects. At this moment, in the gathering place of Beijing’s trend, against the background of the party’s sound and light, Tissot watch officially released the new Speedway series NBA team special models.

    Figure 7-10: A new interpretation of sports trends-Tissot Speed
     This is not only a precise and reliable sports chronograph, but also not only a trendy item popular in the street stadiums and pedestrian streets, but also a Tissot watch for NBA fans. If you like the legend of the Los Angeles Lakers that continues to this day, you will see the pure purple color in the background of the strap and the line; if you like the crazyness of the Golden State Warriors at the moment of lore, the 45mm large watch diameter is as wide as water The basket in the eyes of brothers; if you like the unity of the Holy City Spurs as always, the black and white classic color of the hands is tailored for you; if you still like the Cleveland Cavaliers, the C-line logo on the dial is a timeless memorial . All the details and design elements of the Tissot Speeding NBA team watch are based on the team and sport you love. On this watch, Tissot upholds the sincere ingenuity of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’, and paints the purity of faith with modern trend brushes.

    Figure 11: Tissot-specific NBA team watch
    At this moment, the lore wins.

     Before the night came, Dongdan Sunset Stadium also staged a series of wonderful basketball matchups. Urban style NBA
    The 5V5 game is coming again this summer. As an official NBA timer partner, Tissot watches has launched the “Tissot Lore Moment” challenge, recruiting many friends who love basketball from online platforms. A series of rich, interesting and competitive activities such as high- and fingertip basketball will bring NBA games to the fans. The folk masters on the sunset court have appeared one after another. In the 24-second shooting game, the compact and highlight-like precise shots have been made again and again, making the challenge as fierce as the professional basketball league.


     Figure 12-14: Tissot Basketball World at Dongdan Sunset Stadium

     NBA Hornets star Kemba Walker appeared in Dongdan, becoming the biggest surprise in the ‘Tissot Moment’ challenge. He brought to Beijing the full dominance demonstrated in the NBA game, inspiring all the friends who loved basketball. At the moment when the championship player hit the ball and the basketball entered the net, the passion on the court erupted in an instant. After the game, Walker took a group photo with the participating players, and personally presented the Tissot PR100 series watch as a prize for the championship lore, representing Tissot’s tribute to basketball and a firm commitment to precise timing.

    Figure 15: ‘Tissot Lore Moment’ Challenge Staged with Passion

    Figure 16: NBA star Kemba Walker presents ‘Tissot Moment’ player awards

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    Panerai Diving Watches, A Must For Professional Diving Enthusiasts

    According to half a century ago, Panerai developed a professional diving watch for the Egyptian navy general. It is unknown that this metal, bronze, has been inseparable from diving since ancient times.
    Panerai’s completely self-produced automatic movement P9000
    Panerai’s completely self-produced automatic movement P9000
    Diameter: 133/4 legal minutes
    Thickness: 7.9 mm
    Number of gems: 28 stones
    Swing frequency: 28,800 times / hour
    Power reserve: 3 days
    Balance: Glucydur® balance
    Suspension: Incabloc® anti-vibration
    Double barrel
    Number of parts: 197
    Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, dive time calculation
    Case: diameter 47 mm, matte bronze case
    Bezel: Frosted bronze bezel with polished edges, one-way rotation counterclockwise, with calculated diving time scale and fixed pawl in minutes
    Case back: Clear sapphire crystal with matte titanium outer ring
    Crown Guard: Frosted Bronze (Paner Patent)
    Dial: green dial, luminous hours, date display at 3 o’clock, small seconds dial at 9 o’clock
    Mirror: Sapphire crystal made of emery, 4 mm thick with anti-reflective coating
    Water resistance: 30 bar (~ 300 meters)
    Strap: Leather strap with PANERAI logo, large frosted titanium buckle, stainless steel screwdriver and spare strap
    Model: PAM00382