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    It’s A Rare Treasure. Those High-end Custom Watches Unique In History

    A few centuries ago, under the technological conditions at that time, mass production of watches and clocks can be said to be an impossible task, so most watches and clocks can be considered unique and very strong. Private. Today’s Watch House introduces you to several historically unique haute couture watches.
    Blancpain Ladies Watch

       In the 1950s, the new women’s watch series launched by Blancpain Customi once again sparked women’s pursuit of customized services. At that time, small watches were popular all over the world, and Blancpain’s watchmaking artisans exerted their skill level, and in 1956 produced the world’s lightest and most compact round watch at that time-Lady Bird series
    Bird), as soon as this bird came out, its crisp sounds attracted the attention of a lot of spotlights. Since 1957, we can find this in Blancpain’s customized products for ladies from all over the world. The trail of the watch.

       Also in 1957, after a specially designed ladybird watch, it also flew on a generation of legendary films-GretaGarbo
    On the wrist, although the workmanship of these watches is exquisite, the case decorated with a lot of gemstones also reflects the superb production standards. But the watch’s temperament did not give people a little sense of kitsch. It fits into Garbo’s ethereal and thin mind, and even today, although the ladybird series has slowly been sealed in the historical archives However, it is still good for Blancpain to provide customers with customized services of various watches: as big as the well-known Spring Palace Minute Repeater Watch, as small as the engraving or signature on the movement frame, the complicated design is enough to make every Blancpain Customers can become the source of creativity for designers.
    Breguet Queen Naples mechanical watch

       This is a story that has been around for a long time: as early as the end of the 18th century, the legendary giant of the watchmaking industry, Mr. Breguet, received an order from the Guardian of Queen Marie Antoinette of France: Customize all the details Wherever possible, it was made of gold, a pocket watch with all the complexities of the time. Because there was no requirement for the production time of this watch, and the technology of the watch was too strict, this watch was not completed until 1827. At this time, both Queen Mary and Master Breguet have already told others It must be said that it is a bit of regret left in history.

       In addition to this legendary work, the birth of the world’s first watch was also born of custom demand: in 1810, Mr. Breguet should be Napoleon’s sister, Queen Caroline Mula
    According to her request, she designed a female clock with a bracelet as the basic shape, which combines the decorative effect of the bracelet and the timekeeping function of the clock. It is such a very individual creative idea, which has made a broader path for the development of the watch industry, and has brought tremendous influence. To commemorate this event, Breguet named its most famous women’s watch series-Reinede with ‘Queen of Naples’.
    Naples. Until now, this series of watches is still leading Breguet’s women’s watches, occupying a large share of Breguet’s product sales.
       Today, Breguet watches are also known for their simplicity and elegance. In addition to Queen Mary, there are other world history celebrities such as King Louis XVI, Queen Victoria, British Prime Minister Churchill, William I of Prussia, and even US Secretary of State Dulles. Although they are not in the same period, they all have one Contact, that is, the love of Breguet watches.

       Since 1931
    From the moment the iconic reversible case of the Reverso series was designed, the advantage of this watch in customized services seemed to have been laid. Why do ordinary watches have such advantages, the pattern text on the case back can be easily displayed in front of others. The thoughts that everyone wants to convey, the relationships they desire to express, and even their own perception of aesthetics, can be vividly expressed through the patterns engraved on the back of the Reverso series. Regardless of whether the customized service required by the customer is cumbersome or concise; portrait or text, Jaeger-LeCoultre can translate these requirements into reality and make this individualistic pattern full of artistic sense.

       Generally speaking, the grain patterns of watches designed for individuals are usually simply carved on the back of the watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre, who is determined to expand custom services, is now more innovative. The colored patterns and even the enamel patterns can show the back of Reverso. More eye-catching charm. In addition, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s inlaying workshop is more able to satisfy women’s passion for jewelry. The enviable patterns made by dazzling jewellery, whether it is the first letter of the last name, the symbol, or the lucky number Imprints can make your Reverso watch a precious souvenir.
       Today, the advanced customization functions of watches are often fresh items that most watch fans have never heard of. In the customization service, customers need to participate in a series of previous selections of customized watches: from color to material, from function to Every additional choice in style signifies the increasing unusualness of this custom watch.