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    Casio Radio Watch Ocw-s1250tc Elegant Taste

    As the top work of solar radio watch-OCEANUS series, created a brand image of perfect fusion of elegance and technology. The OCW-S1250TC, which debuted at the Basel Watch Fair in March this year as a theme model, not only contains the three core technologies of CASIO, but also is equipped with an ultra-miniature, low-power 5-motor independent drive system. The elegant design without losing the three-dimensional, showing the outstanding taste.

    Porcelain bezel technology
    This time, the new Casio applies the porcelain bezel technology for the first time. It not only has the smooth mirror beauty of porcelain itself, but also uses the physical characteristics of porcelain material to enhance the hardness and make it difficult to scratch. CASIO watches continue to pursue the consistent philosophy of aesthetics and performance.
    6 stations radio wave reception
    As one of the three core technologies unique to Casio watches, it has the function of receiving 6 waves. It can receive standard time from many parts of the world, can receive different frequency radio signals of all 6 base stations around the world with high sensitivity, and automatically correct the time.
    Solar drive system
    The and powerful solar drive system can absorb sunlight through the built-in solar panel, even a small fluorescent light source can absorb it. The electric board converts the absorbed light source into electrical energy and stores it in a solar battery in the watch to ensure the operation of various functions of the watch. And you do n’t need to worry about the battery life, it can run for two years on a full charge, and there is no need to replace the battery. The environmental protection concept that Casio has always advocated is evident.
    Tough movement
    In addition, the tough movement of the OCW-S1250TC has an impact resistance structure that can effectively prevent ‘gear damage’, ‘deformation of the movement’, and ‘hand misalignment’ of the watch movement due to external impact such as dropping. Etc., to improve the strength and ensure the correct display of the pointer models.
    Ultra-miniature, low-energy 5 motor drive system
    In addition to the three core technologies of the Casio watch, the OCW-S1250TC also has an ultra-miniature, low-energy, independent 5-motor drive system. Each of the five motors performs its role, independently drives and operates, ensuring the precise operation of the various functions of the watch. . Low energy consumption reduces power consumption, and energy saving and environmental protection are evident.
    CASIO OCEANUS has never revealed its handsome style, increasingly challenging the extreme thinness and difficult to cover the sharp precision workmanship, has been favored by more and more successful men. At the same time, Casio watches are also actively participating in the cooperation of different sports events around the world. This time OCEANUS will fully support the world’s largest and oldest TranspaccificYachtRace sailing competition, becoming the official designated time for this event.