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    Introduction Of Wanguo Engineer Series Steel Watch

    Estimated price: USD 2500 ~ 3500
    Commission price included: USD 3,500 (about RMB 23,000)
    整体 [Overall description] Engineer series, all steel single calendar, produced in about 2005.
    [Accessories] None.
    [Diameter] 42 mm
    [Condition] Three-piece suit, classic engineer series, all steel, single calendar, fully automatic 28 rubies, integrated strap length: 180 mm, in good condition!
    [Machine configuration] P1019 / 1 rhodium-plated movement, Geneva stripe decoration, 21 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance wheel, cold and hot isochronism and accurate correction in 5 directions, shock absorber, self Compensation Breguet balance spring, gooseneck fine adjustment.
    评论 [Review]
    The Chinese are still familiar with the brand of IWC. I remember that in the 1950s, I had been engaged in brand classification for a while. IWC was also called ‘International’ at that time, and the ranking was a first-class watch. The quality and recognition are evident.
    The most technical and classic of IWC is the winding mechanism of the woodpecker in the movement. For this engineer series, it also uses the ‘Woodpecker’ movement. This movement is characterized by a high winding rate and is also automatic. Pioneer of the table. More than 20,000 yuan including commission price, very cost-effective. IWC’s auction records for more than a decade, the overall price fluctuations are not large, very stable, and there is basically no excessive increase.