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    Four Major Maintenance Tips For Top Watches

    The service life of a watch is related to whether the wearer uses and maintains the watch correctly. The dirty appearance of the watch, the unsuitable length of the strap, and the harsh use environment can easily cause damage to the watch and shorten its service life. Mid-to-high-end watches should be repaired every two to three years to check the travel time performance and movement power consumption. Regular maintenance services will effectively extend the use of your watch. Water resistance of watches
    The waterproofing of the watch relies on the waterproof rubber ring on the mirror, the back cover, the handle, etc. to meet the corresponding standards. All waterproof watches are marked with ‘WATER RESISTANT’ or ‘WATER PROOF’ in English on the bottom cover. Watches without waterproof markings are only dustproof and should not be exposed to water. 30 meters (3ATM, 3 atmospheres) waterproof watch can be used for daily grooming or rain, that is, water droplets only splash on the surface without any water pressure on the watch. The 50 meter waterproof meter can be used for swimming and general housework, and the 100 meter waterproof meter can be used for underwater work such as swimming and diving.
    的 The aging of the waterproof rubber ring will affect the waterproof performance of the watch, so the waterproof rubber ring and the handle of the watch (including the waterproof ring) should be replaced regularly according to the use situation. The quartz watch must be replaced with a waterproof element every time the battery is changed to ensure good waterproof performance.
    Any waterproof watch should not be worn in a hot bath, sauna, or in an environment where the temperature varies greatly. Because the waterproof rubber ring is affected by temperature, it will expand and contract due to thermal expansion, and it will accelerate the aging, which will cause water condensate in the water and the surface, which will seriously damage the parts.
    ‘Two defenses’ for watches
    In national standards, the antimagnetic and shockproof performance standards are expressed by the ‘residual effect’. The residual effect refers to the difference between the instantaneous day difference of the watch before detection and the instantaneous day difference of the watch after detection.
    Shockproof: When the watch accidentally falls from the height of 1 meter to the horizontal hardwood surface, the residual effect of the quartz watch does not exceed 2 seconds, and the residual effect of the mechanical watch does not exceed 60 seconds.
    Antimagnetic: When the watch is accidentally exposed to a magnetic field with an intensity of 4800A / m, the residual effect of the quartz watch does not exceed 1.5 seconds, the residual effect of the mechanical male watch (the movement area is greater than 314 square millimeters) does not exceed 30 seconds, and the residual effect of the mechanical female watch does not More than 45 seconds.
    Water removal secret
    If water accidentally enters the case, a granular substance called silica gel can be put into a closed container with the watch that has accumulated water. After a few hours, the watch is removed and the accumulated water disappears. This method is simple and economical, without any damage to the accuracy and life of the watch. The silica gel that has been absorbed for many times can be dried at 120 ° C for several hours, the water absorption capacity can be regenerated, and it can be used repeatedly.
    Refurbishment secret
    After the watch has been marked with a lot of lines, you can first drop one or two drops of water on the watch, and then squeeze a bit of toothpaste to wipe it off. Then you can remove the marks and make the watch as new. Maintenance tips
    (1) When wearing a watch, the sweat on your hand is corrosive to the case.The all-steel case is better because of the nickel-chromium alloy. Sweat often with a soft cloth or pad with a plastic watch rest to prevent it from being attacked by sweat.
    (2) Do not open the back of the watch at will, so as to prevent dust from entering the movement and affecting the normal operation of the watch.
    (3) Do not place the watch in a wardrobe with camphor pills, as the watch oil may deteriorate.
    (4) Don’t put the watch on the radio or TV to avoid magnetization.
    (5) Watches that are not worn for a long time should be wound up regularly every month so that the parts will not be in a static state for a long time to ensure the performance of the watch.

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    Art On The Wrist Rm 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo Wristwatch Tasting

    On the dial, adding elements of artistic creation is itself a more creative design. Classical works such as painting on the watch, carving on the watch, etc., give the watch an artistic flavor, and add a sense of culture and appreciation to the watch. This year, Richard Mille introduced a graffiti watch RM 68-01 tourbillon Cyril Kongo watch, as a veritable ‘art on the wrist’, will undoubtedly leave a strong mark in the history of watches and clocks. This is the first time in history that a street artist has perfectly integrated his artistic world into the watch movement to add luster to the watch (watch model: RM 68-01)

    艺术 of contemporary art graffiti and watches

    Cyril Kongo Studio

       Richard Mille wants to showcase contemporary art in horology. This unprecedented fusion resulted in RM 68-01. Indeed, this tourbillon movement is not only a watch accessory, but also a canvas on which graffiti master Cyril Kongo shows inspiration and creativity. Never before has a watch been able to create art on the bridge and movement base.

    Cyril Kongo In action
       This production technique can draw beautiful lines that are difficult to distinguish even with the naked eye. Such lines cannot be directly hand-drawn, although some specific patterns will be first outlined with a particularly fine pen. No matter what technology is used, every part of the watch is hand-painted and painted by the well-known Mr. Color.

    RM 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo Watch
       In RM 68-01, these parts all reflect the artistic value of this timepiece treasure. Graffiti art is often closely linked to the high walls of the city, while the world of watches is known for its micro-machinery and high precision. Richard Mille and Kongo, together, successfully brought the art of urban high walls to the bridge, movement bottom plate and sapphire dial in the watch.

    Watch dial display

       Richard Mille says Kongo has expanded the boundaries of horological technology. And this is exactly what I hope-to bring Kongo into the world of high-end watches. It’s not just simple spraying. Kongo has given new artistic life from the movement to the dial with his unique vision.

    Watch front and side display

       On the back of the watch, we can see that the central pattern of the base plate of the tourbillon radiates to the surroundings, showing the effect of splashing the paint on the wall. The angle of the arcs formed by the front bridge of the movement is different, just like the wild strokes in the mural art of the street. The watch case consists of a NTPT® carbon fiber bezel and a black ceramic bezel. The case uses an asymmetrical design, and the thickness gradually decreases from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock; the height gradually decreases from 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. RM 68-01 demonstrates the perfect fusion of contemporary mechanical art and visual art in a unique way in the 21st century timepiece field.

    Watch front display

       The plate is made of grade five titanium metal. This material is compatible with materials, has excellent corrosion resistance and rigidity, and is very suitable for use in gear transmission systems. This combination consists of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium. These combinations enhance mechanical properties. Therefore it is often used in aerospace, aviation and automotive manufacturing. Hollow machine board and bridge board are thoroughly and intensively tested to optimize their strength.

    Watch case display

       The watch bezel and case back are made of black ceramic. The low density of this black ceramic (6g / cm3) makes it highly scratch-resistant and extremely low thermal conductivity. At the same time, the TZP material with 95% yttrium-stabilized zirconia has a remarkable texture, which brings amazing and perfect results. Through the long and elaborate manufacturing and polishing process of diamond tools, the matte black ceramic surface is finally created.

    Watch crown display
       The watch is equipped with a dynamometer crown.This safety device prevents excessive winding, which may cause damage to the spindle or overtighten the mainspring. Non-slip texture design, no slippery, convenient operation.

    Inside the watch
       The upper inner ring is made of grade 5 titanium alloy with a black plating process and is patterned by Cyril Kongo.

    Watch movement display
       The watch is equipped with a RM68-01 movement with a thickness of 8.39mm. The base plate and bridge of the movement are made of micro-blasted grade 5 titanium alloy. It has a variable inertia balance wheel and an end curve hairspring structure to ensure the stability of the watch and ensure its durability and extraordinary accuracy.

    Watch overall display

    Summary: The combination of outstanding large and complex watches with a variety of colors, coupled with classic brand craftsmanship and charm, created this RM 68-01 tourbillon Cyril Kongo watch, with bright colors and unique shapes. Beauty and a variety of complex functions into one, such a watch with a modern and stylish atmosphere, the world’s limited edition of 30 pieces. Cousins ​​who like it may wish to enter the store for details.

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    Girard Perregaux Launches Chrono Hawk Hollywoodland Chronograph

    GP Girard Perregaux adds a new member to the Hawk series: Chrono Hawk Hollywoodland Chronograph to celebrate the birth of film art. This special edition watch also highlights Girard-Perregaux’s passion for film art at the same time.

     The new Chrono Hawk Hollywoodland watch body with golden light and ceramic materials symbolizes the time to promote the innovation of technology. The Girard-Perregaux watch has a unique selection of materials. The combination of rose gold and matte black matte finish makes the case’s outline and layering more vivid.

     Chrono Hawk Hollywoodland chronograph’s splint-shaped embossed dial is cleverly crafted, and the luminous hand hour markers (for your convenience when reading in a dark cinema when necessary), bevels, timers and other layouts are balanced; you can see the GP from the transparent case back Girard Perregaux GP03300 chronograph movement with exquisite structure and workmanship; traditional chronograph function, excellent performance.

     The new Chrono Hawk Hollywoodland chronograph pays tribute to DreamWorks Hollywood in a matter of seconds. In 2012, Girard-Perregaux announced that it had become the designated timepiece and founding sponsor of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.
    Chrono Hawk Hollywoodland chronograph technical specifications:
    Ceramic case
    Bezel: Rose gold
    Diameter: 44.00 mm
    Table mirror: anti-glare crystal glass
    Case back: Crystal glass case back with six screws
    Water resistance: 100 meters

    GP03300-0073 self-winding chronograph movement:
    Diameter: 29.30 mm (13 French cents)
    Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
    Power reserve: 46 hours or more
    Gems: 61
    Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, timekeeping, date display

    Strap: black crocodile leather with rubber lining
    Ceramic surface PVD titanium discount

    Number: 49970-34-232-BB6A (dark dial)
     49970-34-132-BB6A (light dial)

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    Jacques Dro Presents Hour And Minute Dial Mosaic Elephant Watch

    Jacques Dro brings the traditional Asian eggshell inlay art to the Swiss world of fine watchmaking and presents the Petite Heure Minute Mosaic Elephant watch. The small hour-dial surface is the perfect stage for Jacques de Loire’s interpretation of innovation and artistic expression. Between the elephants’ paced rice fields that symbolize wisdom and strength, miniature mosaics are picturesque. This new masterpiece of the Ateliers d’ Art series represents an artistic challenge. Acura is purely poetic and invites us to swim freely.

       Jacques Dro found this art when he was traveling to Vietnam. The locals used duck eggshells to mosaic unique patterns with amazing craftsmanship. This technology has never been used in watchmaking before. For the brand’s artisans, the real challenge is to miniaturize the pattern and decorate it on the small hour dial. Jacques Dross craftsmen use quail eggshells to focus on creating themed motifs. The egg shells are tiny and fragile. They are sorted according to color, shape and purity, and total more than 2,000 pieces. Before being embedded on the red and gold plate, the curve and color of each egg shell must be carefully considered separately.

       The eggshell pattern is also coated with a transparent lacquer layer and polished to give perfect consistency and amazing visual depth. The entire process took nearly 200 hours. Against the backdrop of the black onyx minute dial and red gold bezel, the beauty of the elephant’s rice paddy pattern is more vivid. Jacques Dro hour and minute dial Mosaic Elephant watch is 43 mm in diameter, equipped with a double barrel automatic winding movement, equipped with 22K red gold rotor, limited to 8 pieces worldwide. This masterpiece of art is a perfect portrayal of Jacques Dro’s extraordinary creative and free spirit.

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    Watches And Miracles-the Grand Opening Of The First Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

    ‘Clocks and Miracles-The First Asian High-end Watch and Clock Fair’ was staged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 25th to 28th, 2013. This is a watch exhibition created by thirteen authoritative brands representing fine watchmaking. It presents a wonderful feast for people who are passionate about complex mechanical movements and superb manufacturing techniques.
    Fabienne Lupo, Chairman and Executive Director of the FHH, speaks on watches and miracles

     In order to better cope with the booming and optimistic development trend of the Asian market, ‘Clocks and Miracles’ brings together 13 high-end watchmaking brands and for the first time held such a high-profile event in the watch industry in Asia. This unveiling exhibition has been carefully designed and prepared by tens of thousands of watch collectors and enthusiasts in Asia, showing off a variety of new high-end watches from participating brands, and sharing brand history and unique ideas with the public. At the same time, participating brands and high-end customers will have the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges and talk about their understanding and feelings about the wonderful craftsmanship of fine watchmaking.

    Hong Kong Tourism Board Chairman Dr. Lin Jianyue Addresses Watches and Miracles

     As one of the organizers of the show, Ms. Fabienne Lupo, Chairman and Executive Director of the FHH (Geneva), said: ”Watches and Miracles’ will provide visitors with a rare and precious timepiece adventure. Communicate face-to-face with the designers and artisans who made these exquisite timepieces, and experience first-hand the fine watchmaking history that has been dating from centuries in Europe and has exquisite craftsmanship. ‘

    Watches and Miracles-Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the First Asian Haute Horlogerie

     The advent of a high-end watch encompasses more than 40 complex production processes. ‘Watches and Miracles’ is a special exhibition area for professionals and artists who are active in the fine watchmaking industry and have rich skills and talents. Professional watchmakers from the participating brand watch factories: watchmakers, engravers, enamel painters and gem inlayers will fully perform their superb skills and knowledge here, leading visitors to glimpse the world of fine watchmaking Expertise.

    Watches and Miracles-Grand Opening of the First Asian High-end Watch & Clock Fair

     As another highlight of this exhibition, ‘Clocks and Miracles’ has more carefully planned an original exhibition that traces timepieces from their original birth to contemporary development-‘Conquering Time’. This exhibition will show more than a hundred arts and crafts and timepieces and clocks of great historical value, fully embodying the outstanding talents of mankind for controlling the space-time environment for centuries.

    Watches and Miracles-Lion Dance Ceremony
     Today, the Asian region has become the primary export market for Swiss watches. In 2012, the total value of Swiss watches and clocks exported to mainland China reached 1.6 billion Swiss francs, 4.1 billion Swiss francs in Hong Kong and 2.4 billion Swiss francs in Southeast Asia. The purchasing power of Asian tourists traveling abroad is also increasing, and it cannot be underestimated. The glorious history of haute horlogeries, which has lasted for centuries, will finally converge on ‘clocks and miracles’, perfectly presenting the unique traditions and innovations of the fine watchmaking industry for the Asian market.

    Chairman and Executive Director of FHH, Fabienne Lupo, and Dr. Lin Jianyue, Chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board, preview watches and miracles

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    Reinterpreting Luxury Time Jacques Dro’s New Gmt Real Shooting

    [Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. In front of you, we will bring the exhibition report in the first time, and send the new watch pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here are some of Basel’s new products, and Jacques Dro’s new products are in real shot. Friends who like Jacques Dro can see them first.
     Simple and pure, timeless and precious, the two places pay tribute to the creators of their journey in 24 hours (Grande Heure GMT). This new and chic watch perfectly meets the requirements of today’s global travelers and aestheticians, and the wearer can easily read the time between the two places.

     The “Grand Feu” dial of the Great Fire Enamel is set with 24 Arabic numerals, so that the time flow between the two places can be seen at any time.

     For the first time, the time display between the two places is presented on a watch in such a simple and clear manner. Two compass-shaped hands add to this new time reading design: red gold hands indicate the local time, blue steel hands indicate the destination time. When the two hands coincide in the same time zone, they are superimposed into a two-color hands, pulling the accurate measurement of time.

     By boldly adopting a single crown adjustment mechanism, Jacques de Roux has created a 24-hour (Grande Heure GMT) watch that combines the beauty of simplicity with the ease of use. Its simple and pure design further enhances the ivory dial and richness The dense red-gold case is meticulously combined and perfectly natural.
    The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
    Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

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    Cartier Snake-shaped Decorative Watch Goes Straight To The 2013 Geneva Watch Fair

    Cartier’s fun-filled design and exquisite jewellery craftsmanship have given time the flexibility and flexibility to shape the multiple roles of the watch, which can be used as brooches, pendants and watches, respectively. Three functions can be combined into one. In the magnificent ‘Fables and Stories of Watches and Clocks’, the humorous, fantasy animal shapes also have dual functions. Snakes, frogs, and elephants are among the characters that can be enjoyed and profound, indulging in the story, the track of time Suddenly transformed into the jewels of Feng Fenghua.

     This is not only a watch, but also a brooch, a diamond snake inlaid on a black enamel dial, in which flowers and dances are garnished with garnet butterflies. The exquisite craftsmanship combines animal-shaped watches, dial background patterns and snake-shaped brooches, highlighting the beauty and poetry of the work.

    Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:

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    Reproduction Of History Panerai Luminor 1950 Series Pam00603 Watch

    2015 SIHH presented us with a perfect visual feast. Panerai is synonymous with an Italian military watch. At this exhibition, a replica version of the 1943 ‘Mare Nostrum’ chronograph was launched. This watch takes us back to history and looks to the future. A total of 150 pieces are limited to sale. .

    Case made of matte titanium
       The watch is based on the original ‘Mare Nostrum’ watch produced in 1943. Through Panerai’s excellent technology and similar aesthetics, it shows us the historical classic again. The watch has a diameter of 52 millimeters. The oversized case is more tough and domineering. The case is made of matte titanium. Even if the size of the case is large, the weight is still light.

    52 mm diameter
       According to official information: In 1943, the Panerai family created a chronograph watch for the civilian officers of the Royal Italian Navy and named it ‘Mare Nostrum’, in order to pay tribute to the Mediterranean ‘Mare Nostrum’ (‘Our Sea’), Because during the Second World War, the Royal Italian Navy fleet successfully completed the combat mission. In 1924, Guido Panerai used this name to name what may be the first chronograph in the history of Panerai, but all clues about this first model have long been lost. However, there are still a few trials of chronograph watches made in 1943, so the brand was able to build this new watch again and gave it excellent technical precision and similar aesthetic characteristics. This is Mare Nostrum Titanio Titanium watch.

    Water-resistant to 30 meters

    With a brown calfskin strap

    Equipped with a unique Panerai OP XXV manual winding mechanical movement

    Brown dial with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers, retro and beautiful

    There are timing buttons and crown on the right side of the case

    Polished precision texture around the bezel, very beautiful

    Key design is quite retro

    Titanium pin buckle is strong and lightweight

    The case is finely polished and finely engraved
       The watch is equipped with a Panerai OP XXV manual-winding mechanical movement. The movement is designed with 12¾ method, 22 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel and Incabloc® anti-vibration device, which vibrates 18,000 times per hour. With a gooseneck trimmer, the bridge is decorated with Geneva ripples, and the movement provides a 55-hour power reserve for the watch.

    Summary: The 2015 SIHH presented us with a unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

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    Glashütte Chronograph Art Exhibition

    Glashütte and Hong Kong Sambo Watch & Jewellery Co., Ltd. organized a chronograph art exhibition, presenting the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship from the German traditional chronograph in the 19th century. The exhibition features a series of chronographs from different periods: an antique pocket watch made by Julius Assmann, one of the pioneers of Glashütte watchmaking, around 1890, and between 1955 and 1961 A chronograph manufactured; there is even PanoRetroGraph, the world’s first mechanical chronograph with a countdown function and minute repeater function, which was named the 2001 annual model.

    This time, Glashütte also launched for the first time two new chronographs in Hong Kong-SenatorChronographPanoramaDate and SeveniesChronographPanoramaDate. Both watches are equipped with the new calibre 37 column-wheel chronograph movement, which is the first chronograph movement developed and manufactured by Glashütte.

    The chronograph technology exhibition will be held at the Sambo Watch & Jewellery Co., Ltd. store in the International Finance Centre Shopping Centre, Central, Hong Kong. As of September 30, visitors can explore the perfect German watchmaking process. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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    Xiangyun Red That Cannot Be Separated From Chinese Year

    In the Year of China, pay attention to the prosperity and joy of red. Naturally, red has become the main color of the eternal classic of the New Year. It seems that only this unique Chinese red can match this unique China. Years, so the ‘red suit’ has naturally become an indispensable equipment for the New Year, which means that luck is full. Red in the Chinese tradition represents festiveness, enthusiasm, charm and self-confidence, and it has already become a striking fashion classic color. The editor of this article will recommend several red-themed watches suitable for New Year to bring you a lot of happiness Shipped.
    Bvlgari LVCEA Series 102329 LUP33C6GDLD / 11

    Domestic public price: RMB 198,000
    Watch diameter: 33 mm
    Movement type: automatic winding
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Watch details: DE CARTIER series WJCL0047 watch

    Domestic public price: RMB 187,000
    Watch diameter: 31 mm
    Watch thickness: 11.04 mm
    Movement type: automatic winding
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Details of the watch: Since the birth of the DE CARTIER series, its attention has surpassed the classic blue balloon series of the brand. Due to the unique design of the crown, the name of this series of watches has been derived. The distinctive crown gives the public an extraordinary feeling. The watch is made of 18K rose gold, the bezel is set with brilliant diamonds, and the crimson crocodile leather strap adds festive joy.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre flip series Q3352420 watch

    Domestic public price: RMB 168,000
    Watch diameter: 40.1 * 20 mm
    Watch thickness: 10 mm
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Details of the model: The red dial and strap combination of the One Duetto Moon reversible watch not only makes people feel a strong New Year atmosphere, but also shows the fashionable atmosphere of women, which is full of vitality. This watch is equipped with a slender case made of 18K rose gold, a simple white and festive red double-sided flip dial, and a fascinating moon phase display complex function. The ring and linear decoration are intertwined on the dial. Beautiful and elegant.
    Summary: Red always gives people strength, vitality and passion. The above several red-themed watches have different styles and are full of the festive charm of the new year. Put on a red watch and make a good fortune for the new year.